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Explore Jul 1, 2009 #184

Modern Sculpture(?) in a window Store with reflections of the Street.

Shot Rue du Mail - 75002 Paris - France -

Basically, I love photography - and travel. You could say I travel to take photographs and take photographs to travel.

Sony a77 + Sigma 105mm f2.8 macro

A lifting morning fog caresses the wind generators as they look like giant aliens marching across the fields.

Happy Windmill Wednesday!

The ceiling of the Sagrada Familia - which reminds me of something out of Alien.

This is my edited version of bubbles.* ™'s photo.


Original Photo

I did this for the Process my photo (not better, just different) Group (Week 5))


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I m Too Confuse that which one post on top :(


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True Oddity of Nature.

342/365, 8th December 2009

More lightbox fun. This is a physallis fruit in its papery pod on a lightbox and then inverted in PSElements. I was going to post the more realistic one (below) as my main image but my family all liked this one better. Actually, I quite like it too - you've got to have fun with your photography sometimes!



Happy bokeh Wednesday!


Thanks to colonial1637 for tellin' me the name of this flower :-D



Urban Symphony - "Randajad" (Estonia, Eurovision 2009)

Chicago Alien Lampost


From BostonPeter: "I glow in peace."

I'm working on it, and this WIP uses a new technique for the body that I've never seen and never expected before.

Alien bloom of a carnivorous plant.


2013_06_15_8251-Edit v1

Creature spotted stalking the ship hallways on the Soundproof Field Trip.

Explored!!!! :)


Just in case you were wondering where I have been ;) Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend!!!!

They landed last night and the beagles chased them off, watch out everyone they are out there....


Hope you get a laugh and have a great day.

I keep trying lots of shots out at sunset, this first shot I cheated a bit and left the flash on, I liked the fact that it just caught a small part of the Alien.

So, what's for dinner, Professor? ;)


Metallic Starlings, San Diego Zoo.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is definitely one of the best on the west coast, and probably in the US too. And the jellyfish exhibition is a must see. There is something beautiful, elegant, and yet alien, about these creatures that it is impossible not to look at them in wonderment.


A single RAW file processed with Topaz Adjust


Explore Highest Position #355; August 28, 2010

Made me think of an alien abduction when this shot came out on the monitor. But they're just street lights...not a UFO! :-)

I can't lie to you about your chances, but … you have my sympathies.

Alien Beauty.


Jellyfish may be venomous, but they are have strange beauty


2014_10_23_EOS 7D_6098-Edit v1

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see on large black version

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Cast a lizards eye on black.

Found these alien looking, minion-like air vents in Leadenhall. Couldn't resist photographing them.

Weird alien cactus found and photographed on the hiking trail from Valle Gran Rey to El Cercado. La Gomera, Canary Islands. Spain 2013.

Nono, just joking. And why would somebody want to abduct aliens anyway. ;)

I think it is an Alien with a Flu :))))


To listen:



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