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Dimensional paintings

Adam (auby) Taylor bs tailslide.

My very first attempt using texture from Wazari's texture e-book. Hope it turns out well.


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Hit EXPLORE on 02 June 2010. Thanx a lot guys for your kind support. Really appreciate it a lot.

Adam Mullins Photography

This image should be viewed on black, please click on the photo. Thanks. The CTA station Adams/Wabash offers an outstanding view of the Trump Tower from the north elevated walkway. The buildings have great red/brown colors from the surrounding lighting. Best time to photograph this iconic view is just before or after sunrise. Re-work of my black/white image. via 500px

Adams Falls

Ricketts Glen State Park, PA


My boy havin a good time at Legend Resort,Port Dickson =)

The tide was all the way out elsewhere in Great Bay, but this big pool of shallow seawater rested on the surface of the salt marsh between Adams Point and the mainland.


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Aus Einfalt, Dummheit, Ignoranz

hast Adam-Parsifal das Paradies, -den Gral verloren

Und nun suchst du den Garten Eden neu zu finden,

da steht der Engel vor dem Tor,

das Feuerschwert in seinen Händen

den Mund verschlossen mit neun Siegeln-

und du beginnst zu weinen und zu zweifeln.

Oh Adam- Parsifal verzweifle nicht

und such den Gral des Paradieses neu,

kein Kind mehr, sondern ein Gereifter,

Der Gral, das Paradies es wartet schon auf dich.


I shot this image of Adams Falls this past winter on an absolutly clear and freezing January morning. Earlier at sunrise I had the misfortune of falling through the ice at Lake Jean while shooting sunrise. I was fine, just bloody freezing!


Anyway, when I finally made it down to Adams, the light was begining to stream into the gorge and the dynamic range was going through the roof. I shot a 3 set bracket at 2ev and combined the images in Photomatix HDR. The shot was finally finished up in Adobe Photshop CS3 with layers adjustments for tone, color and saturation.


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Adam and Zak Forever!

A photo I did of my friend Adam.


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You know love is better than a song

Love is where all of us belong.


So don't be shy

Just let your feelings roll on by

And don't wear fear

Or nobody will know you're there.


Lyrics provided by the song, "Don't Be Shy" by one of my favs Pearl Jam.

Picture submitted for the group, ADAM, a doll a month. The theme this month is Music. Love it! I can handle one picture a month! ♥


adam of Wallflower Agency


photographer: young sun park

assistant photographer: kevin chung

wardrobe stylist: ashley kim

make up: alba azuara of toni & guy

hair: shawnee cana of toni & guy


*image property of photographer young sun park


50mm f/1.4

nikon d200

natural light


personal website




Grr, I hate how i did this, but at least he looks gorgeous. :] the lyrics are from his song "strut". hope you guys like it! * if you haven't heard the song yet, listen to it here : :]


"I want to start a revolution, a type of personal solution, we all have got our own pollution, it's all about the execution."


+up next, Anne Hathaway. :]

He is a scary lookalike of andy warhol what d'ya reckon? He is now in Japan studying for 3months in illustration! He is a lovely lovely guy :) His hair is silver :) its awesome

"Just Like I Remember" by Adam Krueger from Better Version of Me, an exhibit at The Canal Chapter.

The Adams Building, Stoney Street, Nottingham. 9mm body cap lens.

Natural light @ f1.8

adam banker has made the internet

This is adam street in Mylapore.... One cannot miss the address after getting here... its all over there... 4 locations in this pic....


I wont be surprised if someone told me this building was built in the medivial period.. so old.. but painted neat caught; what also caught my attention and made me click this shot is that if you keenly observe, the new has made its way... due to growing land costs by splitting the house or building into two.


The board shows..... diamond setter... I am sure it has been retained by a few generations for its luck and prosperity it gave this diamond setter.

Adam ve Kadın


Adamın kararsızlığında kalmış bir kadın

Kadının duyarsızlığına lanet etmiş bir adam

İkisi de elim, ikisi de bir o kadar gururlu

İkisi de hayatın kırılganlığında seyrediyor


Günahlarının bedelini ödemiş bir kadın

Şimdi aşktan alabildiğine kaçıyor

Aşk, ona intihar etmek gibi geliyor

Ve o ölmek değil, yaşamak istiyor


Yalnızlıktan bıkmış, usanmış bir adam

Defalarca Galata Kulesi' nden atlamak istemiş

Bir şairin oğlu gibi ölmek istemiş

Onu engelleyen cehennem ateşiymiş


Dünyanın ölümsüzlüğüne inanmış bir kadın

Ölümün soluğunu ensesinde hissetmiş bir adam

Yaşamak dediğin iki satır şiir

İnanmayacaksın ama;

Tanrı bu dörtlükleri her gün yazıyor...


Cansu Balkan

Got together with a couple of the guys from the agency to shoot some looks. Meet Adam...great personality and easy to work with!


Flashpoint 320m, 1/2 power, beauty dish, diffusion sock, left. 50mm 1.4

Jackie Halloween - pumpkin hunter. :D

Adam - Soom Dia boy - make by me

KCT 3855 and 1507 round the corner past the old Adams Street Interlocking Tower on the way to Mill Street. A UP coal train sits up on the highline.

David Lee & Adam Caldwell Studio Party

SOMA, San Francisco

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SOOC...I just happen to like apples

and I am not afraid of snakes.


Ani di Franco - Adam and Eve


All my images are copyrighted. Please, do not use them without my allowance. Thank you.


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