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The facade of a building of the old engineering faculty is attacked by ivy and covered by graffiti.


La façade d'un bâtiment de l'ancienne faculté des ingénieurs est assaillie par le lierre et couverte par les graffitis.



Photographie argentique film analog photography

Nikon F50, AF Nikkor 28–85 mm f/3.5-4.5, / Agfa Vista 400




Canon G10

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The Analytics SEO Stand at ionSearch, Leeds.

In this article im gonna share with you a deep understanding of the Instagram analytics.


Instagram is the most popular social networking platform these days.


If you want to market your products and services then it’s the best ever platform for you.


All you need to make a free account and start promoting your products and services.

Look at this, a second post on here within two weeks of my last! That hasn't happened in a while, but I'm hoping to change that and be a little more active on here as I still love LEGO. I just haven't had much time for it recently, but I'll be trying to do my best to build more. Anyway, this is an older build, which was actually built for and displayed at Bricks Cascade 2018. I'm not happy with the picture, but they all turned out fairly meh and this has long since been scrapped. Hope you guys enjoy it despite that!

Day 205 (v 8.0) - always taking everything apart

Illustration of a web analytics framework - data gathering, data reporting, data analysis - then the bonus stage of optimisation.


Inspired by a blog post by Avinash Kaushik (Occam's Razor)

Samsung captured;

snapseed processed.

New project! I found a tiny 3-ring notebook with about 25 pages of ruled notebook-style paper and I'm gonna fill it up.


This is the cover.


Collage on paper, 3.5 x 5.5, 2008

W O Jones - Lump in the throat


Recto of "Eating Too Much". The black prologue and epilogue pages are done now. This series is not about a polished finished piece. I am working quickly and roughly and semi-automatically, all of which are unusual traits for me.


Collage on paper, 3 x 5", 2008



Collage on paper, 3 x 5", 2008

After Reubens


No clue where this is headed and that's what I'm enjoying about it...but this is the flipside of Bladder Hat. I do know that much.


Collage on paper, 3 x 5", 2008

Seeing Spots

(Recto of Language Barrier)


I love this Christ by Antonello da Messina (ca. 1430-1479). I've used him several times. He looks like he's very passionate.


Collage on paper, 3 x 5", 2008

Language Barrier


Collage on paper, 3 x 5", 2008

Digital manipulation of an image of my youngest son (who was 12 at time). He has a beautiful, analytical mind which is due in part (I am convinced) to his near life-long interest in Lego brick building.

"Texture wrapping" edits via the displace filter in Photoshop.


Mark this day as it's the day I managed to get 10 Million views on my flickr account. It's been really busy this year and I managed to get all this views in just under a year. Thanks all for your appreciation and for spending time looking at my pictures and liking them and commenting on them.


This is certainly a great milestone.


Thanks for all the views and the likes and keep spreading the love for photography.


I've created my own tool to monitor all the likes and views of my account. The tool is still under construction but you can follow progress here:

Flickr Photo Analytics


You can find my solution on Github.


If you want to raise any issue on the app, you can do it here:


Description of the application here


Thank you all for your appreciation.


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There is a heavy black paper piece at the beginning and end of the notebook. 3 of the 4 sides are now done.


Collage on paper, 3 x 5", 2008

Division into

Essential elements

Fundamental fact


Analytic System chapbook prologue page.

Eating too much.


Collage, 3.5 x 5.5, 2008

I used this concert photo as introduction image to my first statistics related app for Flickr.

Heart Milk


Collage on paper, 3 x 5", 2008


Part of the Plan by Dan Fogelberg


I have these moments

All steady and strong

I’m feeling so holy and humble

The next thing I know

I’m all worried and weak

And I feel myself

Starting to crumble.


The meanings get lost

And the teachings get tossed

And you don’t know what you’re

Going to do next.

You wait for the sun

But it never quite comes

Some kind of message comes

Through to you.

Some kind of message comes through.


And it says to you...



Love when you can

Cry when you have to...

Be who you must

That’s a part of the plan

Await your arrival

With simple survival

And one day we’ll all understand...


I had a woman

Who gave me her soul

But I wasn’t ready to

Take it.

Her heart was so fragile

And heavy to hold

And I was afraid I might

Break it.


Your conscience awakes

And you see your mistakes

And you wish someone

Would buy your confessions.

The days miss their mark

And the night gets so dark

And some kind of message

Comes through to you

Some kind of message

Shoots through --




There is no eden or

Heavenly gates

That you’re gonna make it to

One day

But all of the answers you seek

Can be found

In the dreams that you dream

On the way.


"I wrestle with my spirituality as we all do. This song was on my heart and across my lips this morning. Peace". marc50


Part of the Plan performed by Dan Fogelberg from Souvenirs album on youtube

Sydney Padua's cartoon effort here seems to be the world's only coherent effort to graphically visualize a full-scale Analytical Engine.

Temperature drift without automatic motorfocus.

Secret Firmy magazine.

DesignMind is a technology consulting firm specializing in data architecture and analysis. Our clients are in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and across the United States.


Much as I'd love to do the life drawing course that's being offered by LoveLifeDrawing as a follow-up to Figuary, the course fee is slightly outside my range. Still, I decided to make use of the free sample lesson video they were offering.


This was a guided drawing session spending most of 30 minutes working on a relatively analytical drawing from a single photo. I think my actual drawing time was about 20 minutes (or perhaps a bit less).


The model, Artistic Physique, is one I recognise from the Croquis Café videos, and I suspect this photo may be from their reference library.


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