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The ammo box hold 9 yards of ammunition, 27 feet, and was the origin of the term "the whole nine yards" I never knew that.

Just some hands for tonight. I know it's a tad cliche, but I did my best to avoid that.


This ammo box was my friend's Great Grandfather who served in World War 1 I believe. Old items like this fascinate me.



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When fighting enemies (or Predators) deep in the jungle you can never have to many boxes of ammo and MRE rations of Beef Stew


Jungle Commando figure printed by Citizen Brick

Model: Abbi Shank

A preview of our test shoot for a new photography project.

The Nam Wreckin Crew are the meanest, deadliest bunch of S.O.B.'s ever to pull on a uniform. Pictured here at muster they are selecting their gear for their next mission on Cheeseburger Hill.


NWC act as problem solvers for the US army when actions go bad or things just get to hot to handle. Officially these guys don't exist, running black Ops for the Administration.


The NWC are hand picked and led by the ruthless Sergeant Frank Statton III seen here front and centre.


The Team.


Darryl "Heavy D" Payton. M60 Support Gunner - Outhouse doors want to be like him when they grow up.


Tommy "Thumper" Johnson - Responsible for punching a way into hot zones and droppin' smoke for Copters at the exfil..


Don "Tick Tock" Banner - Demolitions and the teams grease monkey.


Bob "Psycho" Busch - Tunnel Rat, No right to be alive but he's still breathing despite being, shot, stabbed and blown up. Seemingly nothing can stop this combat tank.


Ralph "Smokey" Polawski - Wants to see the whole world burn and frequently does...




Weapons, proto's, crates and most hats/helmets by Brickarms

Custom prints by Eclipse, Christo and Citizenbrick

Decals, ghetto thrower, helmets straps, painted boonie (Heavy D) additional colour and string by me

Photo and "NWC" Logo creation and editing by GmanVespa (thanks buddy!)




This is my signature figbarf - I've been working on it for quite a while trying to accrue enough hunter parts, the right proto's and trying to get my decals and details right, despite you not being able to even see them in this final shot. In an annoying twist I mislaid the Sarges sabr from the solo shot so he has an old skool service revolver instead.


This isn't supposed to be entirely realistic so please save any quibbles about accuracy. It's designed more to be a "Dirty Dozen" type film escapade.


Brand new custom pad printed 1x2 brick military "Ammo Boxes"


Left: Light Bluish grey

Right: Black and Olive Green


John McGrew was a member of the Photographic Section of the 5th Aero Group A.E.C. during WW I. This collection is comprised of aerial and ground photos the the WW I era.


Repository: San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive

Temple at war show 2017.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Four US soldiers, one with a bicycle, and two men in civilian attire at a rifle range. A piece of canvas fixed between ammunition boxes makes due as a windbreak.


Markings on cartridge boxes appear to read ORD DEPOT No. 5, Model 1906 Cal .30

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For Best Bricker against [Broadside]. Good luck!

or HBM

I'm not sure what I did to get that blue line on the side there, but I didn't notice it until I uploaded

for July's Alphabet Soup- M

& Happy Bench Monday


oh, btw...sorry to some of my contacts that I haven't commented on in a while, for some reason it seems like not all of my contacts pics show up in the contacts photos so I have to go searching for them and sometimes forget

The kitchen inside of an abandoned hotel kitchen.


12 Gauge Shotgun Shells #8 Shot 2 3/4" shells

Original design by Agent Appleblanket. I only added the Tiny Tactical AmmoBox.


Also: More crappy editing. Yay.

In-bed storage made from .50 caliber ammo cans. A weather-proof padlock secures the lid and a steel cable secures the shovel. It is held in place with Quickfist clamps.

A funky little take on Chitea Viorel Costin's cool tutorial.


wow, what a great vintage shop in Okinawa. "fashions from back home" i didn't expect amazing vintage t-shirts for 50 bucks, i thought it would be frumpy fashions for soldier's wives, but no.

Ammobox resonator guitar

Self made

- 7.62 ammo box

- birch neck

- mahogny fretboard

- cat food bowl resonator

- piezo pickup



f 5.6 - 250 - ISO 100

Metz58 shoot thru umbrella object left 1/4

Metz58 softbox object right 1/8

Yongnuo triggers


Photo by Jean Pecher (?). Date unknown [1914-1918].

Collection Jean Pecher


Liberas/Liberaal Archief

Kramersplein 23

9000 Gent


Jeep year and type 1962 AMC M422A1 Mighty Mite

Engine AMC 108 cid air cooled V-4 developing 55 hp and 90 pounds feet of torque


View Large here.


I was moving a few thing around in the garage recently and ran across my whitewater gear. I used to do a lot of whitewater paddling, usually in an open canoe or C-1 (covered canoe). I was usually designated the "official photographer". Canoes are larger and can afford the extra weight of a big clunky metal ammo box, used to keep a camera safe and dry.


In 1981, we applied for and received a non-commercial 15 person permit for a private trip on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Most folks just take a commercial trip. You pay your money and are guided on a trip that can range in duration from 3 to 21 days.


Typically the commerical rafts are huge so-called "bologna boats" and have plenty of room for cold beer and steak for dinner every night.


Our trip was different. We had two 16 foot rafts fitted with oar rigs we built ourselves. The commercial guys use outboard motors, and as we discovered, can cover a lot more river each day. The Colorado River, from the put-in at Lee's Ferry to Lake Powell is 249 miles long. Approximately 5 miles of that are rapids, all the rest is long smooth flowing brown mollasses.


Each of our rafts held a small ice chest, large watertight miltary "rocket boxes" for carrying in food and emergency gear and carrying out, errr "trash and all other". The National Park Service does not allow you to leave anything in the Grand Canyon.


I used an extra deep water-tight ammo box (shown above painted white to ward off the heat from typical 110F days), custom-fitted with closed cell foam, to hold a Nikon EM film camera, with motor winder, 50mm and 85-205 lenses, extra "AAA" batteries for the winder and 4-5 rolls of 40 exposure color slide film. The remaining film, Kodak Kodachrome 25 which I had purchased in 100 foot rolls and loaded into film cassettes, was stored in my personal dry bag.


The camera ammo box rode on one of the rafts and was removed at major rapids like Crystal, Lava Falls, etc, lunch stops and at each day's predetermined camp site.


I took a bunch of pictures on that trip and other whitewater trips on the nearby Chattooga and Ocoee rivers, and Gauley and New rivers in West Virginia using this ammo box setup.




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