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I got this shot of a bear before I got the shot of the real bear--------I bought this toy bear for Ian---and put it in the tree--because I didn't expect to get a shot of a real bear hehehe------ however I did get one the very next day------ you have seen the pictures of it in my photostream ---- I think this little bear is pretty cute--hope you like it too.


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This is not my cat, me and my wife went to the pet shop

and they always have pets for adoption, I usually shy away from there and the reason is it breaks my heart to see them waiting there for a new family and that makes me sad.

She had the most beautiful face and always looking at me like to tell me take me with you,

HFF my friends!

I think he realized I was not the enemy and relaxed a little bit. He curled up in front of his den.

Mewing cat of unknown breed. Very lovely emotional animal. I am a pity I do not understand its language.


O topetinho-vermelho é um Apodiforme da família Trochilidae. Conhecido também como beija-flor-magnífico.


Mede cerca de 6,8 centímetros de comprimento. O macho possui topete vermelho e as laterais do pescoço brancas com uma faixa verde, em forma de leque e a fêmea não possui topete ou leque no pescoço.


Classificação Científica

Reino: Animalia

Filo: Chordata

Classe: Aves

Ordem: Apodiformes

Família: Trochilidae

Vigors, 1825

Subfamília: Trochilinae

Vigors, 1825

Espécie: L. magnificus

Nome Científico

Lophornis magnificus

(Vieillot, 1817)

Nome em Inglês

Frilled Coquette


( )


Ele é a estrela maior do Parque Nacional de Itatiaia no Rio de Janeiro.

Esta foto foi feita na área do Hotel do Ypê, que fica dentro do Parque Nacional.


Sonhar é acordar-se para dentro.


Mario Quintana

Esta foto feita num canteiro da antiga estação de trem de Joinville, usando a técnica da lente invertida.


Tenham um ótimo sábado.

A lot of Animals do not distinguish colors, so this must be their daily vision


Mijn foto's en meer kun je ook bekijken op

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MERCI beaucoup à tous et toutes de vos visites.commentaires et Fav. dans ma galerie


Chipmunks seem to be always on the alert. With good reason, too. I've read that they have a relatively short life span due to having so many predators.

Foto feita no sitio caninana.


Vai encarar?

Los animales son muy expresivos en sus manifestaciones de afecto y acercamiento, asumiendo actitudes muy semejante al ser humano. O... ¿tal vez, los seres humanos lo compartimos con ellos...?

Me admira observar sus actitudes tan semejantes, en muchos aspectos, a las nuestras.


Gracias por pasar y no dejen de gratificarse viendo las GALERÍAS DE MIS CONTACTOS y mi galería de FAVORITAS!!!!!

Golegã, Portugal


Since October 15, 1978 the rights of animals are set out in the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights, created by UNESCO. The purpose of this memorandum is to ensure the preservation of species around the planet and ensure their well-being. The World Animal Day is celebrated since 1930 in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, protector of animals that died on October 4, 1226.

American Bison (Bison Bison) taken with a Sigma 50-500mm handheld.

Driving in the country this weekend, in a little town I pass this fenced area and I see a camel! Just the poof I was not hallucinating. And I thought Halloween was over . . .

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Had not seen this little feeder thrasher in quite sometime until today.

It looks serious but they were just playing. However I would not want to be between them.

Boa sexta e

Bom fim de semana!

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