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Just some hands for tonight. I know it's a tad cliche, but I did my best to avoid that.


This ammo box was my friend's Great Grandfather who served in World War 1 I believe. Old items like this fascinate me.



I am launching a kickstarter project to fund this 365 project! All help is greatly appreciated! :)


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Hey everyone. I'm raising funds for a new camera and project. Even a dollar makes a difference. I just really need help or else I cannot continue to create, for awhile anyways. If you pledge to my project theres cool rewards such as prints (cheaper then I would sell at a normal rate). The link is above. Thank you!

Brand new custom pad printed 1x2 brick military "Ammo Boxes"


Left: Light Bluish grey

Right: Black and Olive Green


For Best Bricker against [Broadside]. Good luck!

In the storage boxes are: Grease gun, some tools, ammoboxes and a air recognition flag. On top of the vehicle are: a ammobox and some drinking canteens.

A funky little take on Chitea Viorel Costin's cool tutorial.

or HBM

I'm not sure what I did to get that blue line on the side there, but I didn't notice it until I uploaded

for July's Alphabet Soup- M

& Happy Bench Monday


oh, btw...sorry to some of my contacts that I haven't commented on in a while, for some reason it seems like not all of my contacts pics show up in the contacts photos so I have to go searching for them and sometimes forget

Model: Abbi Shank

A preview of our test shoot for a new photography project.

I had been totally unsuccessful at finding a reasonably priced dry box that would fit between my feet and be easy to open in the Kayak. Then I discovered that ammo boxes are waterproof.


I bought a .50 caliber ammo box from an army surplus store for $11 and lined it with a rubber floor tiles (four for $10). The leftover floor tiles are being used in the workshop. Result! It is waterproof and it ought to be able to take a few knocks. I've toyed with the idea of spraying it day-glow orange to make it more visible should the worst happen; but I'd rather not draw attention to a box of valuables when it's around camp or in the car.


I normally keep my cameras, keys and wallet in it, storing the weather radio and walkie-talkie in a steel box as you see here isn't a good idea if you want them to be able to receive a signal.


Update: Apparently my cell 'phone will still work when kept in here - it took me ages to realize that the odd noise disturbing the peace and quiet on the lake was my 'phone ringing,


22 August 2010 | Copyright © 2010 Gary Allman

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12/52 in 2014: #1 - achievement

Hereios - Any Given Saturday


Went out early this morning and took care of a geocache not too far from where Steve lives, and that did it. I've now found at least 1 cache on each calendar day of the year (including Feb. 29th, which last was in 2012). It's kind of a big deal because it's a common challenge for cachers to have found caches on each day of the year.


Jeep year and type 1962 AMC M422A1 Mighty Mite

Engine AMC 108 cid air cooled V-4 developing 55 hp and 90 pounds feet of torque


Warren Glen Geocache (GC7B41) taken near its hiding spot.

Latest off the workbench... a Willy's Jeep with a T3 Bantam trailer, ammo box and a few jerry cans...


Over all I hate this model. it was poorly molded, poorly detailed, and I honestly gave up on it a few years ago. I recently decided I had to clear out all my old projects before starting new ones though, so here it is finished up. The only upside for this kit is the trailer (which I had to modify quite a bit to make it a bit closer to authentic). Honestly... the Jeep that Academy throws in as an extra freebe with several of their WWII planes is a better model.


1:72 scale Hasagawa kit with quarter for size reference. I could not in good conscience recommend this kit to anyone. Save your money, a few grey hair, and whole lot of hours fixing issues if want a tiny Jeep.

Teeny Tiny Cache


It was another sunny day so I headed over to Greensted and Ongar for a 6.5 mile geocaching ramble. My first find was this tiny little “ammo” box at Greensted Church. Again there was plenty of mud around, but with my trusty wellies I slurped about but didn’t suffer any mishaps! More info. Ref: D1101-057

One little invention by me, fully fledged battery powered stereo, waterproof, shock proof, battery powered by a huge UPS battery, can be charged by mains or car, can power anything that runs off ciggy lighter, plays FM, AM, SD Card and USB (for MP3)

"We were desert mystics, my friends and I, poring over our maps as others do their holy books." Edward Abbey


After exploring Kanab Creek, we floated down the Colorado River and camped at The Ledges. (RM 151.5)


Our trip leader Neal MacAdam is studying "The Doing of the Thing - the brief, brilliant whitewater career of Buzz Holmstrom". Legendary boatman Dirk Prately is studying the maps in the Belknap Guide. Legendary Boatman, author and historian Brad Dimock is talking with Aubrey Jones one of our assistants.


I rafted with Arizona Raft Adventures AZRA.

Hereios - Sunday walks in the woods

113 pictures in 2013: #48 - around the corner


Military ammo cans (sometimes called ammo boxes) are very popular containers used for geocaches, especially for caches that are within the woods, because not only are they mostly waterproof but it's hard for wild animals to break it open like what can happen to plastic containers. A typical ammo can is around $10 at an army surplus store.

Home Made Diy 5.45 Russian ammo / crate box turned into a night stand EDC table.

In-bed storage made from .50 caliber ammo cans. The cans are modified to accept padlocks. The shovel and pulaski are held in place with Quickfist clamps.

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