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Explored #91 (Thank You)


But where did the apple go?

For Macro Mondays....A Spoonful

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on black background


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flickr today

for the the thematorium contest "text"


the truth? i always wanted to shoot alphabet pasta! really!!!

the hardest thing is to get the "A" upside down :]

Bumping one of my favorite productions up. I hate doing large scale productions but this one was a lot of fun and we banged it out in a day.


Photo by Jim and Karla Murray

On my way home I made a coffee break.... (at the sphères)


...and became another "E" for the "Alphabet Soup" group !!

today's "W" subject: whiskey

day 266/365

(I took the picture before consuming any)

This week's Macro Monday's theme: connection

and today's "C" subject: connection

day 246/365

Wi-fi went down after storm, all I had was a phone!


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This is art on an old book page. It is pencil drawing and acrylic paint. The words are written with white souffle pen.


The words were inspired by the text on the page. See the words in the soup ladle.

Or I guess technically soup. But, I just wanted to point out that, love is found in the simplest of actions, the simplest of things. Love is all around us, every day, and I need to remind myself not to take it for granted.

B l a c k M a g i c

Day 233 of 365


...Ice Cream sandwich, that I ate after taking this picture.


I love these sandwiches... They're only 140 calories and taste pretty darn good for being low-fat. They're Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches.




Random Fact: I looked forward to this treat all day.

Lindenhof. ...and became dedicated to Juju | Sydney for the #11 in his testimony.

Fabric: Alphabet Soup by Zoe Pearn for Riley Blake


Pattern: Sparkling Gemstones from the book Jelly Roll Quilts




Given myself an alphabet soup game. Two new photos and another two from my photostream or archives, when possible.


Taken at the Leisure Park in Etampes in August 2013.


Thank you for your favourites. :O)

“Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.” ― Andy Rooney.


"Sometimes you have to eat your words, chew your ego, swallow your pride and accept that you are wrong. It's not giving up. It's called growing up". ― Unknown.


Anvil ― Eat your words ♫


I'm going make you some homemade alphabet soup, so you can eat your words when you taste my real cooking.Voy a hacerte una sopa de letras para que puedas comerte tus palabras al probar mi cocina.


Photo taken with mobile phone (Nokia Lumia 930) and edited with Fotor.

Given myself an alphabet soup game. Two new photos and another two from my photostream or archives, when possible.


Taken in April 2011 in Etampes. I think out of the mountain of fungi I've photographed over the years, this one is still one of my favourites.

Dryads Saddle, Polyporus squamosus.


Thank you for your favourites. :O)

I shot this within the same shoot as the Claustrophobia photo I have in my A-Z Project. I editted it quite recently though so it's only being uploaded now :-)

today's "D" subject: deuces and dice

day 247/365

sony a65 / minolta 50mm f/3.5 af macro lens

Consuming Consonants - Alphabet Soup


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>>> LIGHTBOX <<<



For 52 Weeks of Pix, Week 18: Love it!


Also added to the Kiss Goodbye to MS group!

It's not homemade, but it's MM, MM good.









Macro Mondays - "Comforting" Theme


Comforting - A place to admire and share photography while making a few friends along the way...

That spells "FLICKR"


Many thanks for your visits, comments, invitations and faves, Everyone!

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thanks Kim for the idea :):):)


oh and in case y'all were wondering...the soup was delicious!! we dipped garlic cheese toast in it and pigged out...not to mention I made enough for lunch tomorrow too :) I love soup :)

An alphabet soup for the abc crowd

In which alpha beta gamma are disavowed

surely would schmeck a whole lot better

with the addition of a multiculti letter


(from: Ditties and Doggerels by FF Whitamore)

it really is.

so please stop feeling alone and worthless.

S is for sup?!

here's what 'sup

i be headin' up to amsterdam avec charlie

right meow

check yoself before you wreck yoself


just saaaayin'


happy friday, folks! ta x

Click here for a good time


Outside in the rain. I love summer thunderstorms! Also am quite fond of the blue of the umbrella reflecting on my face.


Ignoring FGR's smiling theme due to my Ornery attitude for most of the day. Also, I'm just too dark and brooding in general ... more than one smiling SP in one week might diminish my street cred.


Secret #10: I was dancing and splashing around in the rain after I got the shot I wanted, twirling and singing like a maniac. Then I saw that the same deer from the other day (I think?) was in the bushes STARING AT ME. Primed to attack! I ran as fast as I could back to the house, slipped and fell in a puddle, ended up with a soggy bottom and a bruised dignity. Afraid of deer!? Honestly.


Accompanying Music: "No I In Threesome" - Interpol

Hungry for alphabetical soup ? 🍜

April 18th, 2011.


Uh, Waiter?

today's "P" subject: peacock feathers

day 259/365

Apparently January is National Soup Month. What goes with soup? A sandwich!



hbw, bokeh-hungry souls hehehe!

Number four in the series...

Maybe it's time to try out a new Flickr project.

happy cliche saturday!



Our garden, Maroochydore. Qld. Australia.

Taken and uploaded for "The World Through My Eyes"' Weekly Scavenger Hunt.

Subject: Depict "the answer".

Alphabet soup, anyone...?

Ornamental brown clay/ceramic pots in a decorative garden display in the shadow of a fence making patterns on the front pot!


ODC2 - Our Daily Challenge - Brown


Scavenge Challenge - Scavchal #13 - Alphabet soup: your subject must be a noun beginning with "Po..." - Guess mine is Pots!

F is for fumble, fall, and fortunate [there wasn't more damage ...]


F is also for


frosted adj. a surface coating on glass that cannot be seen through clearly


fragment v. 1. To break or separate [something] into fragments

2. To become broken into fragments, e.g., After the fall, the light bulb fragmented


filament n. A fine wire [heated electrically to incandescence in an electric lamp]


See More Fragile On White


today's "N" subject: nevada

I spotted this conspiracy cruiser at the Target store in Bullhead City Arizona, about 200 miles south of Area 51 Nevada.

day 257/365

Mine says It is all about the D O G. And it certainly is in this group! We are looking forward to the weather changing and getting some shots out and about... but for now... it is about alphabet soup. ;)

copyright jena ardell for getty images.


limited edition prints are available!! contact me. :)

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