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Dagger Moth Caterpillar. Photographed in Pennsylvania.

Single frame. Canon 80D, Canon MPE lens, Canon twin flash, Aperture f/11, shutter speed 1/250, ISO 400.

My first attempt at a caterpillar image ! I saw this little fella and a few like him climbing around on my Fire Bush tree this morning.

American Dagger Moth (Acronicta americana)


These caterpillars may appear cute and fuzzy, but they are toxic. When a person comes into contact with the hairs of an American Dagger Moth, the hairs break off of the caterpillar and embed into the skin of the person. These hairs are connected to glands just below the surface of the caterpillar's skin which produce toxins known to cause a variety of skin irritations.


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'Found this huge and lovely American Dagger Moth caterpillar chillin' on a leaf, yellow hair all blowin' in the breezes ... <3

Smile y'all! The weekend is almost here ツ

Most of my photos are closer up than this, but I was intrigued by getting the caterpillar on the leaf and its exuvia (cast skin) at the bottom right in the same picture.

Acronicta americana – American Dagger

Suffolk County, NY

I love caterpillars. Almost more than butterflies! I found this fine fuzzy fellow in my yard, and was thrilled! I picked him up carefully, and brought him in the house to show my husband. Strangely, he did not seem to share my enthusiasm. So I took the little guy (caterpillar, not husband!) back out into the yard for a few photo ops. I carefully put him on several different plants and bushes, snapping photos all the while. Then I came back inside and googled the creature. To my shock and dismay, this is what I discovered: "Beware of hairy yellow caterpillars with black spikes. They are American dagger moths that have have toxic properties when hairs are touched." The toxin can cause hives and/or an ugly rash!! Yikes! My fuzzy friend is no longer a friend....

our friend nancy found this beauty hanging out in her yard. we "borrowed" it for a few photos and then let it go back into nature. i don't think the moth is as stunning.

Got distracted by #life and missed the 15th anniversary of Bug of the Day last Thursday! To celebrate, here is a triptych of American dagger moth poses from a photo session last June.

My cat is good at finding all of the insects around the perimeter of the house. She saw this caterpillar under the edge of the siding and poked it out with her paw. It curled up into this position, which would undoubtedly be a great way to sting someone or something.


I sent the photo to my friend, who told me it was an American Dagger Caterpillar. She also said she hoped my cat didn't touch it as it can be very irritating.


According to this linked article, the black bristles break off and embed themselves in the skin with stinging toxins included. Sounds like a fun time ... (sarcasm here).

This yellow fuzzy caterpillar with black spines show up brightly in the morning light. Muscatatuck NWR


Saw this American Dagger Moth Caterpillar rafting down a small stream on a fallen Maple Leaf. late Aug 2018 at Broughtons Wildlife education Area near Marietta Ohio.

Got distracted by #life and missed the 15th anniversary of Bug of the Day last Thursday! To celebrate, here is a triptych of American dagger moth poses from a photo session last June.

What a cool caterpillar. Never seen one like this before. After photographing him I stayed to ensure he had a safe crossing before continuing on my way.


Grindstone Marsh / RBG

Burlington, ON.

Found this American Dagger Moth caterpillar starting to climb onto our front door. Gently redirected it back onto the flat concrete porch a few inches beneath it. It then quickly crawled onto the bricks along the front of the house, then high up the wall. Couldn't find it when I went back a short time later. It moved quite quickly making getting sharp photos as it crawled toward me with my macro lens a bit tricky with such a shallow DOF.

Dans la grande catégorie des chenilles à poils, l'Acronycte d'Amérique, grande brouteuse de feuilles de bouleaux et d'érables. Quelle beauté quand même !

Saw this little fella crawling around in the garden and managed to get a pretty good macro of him in spite of his unwillingness to stay still.


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Seen in my garden this morning. I believe that this is an Acronicta americana – American Dagger Moth Caterpillar.

I've started to see American Dagger Caterpillars everywhere. They are one of the more common species and can be quite a variety of colors.

American Dagger Moth out for a stroll.

Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

Queens, NY

August 13, 2017

Look, but don't touch! (Worth a look in Lightbox)


I found this fellow in my basement yesterday tangled up in dog hair. I was able to get him untangled and onto a plate--hands-free. It gave me a chance to get my macro lens out as well as upload the last batch of photos I took on July 8--been sitting in my camera that long. Before I found the caterpillar, I made it to the ponds below my school to try to get some shots--mostly without luck. It was nice to get out for some quiet, alone time, nonetheless. I will say shooting this fuzzy little guy didn't do my back any good (nor did cutting grass yesterday, but it has to be done).


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Luckpenny Place Pond

Columbia, MD

Howard County quad 39076_B7

Got distracted by #life and missed the 15th anniversary of Bug of the Day last Thursday! To celebrate, here is a triptych of American dagger moth poses from a photo session last June.

My wife found this on the house the other day and let me know. I went out and shot this fuzzy little fellow as it crawled along doing it's thing.

I put the Caterpillar on this mushroom that was near by for more drama ;-)

I have found my share of fuzzy caterpillar this year, I found out these guys are not so nice, they sting and leave rashes .. glad I didn't pick him up

This little guy seems to live in the woodpile, that is where I always see him! This is a face first shot!

Don't you hate it when people carelessly walk through your photos? Sometimes it works out fine. I was trying to fine tune the focus on a button bush flower when this guy came casually grazing up over the top and into the shot. Thanks to the Internet, I learned that it's a Yellow-Collared Scape Moth. Sorta' stuck on insect photos right now - - sorry. I'll spare you the one of the American Dagger Moth caterpillar.

This guy was crawling on Mom's house. He had something that looked like dryer lint on his head. I got some of it off, but I know these types of caterpillars sometimes have stinging hairs and I treated it with great it still has some fuzz on it's head! Hope you enjoy the picture!


Actual Size was about 3 inches long.


Appears to be an American Dagger Moth caterpillar (Acronicta americana).


Location: Cape Girardeau MO USA

It was in my mom's car port, so no help with food plant.

Here I am!

Thank you to Dans Perceptions for the id on this yellow hairy caterpillar,an American Dagger Moth

and for joeke pieters you get to see its face and hair do

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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