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Gorsachius melanolophus






please check this new project about Dean and Amanda, two animal lovers from the upper-mid west out.

It handles about selling cool and funny T-shirts of angry animals in order to spend all profit will be split equally between three different organizations: The ASPCA, The Soi Dog Foundation, and Feline Rescue Inc.


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A lot of Animals do not distinguish colors, so this must be their daily vision


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Bird Kingdom At The Niagara Falls Aviary

It looks serious but they were just playing. However I would not want to be between them.

Fotograf: Paul Mehnert


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J'étais assis dans le Parc les Saules, à Québec, attendant des canards qui s'approchaient sur la rivière St-Charles lorsque cette chose (de la grosseur de la paume de ma main) s'est mise à escalader ma jambe. Après l'avoir repoussé avec horreur (et failli échappé mon numérique dans l'eau), je l'ai poussé avec un bâton pour la placer sur cette roche. Elle n'était aucunement effrayée de ma présence et se laissait faire. J'aurais probablement fui avoir su à ce moment qu'elle était venimeuse. Cette araignée n'est pas originaire du Québec. Je soupçonne qu'elle a été abandonnée par quelqu'un qui l'avait comme animal domestique.

Marble will be going back home at the weekend when her people return from their trip, so it is my last chance to take some pictures. I find that the traditional square format is well suited to portraits, and animal portraits are no exception! D7100_31092.NEF. Many thanks for views, comments and favourites.

Boa sexta e

Bom fim de semana!

En tierra de vacunos, las cabras son una excepción. Sin embargo, su crianza para producir leche y carne, es practicada por residentes en la zona perimetral de la ciudad. Estos animales se alimentan en vías cortadas, o con mínimo tránsito. Cuando los pastos se agotan; suelen nutrirse de rodillas, con sus cabezas traspasando los límites de los campos vecinos.


Gracias por pasar.


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Grafarrétt í Skaftártungu.


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Prise le 7 novembre 2014

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This fellow was eating and picking his teeth at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago last year when I took his picture. He seemed to enjoy the attention and made it hard not to just stand and watch him for hours. The way he moved was so graceful and at the same time so very human. These really are some amazing creatures.


On a personal note, I have had some kind of a bug or virus the last few days and so have been a bit absent from here. Yesterday I slept for virtually the entire day. But it seems like I am on the mend a bit now. Thanks for all of your comments. They are really appreciated.


2/7 project

2/ 30 project

They had been on the ground next to each other for a while . The Crow suddenly pecked the Harrier who retaliated . Quick grab shot .

Polar Bear cub at Toronto Zoo

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A visit to Taronga Zoo... pleased with my lion detail images thru glass

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El término "retrato", según la Real Academia de la Lengua, debe emplearse cuando tratamos de plasmar la efigie o la forma de ser de una persona. En este caso se trata de un animal, y por tanto no es correcto el uso del citado término, pero....... esos los ojos de Tico, son capaces de transmitir cientos de sentimientos que atribuimos en exclusiva al ser humano.

Chipmunks seem to be always on the alert. With good reason, too. I've read that they have a relatively short life span due to having so many predators.

Golegã, Portugal


Since October 15, 1978 the rights of animals are set out in the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights, created by UNESCO. The purpose of this memorandum is to ensure the preservation of species around the planet and ensure their well-being. The World Animal Day is celebrated since 1930 in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, protector of animals that died on October 4, 1226.

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