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Shot in the snow on a recent photo trip with my good friend bch12's photos in the Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

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It was too beautiful a day to spend shut up in the office. Hettie called her boss feigning wing ache and prepared herself for a glorious day in the summer sun.

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This is one foot of aptly-named Slasher, the Zoo Atlanta Komodo dragon. In the wild, these animals lurk, awaiting prey, which they capture by pouncing on them with these fearsome claws and their teeth. If the prey should happen to escape, it won't go far, as the dragon's saliva contains often deadly bacteria. Komodo dragons are endangered due to human encroachment on their habitat and competition from them for food. Here is more information.


sugarbearsteve also has photos of Slasher.


Scroll down for more views (shot through glass) of this fascinating creature.


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Seattle Washington


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Many thanks to Greg for helping reduce noise.

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Cool facts:


•Some of the larger spotted jellies actually have small fishes living with them. The fishes use the inside of a jelly’s bell as protection from larger predators until they reach maturity.


•Spotted jellies swim in huge swarms to stay in the direct rays of the sun—the sun’s rays fuel the growth of the symbiotic algae the jellies thrive on. At night, spotted jellies descend to deeper waters, to an anoxic (oxygen-deficient) layer that's high in concentrations of hydrogen sulfide. There, the jellies absorb ammonium, which acts just like fertilizer on the algae.



It's a bit fuzzy; a moving subject in low light at 1/60s and 200mm will do that, though.

Picture of a macaque monkey taken in the Yaen-koen (monkey park) in Jigokudani, Nagano prefecture (Japan)



Bald Eagle portrait taken at the Hawk Conservancy in the uk. The Eagle was sitting outside on his perch but in very bright mid afternoon sun. 2 hours later though clouds came over and the light dimmed dramatically. We went back to the Eagles and after 5 minutes this same one flew out to his closest perch, I was snapping away and after about 15 minutes one of the keepers started bringing all the birds in for the day . Everytime he came to go past this Eagle would call out, I managed to get loads of head on shots and slight angle shots of this but one time and one time only he turned off to the side and I got the shot I wanted - a portrait that hints at the powerful nature of these birds but also shows off their elegance too. It made the whole day worthwhile!

D200, 200-400 VR


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Skånes Djurpark, Höör, Skåne, Sweden - 13:th october 2006

Ö_ö kreeeazy… the queen of the pride ignores me…õ_Ô she was pretending i didn’t exist and… continuing to act like a professional model, scanning the area with her powerful eyes…^o^ lols… and the sun was on its way down under another magnificent winter sky, a huge ball that would hang, suspended for over one hour, just above the horizon… the effect of the particles of dust in the air played tricks on us during this photo session… Ô_ô i was trying not to let my rapidly beating heart interfere with my focus, the problem was how to frame the pride of eight lions since they were too damn close. ó_ò lols… what a feeling it was to be in such close proximity to this lioness, she was there, silently, laying golden in the sun, and time to time i could sense her yellow eyes searing into me…whew! but yeah, Ö_ö hands on the job, and click-click…^_~

photography taken on a magnificent place called

Makalolo Plains - Hwange National Park



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furtivamente, os olhos-irados da rainha... ♫

Ö_ö loko... a rainha da alcatéia ignora-me…õ_Ô ela fingia que eu não existia e… continua a representação como uma modelo profissional…escaneando a área com os seus poderosos olhos^o^rsrs... e o sol estava em seu caminho diário, indo para baixo, sob um outro céu lindo de inverno… uma esfera enorme, que ficaria suspensa por mais de uma hora, bem acima do horizonte… os efeitos das partículas de poeira espalhadas no ar, nos enganariam durante a sessão de fotos… Ô_ô eu tentava não deixar meu coração que batia rapidamente interferir no meu foco, o problema era como enquadrar o grupo de oito leões, pô! visto que eles estavam por demais perto.rsrs ó_ò… que sentimento foi estar em tal proximidade a esta leoa, ela estava-llááá, silenciosamente, deitada dourada ao sol, e de tempo em tempo, eu podia perceber os seus olhos amarelos chamuscar em mim… whew! mas sim, mãos Ö_ö às obras, e click-click…^_~

fotografado num lugar magnífico chamado

Planícies de Makalolo - Parque Nacional de Hwange





have a brilliant weekend and, loads of beijokas and hugs for all! see you later ^_~


tenham um fim de semana brilhante e, um montão de beijokas e abraços para todos! vejo vcs mais tarde ^_~




"... spider spins such a pretty thing, spider, spider, spider, spider ..." by NRBQ



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With a good deal of patience i managed to get some good photographs of this beautiful amur leopard

Canada Geese make a grand exit from Foster Pond at the Holden Arboretum in Northeast Ohio.