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Frozen Tulip


Gefrorene Tulpen -

Kommt gut ins Wochenende!

The old steel yard bench, keeps developing character with each season. 2-1/8 inch frame of strap that comes up from cushion strapping and roles over bar under the arm rest.

I love these dried hydrangeas and think they are even more beautiful at this stage.

Macro Mondays theme : wabi-sabi


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For this week's Macro Monday theme 'wabi-sabi' A Japanese word roughly translating as 'imperfect aged beauty'. It is used to describe a particular philosophy that beauty can be found in the old, the everyday, the imperfect, broken and decaying subjects. In this case an ageing tulip flower.


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Dragon Age : Inquisition - HattiWatti's cinematic tools.

Personal Reshade.

“We are from Stone age, Bronze age and Iron age, but now I think we are in the doomed age.

We are too quick to cancel other people in life as if we are not making mistakes of our own.

We are too quick to ruin someone's life and bring others down.

We are too quick to insult others and cyber bully them. We are not afraid to lie just to destroy others image or reputation.

We are doing everything for clout, even it means destroying everyone's happiness and life. We promote hate and division .


We rejoice when others fail, lose their jobs, lose what they worked hard for or accomplished. When they divorce or go through hard times or heartbreak.

We laugh when others are not making it in life and are experiencing pain.

We do all this In the name of poverty, that we are also suffering.


I just hope you will chose to differ.

I just hope you will treat people the same way you want to be treated in this doomed internet age.”

An old truck at Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Superior, Arizona photographed with a Lensbaby Sweet 35

A closer view of 2 of the 216 faces on towers of the Bayon, a Buddhist temple built in the late 12th or early 13th Century by the Khmer King Jayavarman VII at Angkor Thom. There is debate whether the faces which adorn the towers of the temple are of King Jayavarman VII or of the bodhisattva of compassion called Avalokitesvara.


Since 1995 the Japanese Government team for the Safeguarding of Angkor (the JSA) has been the main body carrying out conservation work at the Bayon.


Please view enlarged.


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Current Joys - A Different Age ~




•Magika - Sierra


•.: vive nine :. Isa Tanktop


• evani. Sanya jeans - black


•*Bolson / Tattoo - Yavanna


•Pose by Le Poppycock


•Sleepy Eddy_Classic Glasses


•Dutchie vintage sign No Entry


•Semller - Nicke Kicks @ Man Cave


• {vespertine}tiny dwelling - backpack (old item)


What if I was never broken

what if I was someone else

what if word was ment to be said but unspoken

and I would know what lays ahead


I had everything and nothing will remain

I torn apart rest of the word

and walked into the brawl of silence

and no god can heal our wounds


and this thoughts sense away

the dawn of a broken day

carries me away

what if I feed the fire


lined by your touch I fell behind

when a fist full of burns will . in fire

in time we'll learn how to destroy your reflection

thought but truly my shadow was alone


I take my mask and place it in the dust

the sun burns through my shelter.

My flesh peels off.

there is nothing I can do

But embrace the pain as something new.


and this thoughts sense away

the dawn of a broken day

carries me away

what if I feed the fire


what if I'm not who I think I am

what if I am something else

what if I can prove to you

that I always been somewhere else


Combichrist - Age of Mutation




-Dress by [A&Y] Zoe Dress @ Access


-Boots by [A&Y] Aglaya Latex Cyber Boots


-Collar by [A&Y] Aglaya Latex Cyber Collar


-Crown & Collar by Zibska - Fihar @Driftwood


-Eyemakeup by Zibska - Fihar @Driftwood


-Backdrop by Foxcity - The Workshop


-Hair by Tableau Vivant // Indoor/Outdoor


-Pose by Del May - Honey Dipper

Rural southeast Michigan

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Trying to get out of the woods and learn something new!


Explore, 4/5/2009, #15

Featuring: Zibska "Gia" at Zibska main store inworld!



Layers of ice showing the passage of time in the 250-foot-tall face of Alaska’s Margerie Glacier at Glacier Bay National Park.


Orphaned and abandoned...we rescued him and decided to keep him:)

He's such a joy...We call him Champ:)


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This is a detail from the Monument to the Discoveries which is a memorial statue dedicated to Henry the Navigator. It stands in the harbor of Lisbon, Portugal near the mouth of the Tagus River. It was permanently erected in 1960 to honor Prince Henry who led the voyages of discovery into the New World in the 15th Century. The Portuguese were legendary mariners & explorers. One can barely imagine risking the treacherous waters of the Atlantic Ocean in wooden boats powered only by sails.


"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go."

~ Albert Einstein

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Age and Beauty a nice floral arrangement framed by old brick and a weathered window found in the Carolina's.

Macro Mondays 4.5.2020 "Kitchen item"


Focus stack

On the Eastern Shore of Maryland



- Not photoshopped

- Taken with Firestorm + ReShade (1.1)

- The frame added with taraFAB Cinema Screen HUD


macro abstract art

Coming of age,

This is the year finally I will transplant my seedling,

Its been growing next to the Mother Japanese Bloodgood for 8 years, 5 years ago the Mother tree started to die on me, I will not be able to replace that beautiful tree but I will have its offspring.

Took this shot sitting in the kitchen only few feet away 10 minutes ago.

Varino boat abandonned since many years, at Seixal Bay, Portugal



Varino (Tajo River Boat no more existent, only in museums)

The varino was a kind of ancient vessel cargo transportation, popular in the last century, the iconic Tagus. Hull had a bulging and heavy, 20 to 25 meters, as a frigate, but was considered more beautiful and with much more ornamental draws. It was a Latin square and one or two candles in a candle stand supported pointing slightly aft.

...with spark left;-)

Landscape panorama Southern France

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When you see a New York fire escape what's the first thing that comes to your mind.The first thing that comes to my mind is the movie West Side Story.Remember the fire escape scene.You know, 🎶"Maria..Maria Maria,Maria..Maria,etc" 🎶 Anyway,fire escapes have been used in the past for all kinds of things.For plants,drying clothes,or even for sleeping on.These things are illegal to do now,of course.They're in buildings as a means of escape when there's a fire and they have to be kept clear of obstruction and falling debris.Just like a son or daughter takes care of a parent in their old age,fire escapes have to also be maintained as they get old.There are some fire escapes in NYC that have been around for 75 to 100 years.Some contractors may use a wire brush to scrape off the old paint on them,apply some primer,then put on a fresh coat of paint and they're done.It's not that easy of course.They have to be properly inspected.One of the things inspectors look for that let's them know whether it's time to change the fire escape or repaint it,are the age of the bolts.If it's a square head bolt or rivet,it's 50-75 years old.If it has a hex head on it,then it's 25 -50 years old.Did you know that.I didn't

Picture taken at Valium: :


Detail of Alaska’s North Sawyer Glacier at Tracy Arm Fjord.


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