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(full colour mix) Coleyville country. ...from an Easter Monday drive with Ernie to Rosevale, via Coleyville, and up the Kerwitz Road. Ernie is 91 and retired from his diary farm in the area about 34 years ago. There are changes in farmers' approaches in the area as the diary industry structurally adjusts to a modern economy. There are very few diary farms left. Most of the land has been given over to beef cattle (as with this one), horse studs and hobby farms. Whether or not this is a good thing remains to be seen...



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TMD Item

SAC SR-16 Carbine v2.03 Sling Stand


Collabor88 Item

Exile - Serri


Other Credit

Glasses:-MONCADA PARIS- l'aveugle Eyewear

Ears:---PUMEC - / Mesh Ears \ - Gothic Longing - / Group Gift \

Boots:Blueberry - Power Play - Boots - Fat Pack

Nails:e.marie // Mix&Match Coffin - Custom / Hellish

Outfit:Eliavah ~ Regius Attire [BLACK]

Gloves:[[ Masoom ]] Katherine Bento- Black-

Eyebrows:[SB] *Catwa* LaraDawn/SoftArch+Scar MixedColors

Pose:FOXCITY. Peckish Bento Pose Set


Backdrop:.PALETO. Backdrop:. Oakland City (MATERIAL)

Case:SAC D-Eagle Classic Pistol Case

Bullet1:[SSOC Pro] 5.56mm Bullet Drop Type A

Bullet2[SSOC Pro] 5.56mm Bullet Drop Type B

Chocolate:{vespertine} - unwrapped chocolate.

Coffee&Donut:{vespertine} coffee & donut

Money Clip:Sleepy Eddy_Money Clip

Torch:..::THOR::..Old's Cool Gas Blow Torch

Table:..::THOR::..Old's Cool Iron&Wood Table

Stool:..::THOR::..Old's Cool Lift-up Stool

Drum Can:D-LAB Drum can 01 GG


I rarely have to adjust my outfits, but sometimes it’s necessary!



Scandalize.Ibiza Dress

Scandalize.Ibiza HEELS



MINIMAL – Natural Nude Backdrop II Left Side



Lyrium. Megumi Pose 3 (bento pose)


Blog post & SLURL.

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L&B Swear Bianca Sweater

L&B Swear Bianca Suede Boots

LaPointe & Bastchild LM


Pic taken @ Area 7


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thx to my friendo Zain Garzo to help me set up my winter garden. <3


Preparing the lamps for the night time services.

standing in canola stubble on a somewhat nice afternoon for late november, complete with a sprinkle, dramatic clouds and leafless trees...norma, north dakota, about 20 miles from the canadian border

Wanderlust Weekend 15 - 16 Aug. (after the weekend available at regular release)

Zibska Ainsley includes crown, collar & orbits with 14 colours via HUD for sections 1/2/3 & accent/beads

Zibska Ainsley Eyemakeup includes 12 colours for Omega applier, tattoo & universal tattoo BOM layers (wearing #08)



-Kalhene- ANYA BENTO fitted mesh body+Head v2.0

-Kalhene- ANYA Mesh Body Skins Sunkissed BOM

-Kalhene- Donna Shape



Other Items Include:

Rowne.Hoskel Drape Top - Onyx.Maitreya Corset

Doux - Alaska Hair

Paparazzi - BACKDROP - Abandoned Staircase - blue


Pose: Hello Gorgeous ~ Queen



Nik Collection + Raw Therapee.

Simulación filtro "cámara de juguete" en Nick Collection.

Recomendación, era una de las últimas noches de verano del 2019...

El Rock De Una Noche De Verano ...


The adjustor, ☢ Mac da Knife ☢ cautiously enter combinations codes into the laser experiment table. "C000 (Deactivation all) C001 (Combative) C002 (Stealth) C003 (submissive)" The adjuster grins at the last code entered for programming female subjects in preparation of something evil he had in mind.




[ REC ] [ ME ] Z-Armor Gray Suit

Eudora 3D Eyes of the TechnoMancer Mask

****EMO-tions**** Zion


Novel by: BulgrozTheThird "What ever did happen to Marjorie"


Tags: #SL #Secondlife #Roleplay #TheAdjusters

Staircase in a hotel in Prague, where the ground floor furnishing offered the opportunity for an unusual composition ;-)

The Starlings are back which is a sign of spring. However, they need to adjust to a bit more of the winter weather as the snow reminded us it's still cold out. Although these birds can be a bit of a nuisance in our backyards, they are a beautiful bird.

Long exposure London


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You can't direct the wind...but you can adjust your sails to reach your destination...

Hi There!


I wouldn't have believed it until I saw this happen, but the parent physically corrected this very cheeky gosling not once, but twice, the second time causing the gosling to fall over. I am not certain what the gosling did wrong, but it was certainly something very naughty. I've always been fascinated by bird and animal behaviour, so it was fascinating to watch all of this transpire.


After the two "adjustments," the gosling looked as cheeky as ever, but kept its distance from the family. I guess this was the "Wild Child!"


I want to thank you for your views and your comments. I do love hearing from you! Have a great weekend!


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(2cm across the width of the shot. )

Details of an old Crescent Wrench. For the Macro Mondays Group. Topic: Tools and Utensils.


Like is all about adjustments. I think it would be rare if we did not have to make allowances.

(I am always full of ponderous thoughts and you would get more of them if I just could write it on paper and not have to type)

Happy Fence Friday

Just another shot while getting in close on the band.

Macro Mondays - Stone Rhyming Zone

Erick Payne making the final adjustments before going on the air from Broken Arrow.

For #MacroMonday, #Contraption, HMM!

This is the adjustment screw for an oscillating water sprinkler head. The screw adjusts the length of the spray and to some extent the breadth.

It almost looks painful...but this guy is actually yawning

Adjusting the look of the garment on the mannequin after dressing was finished.


Macro Mondays ~Hand Tool


Looks like it needs a valve adjustment

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