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Taken after our takeoff from Mactan International Airport going to Manila.


34th FP


Explore #37


August 04, 2009

Amazing and Stunning Beach Photos Captured with a Drone.


Kite aerial photography


Amazing and Stunning Beach Photos Captured with a Drone.

.....über den Wolken muss die Freiheit wohl grenzenlos sein......(R. Mey)

Sarawak from the sky


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Taken from the roof of St Albans Abbey, Hertfordshire.



This is why I always try to get the window seat! :)

Side by side buildings at DIFC


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A couple of years ago, I was fortunate to have been invited for a refueling run between Travis AFB, CA. and Las Vegas, NV. It was an media event and an reception for the USAF Thunderbirds that were performing that weekend at Travis. One of the highlights of the flight was to view the refueling from the boom cockpit, but I have no idea where we were when this C-17 made its approach.


With the upcoming Capital Air Show, I'm reviewing my previous air shot images to see what I've captured in the past.

A view of the coastline of the Dominican Republic,

On August 24, 2009, Best Position in Explore-#236

Aerial view of snow-covered mountains from plane over Greenland.

World Cup Final. 1930, Uruguay. The Centenary Stadium, venue for the first FIFA World Cup Final..

Since posting this photo, I'm amazed and highly flattered that it has proved so popular. I've seen it on many 'blog' sites with people commenting left, right and centre on it and a recurring theme seems to be that some people believe it to be either a computer generated image or a piece of digital art from some computer game. I even read somewhere that it was an artificially coloured satellite image!


For the record, it IS a photograph, of a real place, that I took on our flight from Cardiff to Faro.


The blue colour is from the water reflecting the sky and the white flecks are of course the clouds. The striking colours are thanks to running the original picture through Topaz Adjust 4.


Not that the above information will help anyone convinced that it's fake, but at least it allows me the opportunity to set the record straight for anyone willing to read this text.


Debate is good and I'm mightily pleased that my image has generated so much of it it!


My thanks to everyone who's taken the time to view it, leave comments and add it to their favourites. I hope that other of my pictures do as well as this one!!


Cheers everyone!!


Steve (Wales UK)


**UPDATE** Anyone still doubting the authenticity of this photo might like to read the comments left by Fried Egg Studios and Tracyj2008, both of which can be found on Page 8 of the comments section

This is an aerial view just before I landed at the airport in Paris.

Taken from the plane on our approach for landing

To view vintage Victoria Terminus please click this link:


Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Marathi: छत्रपती शिवाजी टरमीनस), formerly Victoria Terminus, and better known by its abbreviation CST or Bombay VT) is an historic railway station which serves as the headquarters of the Central Railways. It is one of the busiest railway stations in India[citation needed], and serves Central Railway trains terminating in Mumbai as well as the Mumbai suburban railway.


The station was designed by Frederick William Stevens, a consulting architect in 1887-1888, for the princely sum of 16.14 lakh rupees. Stevens earned the commission to construct the station after a masterpiece water colour sketch by draughts man Axel Herman. After earning the commission, Stevens went on a ten-month trip to Europe to make a detailed study of the stations there. The final design bears some resemblance to St. Pancras station in London[citation needed]. It took ten years to complete and was named "Victoria Terminus" in honor of the reigning Queen Victoria.


In 1996, the station was renamed by the state government after Chhatrapati Shivaji, a famed 17th century Maratha king.


On July 2, 2004 the station was nominated a World Heritage Site by the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO.


aerial shot over Western Pennsylvania

a lovely cluster of whelks huddled together.


i am so glad you are sticking with me through my shell project. when i first started it I was concerned thinking it would be hard to do, but I have to say I just love it. It is easy to do a 365 of them because they intrigue me with their beauty and I love to show them off!


today it has been pouring all day. we went for a walk and all got soaked to the skin, literally! at least it is warm rain!

so needless to say, today's was an indoor shot!!

Sunset on Florence, Italy and the Arno River in spring.

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