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''...È uno specchio, questo mare.


Qui, nel suo ventre, ho visto me stesso.


Ho visto davvero...''

(Alessandro Baricco)





Egret puts the brakes on as it comes into land on the Somerset Levels.

I need air....


Apologising for the low mood today. Simply tired. Gonna sleep. I have to catch up tomorrow... Sorry if you missed me today. :( Thanks everyone for always being there. Gosh... well.. gd nite my flickr buddies..


Tori no Uta (Piano Edition) - Ive

Mystic Night Air. Collaboration with Xandram(mostly her image, thank you Xandra)!

Created for:

New!! Challenge 104 ~ Mystic Night Air ~

Mystic Night Air Challenge ~ The Award Tree ~

It was always taken for granted that we would have clean air and clean water. We know better than that now. We need to be wise enough to preserve the air we breath and the water we drink. I drank this water in cupped hands. It was very cold and simply delicious. These joys come with the price of responsibilty and respect for the natural resourses.

Come vorrei

Che fosse possibile

Cambiare il mondo che c'è

Dimenticarmelo eh

Sarebbe facile

E' che per farlo sai

Prima di tutto dovrei

Dovrei decidere se

So fare senza di te


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Thank you for all the wonderful comments!!!


Winner of the contest no. 64 of the group 500x500

Hello and Happy Valentine's day dear Flickr friends! It's been a long time, hope you all are doing great and had an amazing start of the year! Lots of love and good wishes for all! :)




At Sainte-Honorine-des-Pertes (Calvados/France).

Last night there was a balloon club event nearby so I had a plan to go at dusk to take a few shots and then add some creative Photoshop work. But, when I looked at this one I thought, how does one improve on three hot air balloons floating against the background of a beautiful sunset? So, for the first time in a long time, I am posting a shot right out of the camera. (Don't get used to it, though). lol

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3 person pose 'DM - Elements - Air' available Del May Mainstore


Taken between the Woodlesford Lock and Fishponds Lock on the Leeds branch near the village of Woodlesford in West Yorkshire


The Aire and Calder is a canalisation of the River Calder from Wakefield to Castleford, where it joins the branch from Leeds, which follows the River Aire

There's a cloud but the water remains calm. Reaching in, the sun's fingers clutch the dawn to pass, even out it's a precious thing to bear.

And I know she's reached my heart, in thin air.

Yes, I know she's reached my heart, in thin air.

It's not in my past to presume. Love can keep on moving in both directions


How to be happy and true is the quest we're taking on t o g e t h e r.


One of my last shots taken leaving South Wawona, Yosemite. The mist and late afternoon sun was quite a spectacle to see, especially in this amazing setting.


Better in the light box

Gannet throwing some shapes in a strong wind at Bempton RSPB.

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....another view of these beautiful mountains..


Dachstein view from Gosau, Austria

Paloma en vuelo por los tejados de Úbeda


Pigeon in flight on the roofs of Ubeda

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D80 RAW Mode

Laughing Gull - - - - - - ( Larus atricilla )


Above Lake Emerald, in Oakland Park, Florida -US- near Fort Lauderdale.

Shot from my balcony, late Saturday afternoon, February 2, 2008


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Our Daily Topic - In the air

Festa a Procida.

Nikon D50

Explore #300 - 10.07.2009 & Explore Front Page


Up flowery stairways of eternity

I whirled in wonder and untrammeled joy,

An atom, yet a portion of His dream—

His dream that knows no end. . . .

I was the rain,

I was the dawn, I was the purple east,

I was the moonlight on enchanted nights,

(Yet time was lost to me); I was a flower

For one to pluck who loved me; I was bliss,

And rapture, splendid moments of delight;

And I was prayer, and solitude, and hope;

And always, always, always I was love.

From Beyond the Stars by Charles Hanson Towne (Nov 1912)


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