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Per un amico ammalato, un pensiero che lo avvolga con il nostro affetto e lo abbracci.

Ti aspettiamo...


For an ill friend, a thought that winds him with our affection and hugs him.

We wait for you...

Pogórze Ciężkowicko-Rożnowskie, Jastrzębia, Poland

Le nostre vie si son divise ma la prima pietra dei nostri cammini è stata messa assieme più di venticinque anni fa.

Nessuno mai potrà cancellare l' amicizia nostra.

Con le nostre esperienze coi motorini appena comprati sulle strade dell' Isola, i primi amori adolescenziali, il liceo ...

Questa è la strada dorata dell' Amicizia e la dedico a te Amico caro


AD – Combat Angel

Wings and Headdress : AD – Combat Angel – Silver (Angel or Demon event)

Dress : AD – Ecate

Hair : Lelutka - Serena



Photographer: Shena Neox

Models: Salvo Waydelich and Shena Neox

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metti forza alle tue ali

corri veloce!

vola nei cieli

dove le aquile non osano

attraversa deserti immensi

tramutandoli in foreste verdi

non fermarti

cammina su spiagge schiumose

e quando all'alba

il primo raggio di sole

scalderà le tue ali

torna a volare

alla ricerca di mondi sperduti

di storie appassite dal tempo

di gente dimenticata dal mondo

di sentieri inesplorati.

dai forza alla tua anima

il tempo scorre...



e non fermarti mai.


Gigi ti aspettiamo


♪♫♪ René Aubry ♪♫♪

Created for The Blind Pig Speakeasy Challenge 22 City Scenes .


Thank you for your visit, comment or fave. All are much appreciated.


All rights reserved. This photo is not authorized for use on your blogs, pin boards, websites or use in any other way.


Photos and textures used are my own.

ad astra (/ad a⋅stra/)= to the stars


That’s just me. Sometimes things happen all around me, seasons change, the world moves on, people move on or out around me and I just stay static, clueless and ignorant. Sometimes I open my eyes and move along. Sometimes I even find myself in the lead even if I was too slow to take the first step. I’m afraid of changes. But they have always turned out for the best.


One thing I realized during those hours while we sat there looking at the light of the stars, that light from the past, was the definition of contentment: watching at the shooting stars I could think of nothing to wish for. Everything I needed was right there with me, everything that really mattered was already true…



About the Shot:


Star trail photography done with the “stacking multiple exposures” method. 30 four minute shots stacked in "lighten" layer mode over a base shot where the foreground was illuminated with a flashlight.


I took two alternative base shots, one without me and one in which I posed for 2 of the 4 minutes of the exposure (longest 2 minutes of my life!), which explains why my knee –being backlit- looks semi-transparent.


Ana lthak elmkan a7n Oo ashtaGy ~

( All rights reserved )

P.S kindly avoid adding pictures to ur comment


Loved the straight and curved sides of the walls, happened to have the running bloke come along and add a little something to the photo :)

MoDel : Me


TaKeN By : Me


EditinG By : Also Me ,, Bss ma Yshbah el edit Mal Someone shway ?? =P


* ThnX 3aL Key Holder ;) *


Photographer: Maeve Strom

Pose and Picture for upcoming Ad


Modeling: Duggu & Gullu

From the up coming movie Jodhaa Akbar


لا تسأليني في الشعر عن جديدي بس إسأليني عن فؤادي و ما فيه

ما دامني أمشي و إيدك بإيدي لأصوغ شعري لك قلايد وأغنيه


دام البلابل غردت مع نشيدي والورد يتراقص من الغنج و التين

على ضياء نورك بدون قصيدي وبشكله باقة ولعيونك أهديه


كل ما إنثنى عودك أنا قلت زيدي فديت ذاك العود واللي مربيه

و إذا خزرتي بالنظر قلت عيدي سهمك إذا ما يقتل الصفد يحييه


خلي الهوى ينساب لي في وريدي وإذا نقص يا فتنة الكون زيديه

كوني سحابة حب و إطفي وقيدي وإخذي فؤادي في فؤادك وضميه


إن قلت عيدي إنتي اليوم عيدي أبارك لقلبي بحبك وأهنيه

إيدك فإيدي وأشعر الكون بيدي كل ما إنتهى وياك أعود أبديه

Mas Ad libitum que nunca... Gran baruca... ;-)

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