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This picture demonstrates what can't be done in normal photography (3D glasses required).


A 3D picture that pops out the screen. Watch the picture full size. Put a chair at about 3m (10 feet) away from your monitor. Sit down and watch the branch grow about 80 cm (3 feet) out of your screen!


This is one of my first digital 3D pictures, made with one camera and a simple plastic slider on a tripod.


TUTORIAL - How to make an anaglyph using Photoshop



• Start Photoshop.


• Open the two pictures of your stereo pair.

• Make yourself sure of which is the left and which is the right picture.

• Open the channels palette (menu: Window, Channels). You’ll see the channels RGB, Red, Green and Blue with a small eye in front.


• Activate the LEFT picture (click the title bar).

• Select the red channel in the palette (Ctrl-1). Now only the red channel has the small eye in front. The picture shows the red channel in grayscale.

• Select all (Ctrl-A) and copy to the clipboard (Ctrl-C).


• Activate the RIGHT picture (click the title bar).

• Select the red channel in the palette (Ctrl-1). Again the picture shows the red channel in grayscale.

• Paste the contents of the clipboard (Ctrl-V). What you just did is replacing the red channel of the right image, by the red channel of the left image.


• Click at the gray square left of the RGB channel in the palette, all small eyes switch back on. Important: don’t click at the channel itself, but in the square where the small eye should be.


• Put on your red/cyan 3D-glasses.

• Stroke V and align the picture with the arrow keys.

• Save the picture under a new name.


You need glasses for this, I just like to try different things :)

3d - anaglyph - view with 3d red-cyan glasses.



Red-cyan glasses are required to view this image in three dimensions.

An anaglyph taken in infrared with a modified D80 camera.

local waterfall, model Katy_T

Anaglyph Glasses

Canon EOS 450D with Takumar 50mm f4 Macro multi coated M42


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Red Cyan anaglyph stereoscopic photos.

snake skeleton in a bell jar

Wear red/cyan anaglyph goggles to see in 3D.


Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech" processing 2di7 & titanio44

The architect's gift to the stereo photographer!

Fuji Real 3DW3

stereo anaglyph red-cyan, previously uploaded as cross-view (see my photostream)


Red-Cyan glasses required

red n blu glasses needed (anaglyph)

Water Gateway into Fort Lauderdale (Updated 1/20/09) [ColorCode 3-D™ with "3D Easy" demo]

This is a 3D image. You will need your red/cyan 3D glasses to get the effect.


Found this tiny cluster of mushrooms while out walking through the woods after dinner yesterday. This is a hand-held cha cha.

Erster Versuch ein 3D-Bild zu erstellen. Besonders gefallen mir die Sonnenstrahlen! Und der Tiefeneindruck wirklt richtig toll. Zum Betrachten: Brille mit links Rot und rechts Grün (Cyan sollte auch gehen).

Te bekijken met rood-cyaan bril.


To be seen with red-cyan specs

3D! Te bekijken met rood-cyaan bril.


Cross spider

To be seen with Red/Cyan specs.

Te bekijken met rood-cyaan bril.

To be seen with red-cyan specs

Stereo anaglyph. Red/Green glasses required. Looking towards the summit of the Cobbler (Ben Arthur)

Taken with the cha cha method on a Panasonic GH2 with 14-140 lens at 14.

3d anaglyph, red blue glasses needed :)

Amateur stereoview. (Converted to anaglyph).

Unidentified date, location and photographer.

I suppose about 1910.

New Zealand cormorant taking off.


Anaglyph 3D. Wear red-cyan goggles to see stereoscopically


put on your red-cyan glasses to experience

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