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Fortnite Battle Royale


Photo by Jean Pecher (?). Date unknown [1914-1918].

Collection Jean Pecher


Liberas/Liberaal Archief

Kramersplein 23

9000 Gent

In-bed storage made from .50 caliber ammo cans. A stainless steel U-bolt and weather-proof padlock secures the lid.

In-bed storage made from .50 caliber ammo cans. A weather-proof padlock secures the lid and a steel cable secures the pulaski. It is held in place with Quickfist clamps.

Regal mit 12 grossen Munitionskisten im Bad. Die weissen Label enthalten eine Inhaltsangabe. Die Deckel haben alle eine Gummidichtung und schliessen gut und dicht.

Just some hands for tonight. I know it's a tad cliche, but I did my best to avoid that.


This ammo box was my friend's Great Grandfather who served in World War 1 I believe. Old items like this fascinate me.



I am launching a kickstarter project to fund this 365 project! All help is greatly appreciated! :)


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Hey everyone. I'm raising funds for a new camera and project. Even a dollar makes a difference. I just really need help or else I cannot continue to create, for awhile anyways. If you pledge to my project theres cool rewards such as prints (cheaper then I would sell at a normal rate). The link is above. Thank you!

Warren Glen Geocache (GC7B41) taken near its hiding spot.

Warren Glen Geocache (GC7B41) taken near its hiding spot.

12 Gauge Shotgun Shells #8 Shot 2 3/4" shells

Photo from an album (AL230) showing the 352nd Fighter Group in England during World War Two. Uknown Donor.


Repository: San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive


hoto from an album (AL230) showing the 352nd Fighter Group in England during World War Two. Uknown Donor.


Repository: San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive

Ammobox resonator guitar

Self made

- 7.62 ammo box

- birch neck

- mahogny fretboard

- cat food bowl resonator

- piezo pickup



f 5.6 - 250 - ISO 100

Metz58 shoot thru umbrella object left 1/4

Metz58 softbox object right 1/8

Yongnuo triggers

View Large here.


I was moving a few thing around in the garage recently and ran across my whitewater gear. I used to do a lot of whitewater paddling, usually in an open canoe or C-1 (covered canoe). I was usually designated the "official photographer". Canoes are larger and can afford the extra weight of a big clunky metal ammo box, used to keep a camera safe and dry.


In 1981, we applied for and received a non-commercial 15 person permit for a private trip on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Most folks just take a commercial trip. You pay your money and are guided on a trip that can range in duration from 3 to 21 days.


Typically the commerical rafts are huge so-called "bologna boats" and have plenty of room for cold beer and steak for dinner every night.


Our trip was different. We had two 16 foot rafts fitted with oar rigs we built ourselves. The commercial guys use outboard motors, and as we discovered, can cover a lot more river each day. The Colorado River, from the put-in at Lee's Ferry to Lake Powell is 249 miles long. Approximately 5 miles of that are rapids, all the rest is long smooth flowing brown mollasses.


Each of our rafts held a small ice chest, large watertight miltary "rocket boxes" for carrying in food and emergency gear and carrying out, errr "trash and all other". The National Park Service does not allow you to leave anything in the Grand Canyon.


I used an extra deep water-tight ammo box (shown above painted white to ward off the heat from typical 110F days), custom-fitted with closed cell foam, to hold a Nikon EM film camera, with motor winder, 50mm and 85-205 lenses, extra "AAA" batteries for the winder and 4-5 rolls of 40 exposure color slide film. The remaining film, Kodak Kodachrome 25 which I had purchased in 100 foot rolls and loaded into film cassettes, was stored in my personal dry bag.


The camera ammo box rode on one of the rafts and was removed at major rapids like Crystal, Lava Falls, etc, lunch stops and at each day's predetermined camp site.


I took a bunch of pictures on that trip and other whitewater trips on the nearby Chattooga and Ocoee rivers, and Gauley and New rivers in West Virginia using this ammo box setup.




I had been totally unsuccessful at finding a reasonably priced dry box that would fit between my feet and be easy to open in the Kayak. Then I discovered that ammo boxes are waterproof.


I bought a .50 caliber ammo box from an army surplus store for $11 and lined it with a rubber floor tiles (four for $10). The leftover floor tiles are being used in the workshop. Result! It is waterproof and it ought to be able to take a few knocks. I've toyed with the idea of spraying it day-glow orange to make it more visible should the worst happen; but I'd rather not draw attention to a box of valuables when it's around camp or in the car.


