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Hidden by the clouds, is this an alien spacecraft scanning the ground below? Or maybe someone trying to build a 'bat signal' to call Batman??? Who can say... :-)

Three layers and a texture. Just messing.

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Explore Jul 1, 2009 #184

2nd Place - 'Abstracts' - 2015 Rockton Worlds Fair

Look around and witness the forest within a forest.



Merci,,, Thank you !


I like what the fog do with the light , everything become so mysterious and you can see the ordinary things different.... the world around you just changes


In camera custom white balance shenanigans in my local woods using a light blade with a red gel.

The ceiling of the Sagrada Familia - which reminds me of something out of Alien.

Alien: Isolation


Free Cam/ Custom FOV/ Remove HUD/ Custom DOF/ Freeze Actors via Cheat Engine


Custom SweetFX 2.0 with ReShade

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This is my edited version of bubbles.* ™'s photo.


Original Photo

I did this for the Process my photo (not better, just different) Group (Week 5))


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I m Too Confuse that which one post on top :(


Chicago Alien Lampost


From BostonPeter: "I glow in peace."

A lifting morning fog caresses the wind generators as they look like giant aliens marching across the fields.

Happy Windmill Wednesday!



Happy bokeh Wednesday!


Thanks to colonial1637 for tellin' me the name of this flower :-D



Urban Symphony - "Randajad" (Estonia, Eurovision 2009)

Explored!!!! :)


Just in case you were wondering where I have been ;) Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend!!!!

Poppy Pod's,must be where the Alien's are hiding,, I bet.

I'm working on it, and this WIP uses a new technique for the body that I've never seen and never expected before.

Alien Beauty.


Jellyfish may be venomous, but they are have strange beauty


2014_10_23_EOS 7D_6098-Edit v1

Little 'illegal aliens' are scrawled everywhere in the Mission District. It's so funny...

Weird alien cactus found and photographed on the hiking trail from Valle Gran Rey to El Cercado. La Gomera, Canary Islands. Spain 2013.

Cast a lizards eye on black.

Found these alien looking, minion-like air vents in Leadenhall. Couldn't resist photographing them.

Snowscape turned into an imaginary landscape.

Alien: Isolation

Custom Resolution

Hattiwatti's Camera Tools

Reshade Framework

>For the group #FlickrFriday, theme #Alien

>Lost in space (or in a spider's web...)

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This assisted self portrait was captured around during the October 8th total lunar eclipse while inside Vasquez Rocks park. The image was created in one exposure using a wireless flash light me. I then jumped out of frame while the shutter was still open and a friend ran in to paint with a red LED bike light. The camera is facing opposite the moon during the peak of the eclipse. You're seeing the little light from the sun scraping the Earth bouncing off the moon and soaking back into the exposure.



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Alien Landscape?

Whale Beach, Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Australia


f/22 | ISO100 | 20sec | 17mm

I think it is an Alien with a Flu :))))


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