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Tonight I went to the lake to unwind. The clouds were nice and I was hoping for a good light show. I got one, for about 5 minutes, then it vanished...


I had to get out tonight. I spent an hour today being intimidated by a Turkey.


A huge turkey.


I went back to paint some signs today, and the sheep dog was gone...but in his place was a HUGE Turkey, I think the males are called Tom's or was one of was Oprah sized.


It kept trying to sneak up on me while I painted...another guy was working there, and he said, "you can pet it."


No thanks.


'Yeah, it'll jump right on top of you. hehe it's friendly"


What? Jump on top of me?


This freaked me out...I do not need a 50 pound turkey leaping on me while I "try" to work.


This ruined any chance of me concentrating. Ruined it. everytime I tried to put a line on the sign the turkey was RIGHT there, lurking. Two feet from me.


"blbbblblblloooooblblbblblblbl!!!!" It gobbled at me too.


Little. Bastard. (Fat bastard actually)


I would move to a different part of the sign.


He would move too....then tilt his gross Admiral Ackbar looking head, and eye me.


I tried to work. I just couldn't. I knew if I didn't keep one eye on him he'd jump on me.


He kept huffing.




Then a gobble.




I think he sensed my fear...because he kept coming closer...and like, mad-dogging me. You haven't lived until you've been mad-dogged by a 50 pound turkey.


I had to kick at him to make him move, and he still only moved like a half foot. It was freaky.


I only lasted an hour. I quit for the day.


The sheepdog came back, and I thought I was going to be saved, but the turkey chased HIM off.


I just couldn't work. You can add giant turkey's to the list of things I dislike.


This is Whiskeytown lake...Oak Bottom Marina area...very relaxing, cold and windy...but nice. Turkey free too.


I'm bringing my camera tomorrow. Then all will see the Turk-a-saurus.


Today has been a day for uploading lol

In this shot, Admiral Ackbar is instructing to Rebel Troops on the All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) walker.


More shots STAR WARS (secret life) available here




En esta imagen, el Almirante Ackbar está instruyendo a las Tropas Rebeldes sobre el All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) walker.


Más fotografías STAR WARS (secret life) disponibles aquí

Probably the last photo from London I'll post and probably the one that was the most fun to make.

It's very important that the Rebel high command take regular eye tests.


You must also look at Powerpig's "It's a Trap" series if you've not seen them before. They are so good.

It's a TRAP!


Day 538/365


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Boba wants to collect the bounty the Empire has on Ackbar.

Near one of the side entrance points of Echo Base on Hoth, some Rebel scouts make their way through the trenches. Thinking they have caught the sith lord Darth Vader, they call in to open the side entrance. Fatal mistake.


A diorama built for the CABG May 2010 'Empire Strikes Back' contest. Base inspired by Marshal Banana

C3PO was craving a Hot Oil bath.. R2 was just praying C3PO would soon stop complaining.

I wonder why did I take that scene so late?! It's an instant classic - what's wrong with me? :D


Hope you like it guys.

This was a very quick snapshot of one of the more touching, realistic scenes in The Force Awakens, and also, one of my favorite scenes. It didn't work out between Han and Leia, just like how it sometimes doesn't work out in real life.


I was super happy to finally receive my Millenium Falcon in the mail because I didn't have Han, BB-8, or the Kanjiklub minifigs yet. I also got the Resistance Transport for my birthday a few days ago, which got me very excited as Leia, Ackbar, and couple Resistance Troopers came with it. Because of my excitement, I hastily set up this shot. You might recognize the background as just my work table, but it'll have to do.

Sally: Honey does this dress make my butt look big


Ackbar: Dude, don't answer, IT'S A TRAP!


Day 638/365


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Stcokholm was a blast! A 21 hours long day and 38 km walked. Less than 4 hours of sleep and now it's time to head for the airport for the big trip to California!

The Admiral was trapped in the big egg. Now he's free to (literally) fly away.

The true identity of the new Spiderman... He's gonna lay a ton of traps with his webbings.

A year ago I managed to find on Bricklink the set this figure came in at its original retail price. I decided to get the set instead of paying half the price for the minifig. However the set was among those I got but never had time to built. One of the last things I did before leaving Belgium was opening the sealed set to grab the minifigures as the set had to stay in Belgium with the majority of my LEGO collection for an undetermined period.


All others minifigs had already been packed so Amidala, Qui Gon, Obiwan and... Jar Jar Binks, all had the privilege to make the trip to the North in the same plastic box as Yoda and Ackbar.

Taken on my second trip to Norway when I reached the first fjord, not long after crossing the Finnish border. Meanwhile I'm in the process of planning the next trip in July that will take me to Northeastern Finnish Lapland, to Finnimark, Troms and Nordland in Norway, and Swedish Lapland.

Although the actual filming location for Hoth is located in Southern Norway, it really feels like being on Hoth.

The good, the bad and the ugly. But I'm not telling General Ackbar that.

Reindeer pelt are so soft that Master Yoda and Admiral Ackbar couldn't resist going into one.

most of my X-wing pilots


Self Portrait.


"We looked at each other for a moment. His statements were insane and yet he was, to the best of my knowledge, one of the most level-headed men I had ever met."

Indy was having second thoughts about bringing Ackbar on this adventure. Seriously, there was absolutely nothing to worry about. They would just take the golden idol, and walk out of this place!




Check out the rest of my "Fun with Legos"


It's hard to describe the feeling of surprise you get when you are driving through the mountains and then there is the fjords and the deep blue sea that appears before your eyes.

Seranading Senoritas in the snow.

Kiruna... I've never seen so much snow before!

Sand Troopers don't care much for the rain, apart from giving their armour a clean they'd much prefer the warmer climates. DEWBACKS however LOOOOOVE the rain!!!

Admiral Ackbar


365 Toy Project - 50/365.


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- ... ♪ Ackbar's Fish sticks from the sea,

They taste so tender and flaky!

Whip them up for you and me,

To pass them up is a big mistakey! ... ♪

- (Ben) Big mistakey?



Original Robot Chicken version:

Taken on the Island of Senja, during my second (completely improvised and unplanned) trip to Northern Norway.


(This one is also featured in a recent blog post at ToyPhotographers:

Here's a photography of the famous admiral Ackbar just before the great battle, which was unfortunatly, a trap.


Strongly inspired by Greg Peltz victorians shots.

Not even the POWER of the FORCE or even his Lightsabre could keep Darth Vader warm & dry from the harsh & miserable conditions of Endors wet season!

Created using a random quote generator. After having recently watched Rogue One, I realized it was most probably unconsciously inspired by the final scene on Scarif.

An alternate shot taken in Lake Vättern. I initially thought I wouldn't post it but after cropping it to a 2.39:1 ratio, it looks much better. Now that I've started experiencing with cinema widescreen ratios, I realize many of my photos could be slightly improved just by using this ratio.

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