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Photo collab with the new Alfa Romeo 4C for Prestige Imports in Miami.

Original Photo: Emil David Garcia

Post-Production: Myself

Alfa Romeo TZ on the road in Paris for the tour auto 2012. Nice, don't you think ? =)


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Alfa Romeo 4C, shot during industry event at Millbrook


Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione


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Alfa + sunset = great mood!


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Alfa 4C

Canon 1D - ISO 100 - 33mm - F8

The aggressiveness of an Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA can also be seen after 40 years...

Title: Alfa 177

Info: Nikon D7000, Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens, Feisol tripod. Exposure time 103 seconds at f/16, ISO 200. Combination of natural lighting from the full moon and light painting with a flashlight and red headlamp.

Photographer: Ken Lee

Location: Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA.


Friday, 28 December 2012. I especially love the streaks of the clouds in this photo, which feels like it could have been taken on planet Alfa 177 *. When first climbing out of my vehicle, it certainly felt like Alfa 177.

* Alfa 177 is an insanely geeky reference to a Star Trek episode called "The Enemy Within", in which a transporter malfunction on the U.S.S. Enterprise trapped Lt. Sulu's landing party on the surface of Class M planet Alfa 177 overnight during freezing cold that left some suffering severe frostbite. While I didn't have a phaser to heat rocks, I also didn't have to sleep overnight during -120 Celsius temperatures. And I didn't get split into two entities, one good and one bad, so it was all good.


Much of these photos were edited - and these two web pages of our December 2012 trip to Joshua Tree - were created while listening to Brian Eno's "On Land", "Apollo", and "Another Green World" to continue how I felt to be outside at night taking these photos.

Como buen vigués, no puede haber vacaciones sin una visita mas o menos extensa a nuestros vecinos portugueses. Aquella tarde, tenía media hora libre antes de la salida de mi tren a Vigo, el cual aproveché para darme una vuelta por los andenes de la estación de Porto Campanha. Uno de los muchos trenes que vi en ese rato fue este Alfa Pendular procedente de Braga y con destino Lisboa. Es impresionante como una decoración en mi opinión mas adecuada cambia radicalmente la apariencia de un tren; no hay punto de comparación para mi entre este elegante pendolino y su homólogo español, sobretodo desde el cambio del azul al rosa.


O Alfa Pendular n.º 184, Faro - Porto Campanhã, a passar na Variante de Alcácer


Alfa tilting train with service 184, Faro - Porto, in Alcácer bypass

Alfa Romeos is my favorite Italian cars, I like them since I was a child, - yes, I watched Italian movies.


Spotted at "Tutto Italiano" - Italian car show at Larz Anderson Museum in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Comboio Alfa Pendular n.º 180 Porto - Faro, quando ainda passava em Alcácer do Sal


Alfa tilting train with service 180 Porto - Faro, approaching Alcácer do Sal

@Shoreham RAFA day 16/9/07

Alfa 85 BX14LCM seen at Beamish coach park (02/03/14)

Automotora eléctrica séie 4000 ..... a descansar em Contumil ... para nova viagem ....

You hear the stories of woe about Alfa Romeo cars, but at least the look good even if they don't always get you to where you wanted to go without incident.

Alfa Romeo got its start in 1910, when Italian Cavaliere Ugo Stella purchased Darracq, a failing French car manufacturer. Stella named his company ALFA, an acronym for Anomina Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili. With the outbreak of WWI, ALFA became part of a group of companies owned by Nicola Romeo, was renamed Alfa Romeo, and started focusing on military hardware construction. In 1920, the new Alfa Romeo badge made its debut on the Torpedo 20-30 HP. In 1963, Alfa Romeo formed its Autodelta racing division to focus on racing. In 1966, the iconic Spider 1600 Duetto was introduced and grew to world-wide renown when it was driven by Dustin Hoffman in the film 'The Graduate.' In 1977, the Alfa 33 SC 12 won eight championship races and brought home the Constructor's World Championship trophy, the company's fifth. In 2006, the Alfa Spider premiered at the Geneva Auto Show, marking the return of an Italian legend. In late 2003 the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione was displayed as a concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show and was released in 2007 as a production model with a 445-horsepower engine built as a joint venture between Ferrari and Maserati.

Alfa tilting train with service 124, Porto Campanhã to Lisboa Santa Apolónia, in Arada

Alfa Romeo 4C. Geneva Motor Show 2013.

Alfa Pendular 186, Porto Campanhã - Faro, entrando na ponte sobre o rio Sado, em Alcácer do Sal. Aqui ainda não existia a variante.

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione


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alfa romeo MiTo

elaborazione cromatica e taglio da originale a colori.

mazara del vallo.

trapani -sicily-


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For Steph an Alfa Enthusiast

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider anni '60

Alfa Romeo 4C. Miami International Auto Show 2014

Alfa Pendular 4007 Braga - Lisboa Santa Apolonia a su paso por el apeadero de Mazagao (Braga, Portugal). 30.03.2010.


Esta es la primera foto que hago a este pendolino que tantas ganas le tenía. Se la dedico a Javier ya que hoy es su cumpleaños. ¡¡Felicidades Javier!!


Espero que os guste.



4007 Alfa pendular Braga - Lisboa Santa Apolónia a sua passagem pela parada de Mazagão (Braga, Portugal). 30/03/2010.


Espero que vocês gostem.



4007 Alfa pendular Braga - Lisboa Santa Apolonia to its passage through the halt of Mazagao (Braga, Portugal). 30/03/2010.


Hope you like it.

2014 Alfa Romeo 4C in Royston 28.4.15

Such fantastic cars.

A Alfa Romeo 75 Turbo Evoluzione at the Techno Classica Essen.


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Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione aujourd'hui à Launaguet

alfa romeo MiTo -particolare-

elaborazione cromatica e taglio da originale a colori.


molise -italy-


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Costruita in soli 1.036 esemplari, la meccanica e il pianale della SZ (Sprint Zagato) erano totalmente ereditati dal prototipo da corsa 75 Turbo IMSA. il motore era il V6 Busso da 2959 cm³ della 75 Quadrifoglio Verde che, opportunamente elaborato, erogava 210 CV, una potenza che permetteva di raggiungere i 245 km/h di velocità massima e di accelerare da 0 a 100 km/h in 7 secondi.

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