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♥ for happy Africa ♥


taken @ Izzie's Mainstore sim



by Angela Wolf:


by Lenabem-Anna :

Great Moose Mcgregor.


shot taken at Jonas Studio


TY again Timmi Allen for the wonderful Elephant ;-)

Africa..Kenya.. Uff.....


Pigia sempre L...

I'm really happy that you've appreciated so much my last elephants pic.


Today, another shot from Deadvlei, in Namib desert. That day I was really surprised by the changing sky: I had the opportunity to observe tha landscape in different light conditions. Watching the Nature colors changing was so intriguing....


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Have a gorgeous weekend my friends!

Namibia-Angola border.

Sunday Mass.


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Rose Laurens

Devin 1 & 2, your destination - your dream, Devin (121, 158, 2482)


Hergla (Arabic: هرقلة‎) is a small cliff-top town in northeastern Tunisia off the Gulf of Hammamet. White houses of Hergla are built in classic style characteristic for this region.

In the Roman period Hergla was named “Horrea Caelia”. It was the border town between the historic regions Byzacena and Zeugitana. (Wik.)


African sunset in Serengeti National Park - Tanzania




Africa Kenya Watamu Uffffffff.....


Forse se pigi....L...è meglio ...


Africa Kenya Watamu Uffffffff.....


Elle sta elle ci sta bombardando vero ..?

..E sera dopo sera,il sole si butta in mare lentamente

sfoggiando tutti i colori di un tramonto africano..


Zanzibar,dicembre 2009

Those of you that have followed our escapades through South Africa in 2007, know that Rollers are a bit of a sensitive subject for Hans and me. On that trip we drove ourselves (unlike on this trip) and with every Roller I saw - and they are a plague according to Hans - I wanted to stop and take pictures of these flying color palettes. In the end Hans was so fed up with Rollers that at even an attempt to say "Ro........." he hit the gas pedal. :-) In the end we agreed that I was only allowed to stop when the bird had prey - which they fortunately often have..


It wasn't much different this year. The birds form such a temptation, I just can't resist them. So when the first Ro....... came within view, Hans surrendered... a few times. But strangely, this year the birds seemed quite skittish and often flew away pretty fast. Hmm.... But every time I looked suspiciously to the back of the car where Hans and tracker Phillemon were seated, they looked completely baby-faced. Until I caught them! Every time a Roller was seen, I immediately ducked behind the camera, while at the same time Hans and Phillemon started waving their arms in unison, resembling two giant phoenixes.. with grins from ear to ear like two middle-aged rascals…

In the end I gave in…. :-)

le rughe,la pelle cotta dal sole cocente, il colore,la postura: quante cose possono raccontare e dire le mani.

Fabulous drive from Gordons Bay to Bettys Bay to visit Stoney Point penguins and Harold Porter botanical gardens staying in the beautiful little town of Rooi Els.

Taken on Safari in the Serengeti, Tanzania, Africa, in december 2006.


I've realized that in the last months I left behind my Namibia series...

Even if flamingo were not pink (they become this color only in a certain time of the year) I really love these white spots over the blue tones... really a relaxing image!


My intense studying time has ended today... only 2 exams left to my graduation :)

uno sguardo magnetico nel deserto dell'Hoggar in Algeria

Drakensberg, South Africa, August 2014

best on black - thanks for looking have a brilliant day

The herds were in, waiting on the rain to give birth. We were waiting also as it gets interesting on the plains when the rain starts. As happens, almost no rain during our stay in this mystical place in the world.

Thanks a lot Siggito for your beautiful testimonial! Very appreciate!



Please listen The Litfibaaaaaaaaaaa:

Photographed in the Golden Gate National Park in South Africa.


Explore giugno 21/2010 # 443

splendida imbarcazione !!

Hello everyone!

I'm finally at home, but I must admit that I already miss Africa. There must be something in its air, in the landscapes and in its peaceful atmosphere that I can't help dreaming to come back. Yeah, it will not be easy going back to my studies :(

This is why I've been away from Flickr lately, but now I've thousand of pictures to show you (it will takes months to make some order :S ). And I'm looking forward to see yours as well.


The desert you can see in the pic (thanks mum for this) is the Etosha Pan, a great salt pan (i.e. a flat calcrete depression of about 5.000km²), that is surrounded by the Etosha national park.

Villaggi Taneka nel nord del Benin.


Taneka villages in northern Benin.

Von meinem iPad gesendet


Africa Kenya....Sardegna 2°......Indovinate perche mi manca ? !!! Uffffffff.....



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