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Shot in Orlhaguet - Aveyron - France -

I've always wanted to do one of these. Yesterday at our son's house in Memphis I got up early for some alone time before our grandson took over my day. As I sat in the early morning light I saw their piano and took this photo.


Slider Sunday

Macro Monday - A Day in the Life by The Beatles

Un día después de una caminata larga, atravesando la neblina nos esperaba un acantilado, no se escuchaba más que viento bailar entre las ramas del bosque y las olas rebotando en las rocas.


Y de repente ahí estaban; salían aves de diferentes partes del acantilado y parecía que se arrojaban a la nada y empezaban a planear; majestuosas, bonitas y sobre todo libres.


Son tan pocas las personas con quienes me siento realmente cómoda, que cuando las encuentro siento una conexión muy especial. Y nunca había entendido cómo, pero es exactamente igual al vuelo de esas aves.

I always seem to forget about the "day in the life" project until the date has passed. So I had to go back through my files and find out what I was doing on March 20. Turns out I was in the Detroit Airport....


They have new age music and a light show on the walls of the tunnel between terminals -- kind of cool.


On Explore/interestingness for April 7; highest position #199.

Yesterday, in video. Shot throughout the day, put together and uploaded today. You should do the same. And when you do, put it in the My Day, Yesterday group. Don't add any music or anything, only what's recorded via the camera.


Shot with the D90, with both the 50mm 1.8 and 28mm 2.8 primes.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest albums in music history, the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Personally not my favorite Beatles album, but I agree that it was a breakthrough in the music of the 20th Century.


"And somebody spoke and I went into a dream..."

A detail of the day today.


Un detalle del día hoy.



Postei esta foto hoje em atenção ao grupo: a day in the life of ... 21st June


Hoje por volta do meio dia, no intervalo do horário do almoço, eu fui a uma igreja na rua em que trabalho.

Fotografei este detalhe. Uma flor repousando numa fonte de água. A flor eu retirei de um arbusto e coloquei na água para compor a foto e a água já estava lá para completar a cena. Mas eis que aparece um inseto quase morrendo em meio à água. Bem, fiz minha boa ação hoje, pois o inseto se agarrou à flor e se secou e se pois a voar.

Gostaria de postar uma cena mais aberta, mas a correria do dia a dia me impede.

Que todos tenham um ótimo dia!


. ((((tradução Cobalt 123))))

Today about half-way through, at lunchtime, I went to a church on the street where I work.


I photographed this detail. A flower resting in a bit of water. I removed a flower from a bush and I placed it in water to compose the picture and the water was already there to complete the scene. Soon, an insect appeared, dying amid the water. Well, I did my good deed today, because the insect held onto the flower and he dried off and flew away...


I would like to post a more full composition, but the struggle of the day prevents me. That's all, have a great day!



Seen yesterday during a walk.....

I had to post one more of the shots I got in the woods. I know this is so close to the last one but I saved this flare just for today. Doesn't it look like angels could come down any minute? I waited, they didn't.


I'm thinking about doing an upcoming maternity session here. What do you think - do you think it will be too biblical looking?




Cancún, México


El cielo rojo me faltas tú.

Today was my last day with the 24-70mm 2.8, it took some warming up, but this morning I was in love. Between the lens, the fairy and the light streaming through the trees, I would have to say it was a perfect morning!


Super fun!


I know you have walked into this fellow mamas! Having just put a new roll on, I just wadded it all back up and stuffed it behind the roll. My husband got home and walked out with the whole wad in his hand with a confused look on his face....


Really? Did he think that I would have been playing with the toilet paper? C'mon...2 toddlers live in the house, buddy, don't look at me.

... because the Uglydolls are blooming!


even though today is day in the life (DILO) (in case you forgot), i wanted to get this up pronto, it being the first day of spring and all. get out and enjoy it, if you can!

Lauren saw my sign for Ashley's birthday and wanted to send her birthday wishes as well. So after we finished our shoot, we grabbed it and headed for the Red Sofa. Happy Birthday Ashley! Expect more photos of Lauren over the next few days.


We're Here! : Cardboard Memo


Strobist: AB1600 with gridded 60X30 softbox camera left. AB800 with Softlighter II camera right. Triggered by Cybersync.


View Large and on Black


Running out of ideas for your 365 project? Join We're Here!

This is me on a typical day. No, not standing around, but instead searching for the perfect location, for the perfect shot. Not that this is perfect. The journey is never-ending. Along with that, goes a search for the abandoned, the forgotten. I guess I'm searching for memories.

"Las oportunidades en la vida son como los tiros que tiene un escopeta"

title from a day in the life The Beatles


again, back for few minutes...

work and my duty always win...



Ancora di ritorno per pochi minuti...

il lavoro (ed il mio senso di responsabilità) vincono sempre...




Thanks for all your kind comments to my last photos …



Grazie per tutti i gentili commenti alle mie ultime foto…


Never thought our washing line would be full of bright, little colourful things. Such a joy to see baby clothes on a line.

Me atrapó uno de los atardeceres más bonitos.


a day in the life of... my Silver Cam


Schenefeld, jun-21-2009

The trees look like they are on fire

In my icy garden - for the a day in the life of... group

On Wednesday I ensconced myself in the middle of the southernmost beach in the USA. Fortified only by occasional frozen adult beverages, I shot the scene that evolved in front of me, moving only slightly to avoid the incoming tied, and for the occasional biological break. Above are some of the results of that sacrifice, capturing the change of light from morning, noon, and evening. A big thank you to the Southernmost Hotel, whose private beach this is, and who also upgraded me to a wonderful suite in their hotel for my stay in the Conch Republic.

Lisbon - Shot taken by my sister Rita ( edition by me ).


Foto tirada por minha irmã Rita, edição por mim.

Ela é jornalista, não é fotógrafa, mas acho "um quê" de bom no seu olhar ...

Mesmo um clássico, mas quem se cansa de admirar a grande e linda Lisboa ?


See you soon, vou dormir, boa noite !




set of old christmas bulbs at the thrift store ... [#18 on Explore Dec 24th - Happy Holidays!]


See my DILO Set at


Day in the Life - Dec 22nd - document your day. See everyone's results at:

Taken on my visit to Lanhydrock in Cornwall on the Autumnal Equinox for the a day in the life of... group.


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