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Shot in Orlhaguet - Aveyron - France -




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Celebrating the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest albums in music history, the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Personally not my favorite Beatles album, but I agree that it was a breakthrough in the music of the 20th Century.


"And somebody spoke and I went into a dream..."

"My vision is pretty simple. I don’t go through complex processes when I go out there with camera in hand. What I choose to capture is based on what I see when I look through my viewfinder. I always expect to be dazzled by even the most familiar and mundane. And it is always my hope that every image I choose to share with others will somehow make them gain a new appreciation, even if for a moment, of the world in which we live."


V, aka imago2007, a genius in photographic prose and poetry


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(Explore #02 April 20, 2009)

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I always seem to forget about the "day in the life" project until the date has passed. So I had to go back through my files and find out what I was doing on March 20. Turns out I was in the Detroit Airport....


They have new age music and a light show on the walls of the tunnel between terminals -- kind of cool.


On Explore/interestingness for April 7; highest position #199.

-- the Beatles, A Day in the Life




repost: May 24, 2012


crazy busy, y'all. hope you are good.


this "old" image from the early part of my time on Flickr was a tipping point for me ... i'd been manipulating images off and on fairly regularly for a few months, and dabbled in it very occasionally over the previous ten years. but here, getting this one done, i suddenly felt like i could "really do it."


what can i really do?


i just want to turn us on. you and me both. even if its for a moment. maybe some of the moments will stick. maybe an image will give us an idea, tangents, directions, who knows.


strange how that very small shift in attitude has caused me to think so very differently about myself & my art in the time since then.


now i feel like everyone can do it. all it takes is practice.




the geek behind the curtain: all shots and layers in this assemblage were taken and developed by myself.


2 main shots. one of a set of wooden blocks set up as a little castle and town a couple nights ago, on the bathroom floor, lit with a desklamp. the other a shot of my friend Paul from a couple months ago. a few layers of blurring and sharpening and darkening added in for the dramatic effect.

Seen yesterday during a walk.....

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Herbaceous borders at Lanhydrock


Summer Solstice 2010 at Lanhydrock in Cornwall for the a day in the life of... group.

I had to post one more of the shots I got in the woods. I know this is so close to the last one but I saved this flare just for today. Doesn't it look like angels could come down any minute? I waited, they didn't.


I'm thinking about doing an upcoming maternity session here. What do you think - do you think it will be too biblical looking?



@Oxford Circus, LDN



the streaming light was enough to do me in this morning...too bad my fairy didn't appreciate it as much as I did.

El cielo rojo me faltas tú.

he blew his mind out in a car

"Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream / I'd love to turn you on..." - The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows & A Day In The Life


Expand your mind!


This was a tiny hoverfly on a tiny flower in my backyard, taken in late summer 2011.


Thought I'd have some fun with it.


The real story?


It's 5 AM, Lisa is deep asleep, and I cannot get back to, my mind seems to be taking me on a somewhat strange late night journey...hope you all enjoy the result!

Today was my last day with the 24-70mm 2.8, it took some warming up, but this morning I was in love. Between the lens, the fairy and the light streaming through the trees, I would have to say it was a perfect morning!


Today we went into Sheffield to see Sunderland play Sheffield Wednesday. It was a beautiful day with so many things manifesting in our lives. So many things . . . these are nothing and everything.

... because the Uglydolls are blooming!


even though today is day in the life (DILO) (in case you forgot), i wanted to get this up pronto, it being the first day of spring and all. get out and enjoy it, if you can!

A crowd of people turned away


But I just had to look


(GTWL - lyrics)

Super fun!


I know you have walked into this fellow mamas! Having just put a new roll on, I just wadded it all back up and stuffed it behind the roll. My husband got home and walked out with the whole wad in his hand with a confused look on his face....


Really? Did he think that I would have been playing with the toilet paper? C'mon...2 toddlers live in the house, buddy, don't look at me.

So many shoes. Give me a paid of red patent leather pumps any day. Even better with white polka dots!

title from a day in the life The Beatles


again, back for few minutes...

work and my duty always win...



Ancora di ritorno per pochi minuti...

il lavoro (ed il mio senso di responsabilità) vincono sempre...




Thanks for all your kind comments to my last photos …



Grazie per tutti i gentili commenti alle mie ultime foto…


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