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This is for Its An Addiction tutorial discussion here


Background ~ Norbert Lov

Android Parts ~ Tensafefrogs

Wires ~

Model ~ Faestock


My sister, niece and I went to a steampunk festival a couple of weekends ago. Saw this cool mannequin and decided to make her an android.

yep some spare time for the Android Gladiators so spending it with their wives & girlfriends...being celebrities in the world of Automatons......


thanks for bigger.......hope you have a great day

Landscape is from Bryce. Androids are from Daz Studio. Apparatus is from Incendia, and it all is put together with Photoshop.


Designer: Gerwin Sturm

Paper: parchment paper 20 x 20 cm


Apple logo

Designer: Oscar Osorio

Paper: office paper 15 x 15 cm

Having a little fun, I decided to make a CAD model out of the Android mascot. Here, I'm playing with the Depth of Field option in my renderer (that is, portions being in/out of focus based on their actual depth, as opposed to faking the effect in Photoshop with a blur filter and gradient mask). I wanted to try to bring a bit of a photographic eye to parametric modeling and rendering, and I'm pleased with the results.

And they're equipped with some fine new sniper rifles!

Thanks to Vignette (Android App): double shot, no changes...

BeFunky Warming on Android

(Zahnarzt. Wartezimmer.)


Taken with RetroCamera for Android (Orange Box Color) on a HTC Magic.

Dragon Ball Z fanart for some artist battle on FB

taken with smartphone camera.

retouched with adobe lightroom for android.

BeFunky Vintage 2 on Android

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New photo added to gallery via Android

Hands for Android


new title (3 screenshots available on


FREE! Get it now!


Developer: unbeatsoft



Titles from this developer on the app store: 31


Circle of hands. Live wallpaper.

Check out my project Android 365. I'll be taking photos each day of the next year to explore the capabilities of the Android camera phones. They are minimally edited only with Adobe Photoshop Express.


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BeFunky Original on Android

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