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Ambyvalley road,Lonavala,Mah.,India

Threatened Species.

IUCN Red Book Status:Vulnerable(VU).

also known as Matheran Frog

Please feel free to correct/add if needed.

source:india nature watch

endemic to western ghats

Ambyvalley road,Lonavala,Mah.,India

FROG.A new season and new life

indian burrowing frog

sphaerotheca breviceps

Hoplobatrachus tigerinus

Ambyvalley road,Lonavala,Mah.India

Keeping me company on a moonless night!

Ambyvalley road,Lonavala,Mah.India

Common Indian Toad-juvenile


being sensitive to habitat changes frogs are indicative species of health of a ecosystem


Ambyvalley road,Lonavala,Mah.India

Sadly it is time to say Goodbye!

Amphibians play a pivotal role in ecosystem as secondary consumers in many food chains. Tadpoles have significant impact in nutritional cycling. They are herbivorous to omnivorous and are the prey items for both invertebrates and vertebrates. Adult amphibians are the best biological pest controllers. Invertebrates and vertebrates also predate them. Because of their importance in ecosystem, decline or extinction of their population has significant impact on other organisms along with them.


From the ecological perspective, amphibians are regarded as good ecological indicators. Due to high degree of sensitivity, either during tadpole stage or as adults, they respond to very slight change in the environment. Such responses have been used to indicate habitat fragmentation, ecosystem stress, impact of pesticides, and various anthropogenic activities.

Ambyvalley rd.,Lonavala,Mah.,India


There is no clear distinction between "terrestrial", "semi-terrestrial", and "aquatic" crabs. Rather, there is a continuum of terrestriality displayed among the true crabs, although even the most land-adapted crabs must still return to water to release their eggs. Some species of terrestrial crabs can be found many kilometres from the sea, but have to complete annual migrations to the sea.] For example, following the Indian Ocean monsoon, the Christmas Island red crab (Gecarcoidea natalis) migrates en masse, forming a "living carpet" of crabs. The crabs can travel up to 1.46 km (0.91 mi) in a day, and up to 4 km (2.5 mi) in total.


Terrestrial crabs have often evolved from freshwater crabs, since the physiological changes needed for living in fresh water are pre-adaptations for terrestrial living.On some oceanic islands, terrestrial crabs occupy the top of the energy pyramid.

Families of Freshwater Crabs from Asia







Ambyvalley road,Lonavala,Mah.,India

indian bull frog

can you feel his eyes!

Ambyvalley rd.,(Duttawadi rd.,Kurvande)Lonavala,Mah.,India

according to IUCN Redl List of Threatened Species


Matheran is a short distance from here with about same altitude and topography

this is the second time i found at the gate




Any suggestions about its ID? About 3 in long, emerges at night, esp after rain.