I normally keep my cameras, keys and wallet in it, storing the weather radio and walkie-talkie in a steel box as you see here isn't a good idea if you want them to be able to receive a signal.


Update: Apparently my cell 'phone will still work when kept in here - it took me ages to realize that the odd noise disturbing the peace and quiet on the lake was my 'phone ringing,


22 August 2010 | Copyright © 2010 Gary Allman


Jeep year and type 1962 AMC M422A1 Mighty Mite

Engine AMC 108 cid air cooled V-4 developing 55 hp and 90 pounds feet of torque


It was a cold day, so Caz had to wrap up warm when she went out with her geocaching buddy to find some boxes in the countryside. Luckily they found most of the caches they looked for, and enjoyed the fresh air!

More info. Ref: D1573-003

Ammo box circa 1944 on abandoned property near Caledon

"We were desert mystics, my friends and I, poring over our maps as others do their holy books." Edward Abbey


After exploring Kanab Creek, we floated down the Colorado River and camped at The Ledges. (RM 151.5)


Our trip leader Neal MacAdam is studying "The Doing of the Thing - the brief, brilliant whitewater career of Buzz Holmstrom". Legendary boatman Dirk Prately is studying the maps in the Belknap Guide. Legendary Boatman, author and historian Brad Dimock is talking with Aubrey Jones one of our assistants.


I rafted with Arizona Raft Adventures AZRA.

Regal mit 15 Munitionskisten über dem Küchenschrank. Die Weissen Label sind Anhänger mit einer Inhaltsangabe.

Ammo box circa 1944 on abandoned property near Caledon

Having picked up a second body, I find myself in need of additional camera storage. I use these Harbor Freight "ammo boxes" as water-resistant storage and had an extra. It fits these Pentax bodies, even with the Tamron 70-300 mounted.


For this challenge, I had the Tamron peeking #OutOfTheBox.



Latest off the workbench... a Willy's Jeep with a T3 Bantam trailer, ammo box and a few jerry cans...


Over all I hate this model. it was poorly molded, poorly detailed, and I honestly gave up on it a few years ago. I recently decided I had to clear out all my old projects before starting new ones though, so here it is finished up. The only upside for this kit is the trailer (which I had to modify quite a bit to make it a bit closer to authentic). Honestly... the Jeep that Academy throws in as an extra freebe with several of their WWII planes is a better model.


1:72 scale Hasagawa kit with quarter for size reference. I could not in good conscience recommend this kit to anyone. Save your money, a few grey hair, and whole lot of hours fixing issues if want a tiny Jeep.

GC1E3MD, on the Leeds Country Way near Rothwell.

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Teeny Tiny Cache


It was another sunny day so I headed over to Greensted and Ongar for a 6.5 mile geocaching ramble. My first find was this tiny little “ammo” box at Greensted Church. Again there was plenty of mud around, but with my trusty wellies I slurped about but didn’t suffer any mishaps! More info. Ref: D1101-057

Ammobox, Ammo, Crate, Box, Wood, Russian, 5.45, Night Table, Night Stand, EDC storage, Storage

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one of my first two attempts at using my large ammo box camera. its dark, and it moved at some time, probably wind. going to try a smaller fstop, and then perhaps a day and a half.

One little invention by me, fully fledged battery powered stereo, waterproof, shock proof, battery powered by a huge UPS battery, can be charged by mains or car, can power anything that runs off ciggy lighter, plays FM, AM, SD Card and USB (for MP3)

I've been stewing in my own misery for a while. Wasn't that the whole reason I started the Positivity Project? I am my own worst enemy sometimes.


On my way to meet a pal at a coffee shop, so I took the opportunity to shower, pin up my hair and put on actual clothes. The ratio of good days to bad days has a strong correlation to actual clothes.



Clinique Moisture Surge

Smashbox Beauty Balm (do people find this kind of drying or is my skin just being insane?)

Loreal TruMatch pressed powder, applied with a stiff brush as concealer



Estee Lauder primer

UD 24/7 liner in Covet

UD Maui Wowie and Shattered (from the Ammobox)

Maybelline Lash Stiletto

Some random eyebrow pencil kicking around the bottom of the bowl



Makeup Forever HD Blush in Peony



Sephora lip liner in Posie

Bobbie Brown gloss in Petal


Earrings from Claire's (!) about a decade ago.

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