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Joey looks as me as he sits in the cat carrier for half an hour at the vet's healing room.


He has eight acupuncture needles inserted into his skin and felt restless after a while.

back gone!

...the wonders of acupuncture!


Ask someone if you can spend half an hour in their company whilst you try and capture their true essence / personality.


This is John - he is a traditional chinese medical practitioner and I know him for 15 years. He has cured me of many ailments over the years with acupuncture and whenever I have anything wrong, I go to him first.

So, the other day, I asked to sit in on his session with my husband getting his knee treated. The two smoking sticks are for Moxibustion treatment, where the herbal sticks are burnt to give off a certain heat which is beneficial for the acupuncture points and intensifies the treatment.

John lives and breathes TCM and he knows what he's doing!! I was trying to capture that.

Lerici 2009


EXPLORE September 2, 2009 #497

Acupuncture for trees

after physio and acupuncture, only slightly wobbly.

Jess X. Snow & Gavriel Cutipa-Zorn, 2019, exterior, Providence Community Acupuncture, Federal Hill, Providence, Rhode Island, USA, mural

Acupuncture is one of the alternative treatments for PTSD offered at the Combat Stress Reset Center at Fort Hood, along with reiki, sound therapy, meditation, massage and others. The general idea is to help soldiers relax - hyper arousal is a huge problem when soldiers return from combat.


When it comes to using acupuncture and Chinese medicine to treat PTSD, they don't come much more knowledgable than Joe Chang. He's written books on the subject, and the other doctors at the center described him as the best there is.

Was walking around and took this shot in the Garment District.




Canon t4i / Canon EF-S 18-55mm


Lightroom 5




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It may be horror at night but it's acupuncture by day. Vampires need to make a living too!

Clous forgés sur poutres, murs extérieurs (Alsace)

wednesday, february 11, 2009. i bent three needles today when i flexed at the wrong time.

At the suggestion of our midwife, we decided to try acupuncture to get labor going. The acupuncturist is also a midwife and she said if it works, Andrea will go into labor within 24 hours. We'll see if she's right.


Labor has, at least, partially begun. We had a fetal monitoring visit today and there were three contractions in the 30 minutes we sat there. Andrea can't feel the contractions, but the tech said they're definitely happening. We watched the plateaus in the graph and thought it was just the baby kicking, but the tech said it's actually the uterus tensing up and pushing the baby's butt outwards so it appears as if its just the baby moving.


You can see the needle in Andrea's wrist and two in her ear. There are also four on her lower back, one in each lower leg and one on the top of each foot.

Acupuncture for everything! A strange looking statue full of nails? I like to think of this as extreme acupuncture. Acupuncture for fertility, acupuncture for weight loss, acupuncture for back pain & etc... A woman is caught in the reflection of the glass display case. Shot in black and white.


Museum Displays

Steve Nimmons

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Calm and serene while getting an acupuncture treatment

Some Haiku Notes:


You may not realize,

fields of human energy

flows through your body.


Folks in China know,

in using acupuncture,

healing can be done.


Acupuncture for trees

Sculpture at Grande Provence wine estate

HBW! : )


All created within the camera using an odd combination of a large sunflower and some acupuncture needles.!!! Then just a little colour tweak in PS.




Acupuncture charts

Same setup as Egg with Spoon, but this one took a bit longer. The egg was hardboiled, the pin inserted and the props arranged. I propped the S95 with half a walnut under the lens. If you think it's easy to poke a pin through a hardboiled egg shell, I can prove you wrong.

Acupuncture practices at KAacupuncture

I see an egg has rolled down but there are 3 chicks

Dublin Arcade wet day 2012

contains: traces of sad face

Acupuncture administered by a local porcupine. Over the years we've had our share of run-ins with porcupines, This was pretty mild compared to most. The females tend to be a bit smarter about it and back off quickly, compared to some of the boys, who just don't seem to know when to quit.


Some Nicknames: Coco-puff, Puff-puff, Puffer, Puffball, Pufferbelly, Little Potato.


Coco came from our very first breeding, which was really not a planned thing. Weasie had six pups and we thought we’d keep one, but old Chance had little tolerance for feisty puppies at that time and he put a bite on little Coco’s snout. After the vet bill we figured we should just keep her and we did along with her sister Luka, who was her polar opposite.


Coco was very endearing and delightfully entertaining; carefree, got along with andy and everyone. She loved to run but her conformation was not great and her legs were kind of short. Still she totally had the heart and head of a sled dog if not the legs so she just had to work harder than the others to keep up.


She died in 2005 at 13 years, hemangiosarcoma of the spleen. We'll always recall her with great fondness and smiles. Little Puff-puff.


So…here I am, in Portland, Oregon, at a national convention for pottery makers. If you know Portland, you've heard the expression, "Keep Portland weird." I'm new to the Pacific NorthWest, and this is only my second trip to Portland, so I don't really know what these words mean.


However, I believe this sage advice was in the back of my mind yesterday, when I discovered this 20 inch tall, soft plastic model in an antique store.


I am a very big fan of weird, as some of you know, so the photographic possibilities of this nude male endeared him to me instantly. Not to mention his body, covered with colored lines, dots, and Chinese words. He is indeed useful in more ways than one. If I ever decide to take up the science of acupuncture, following the detailed diagram on his body will assure me of great success and huge financial rewards.


Meanwhile, I will use him for inspiration whenever I need something wild and outrageous. Of course, he's coming back with me to Washington. If you see him in flickr on and off, you will readily guess what kind of mood I am in. :))))))))

Ashi acupuncture needles being heated for a treatment.

Strobist info - One Lumopro 160 to the left of the subject and one Lumopro 160 to the right of the subject. Both strobes were at at 1/4 power and I used black foil to make custom snoots to prevent spill on the background.

Lumopro 160s were triggered with radio poppers


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