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In this shot, Admiral Ackbar is instructing to Rebel Troops on the All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) walker.


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En esta imagen, el Almirante Ackbar está instruyendo a las Tropas Rebeldes sobre el All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) walker.


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I wonder why did I take that scene so late?! It's an instant classic - what's wrong with me? :D


Hope you like it guys.

The Admiral was trapped in the big egg. Now he's free to (literally) fly away.

Taken on my second trip to Norway when I reached the first fjord, not long after crossing the Finnish border. Meanwhile I'm in the process of planning the next trip in July that will take me to Northeastern Finnish Lapland, to Finnimark, Troms and Nordland in Norway, and Swedish Lapland.

Master Yoda always enjoy spending an afternoon relaxing with a friend.

- ... ♪ Ackbar's Fish sticks from the sea,

They taste so tender and flaky!

Whip them up for you and me,

To pass them up is a big mistakey! ... ♪

- (Ben) Big mistakey?



Original Robot Chicken version:

Indy and Ackbar had no idea what all the hassle was about, but judging from the smell these guys sure knew how to do barbeque!



Note: (at least) 2 more coming up! First part of Indy and Ackbar's adventures can be found here. I worked on this one for way too long, it's been wip since I released the first part. But in the process I think I finally got the idea what part 3 will be about (part 4 has been on my list for close to a year..).



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I’m annoyed to see that LEGO is not only becoming generally more expensive, but also more expensive in Belgium than in neighboring countries. Most new sets have now a retail price between 10 and 20% higher than in Germany and France. Consequently, I find myself buying most sets abroad because even “discounts” found in Belgian stores do not match prices across the borders, which are never far when you live in a small country. This new Friend set was an exception. I had the idea of Admiral Ackbar serving hot-dogs to Yoda for quite some time and I’m really glad I managed to find this set at a price that even couldn’t beat.

Han Solo is preparing for undercover mission to infiltrate an Imperial base.

- OK, I'm wearing the costume. What do I do next?

- Here's your Santa hat, fake beard and a bag for the dynamite. Your primary objective is to gather info, how and where they plan to spend their holidays. The dynamite is just in case, if you get the opportunity to make some damage to their vehicles and equipment.

If you Like the idea of photographing your toys or action figures with the Hipstamatic app

on your phone, please join my new group Hipstamatic Toy Photography and share your art!

Based on this scene from the first trailer of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. I thought that Gandalf's line "It is undoubtedly a trap." sounded quite a bit like Admiral Ackbar's infamous line "It's a trap!", so I decided to create a funny mashup image. Once I get Radagast, I'll post a movie-accurate version of this scene with the real Gandalf. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed!


Credit goes to my brother KnightOwl Photography for letting me borrow his Ackbar head.

~A Bogotyr is a hero of Russia, much like the Greek Spartans or the Roman Legionaries~


So the story goes like this: I was talking to Vinny on Skype one day, while being super stressed about this college essay that i was writing (actually about the Lego Flickr community). We were talking about combo figs, and at that moment, I really wanted to make one. So I threw some 3rd party stuff together =P



I just kept adding on. I wanted something better than just a "combo fig". i wanted mine to stand out apart from the others, while still keeping its simplicity. The result was this figure.


Helmet a regular Lego gas mask, but with a painted and modded Si-Dan Goggles piece, and a new Hazel visor that I received in the mail unexpectedly as a gift

ArmsRussian sticker patch, with wrist guards made from scraps and painted using Dave's technique. (or at least one of them =)

TorsoAdmiral Ackbar torso with Si-Dan combat vest on top.

HeadVinny was kind enough to send me one of the Lone ranger poly bags, which he got from a newspaper. Thanks again dude! Hair is from some other figure or something. I forget.

LegsRare EG spartan legs with my last TT kneepads, a TT pouch, and a Si-Dan holster. TT painted using Dave's technique.

WeaponBa Prototype ABR, courtesy of Will

Happy Star Wars Day!


Boba wants to collect the bounty the Empire has on Ackbar.

The Star Wars boys attempt to perform 'Top Hat, White Tie and Tails'.


Part 1 in an occasional series.

This was a very quick snapshot of one of the more touching, realistic scenes in The Force Awakens, and also, one of my favorite scenes. It didn't work out between Han and Leia, just like how it sometimes doesn't work out in real life.


I was super happy to finally receive my Millenium Falcon in the mail because I didn't have Han, BB-8, or the Kanjiklub minifigs yet. I also got the Resistance Transport for my birthday a few days ago, which got me very excited as Leia, Ackbar, and couple Resistance Troopers came with it. Because of my excitement, I hastily set up this shot. You might recognize the background as just my work table, but it'll have to do.

The good, the bad and the ugly. But I'm not telling General Ackbar that.

Indy was having second thoughts about bringing Ackbar on this adventure. Seriously, there was absolutely nothing to worry about. They would just take the golden idol, and walk out of this place!




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Admiral Ackbar


365 Toy Project - 50/365.


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Seranading Senoritas in the snow.

Just an updated version that I'm happier with.

Admiral Gial Ackbar. Despite spending years moving up through the military ranks until he commanded the entire rebel fleet, he's now only remembered for stating the obvious after flying into a fleet of Star Destroyers he wasn't expecting.

RECOVERY: Lockheed Martin F-16IQ D Block 52 Fighting Falcon/Viper IqAF 1619 USAF 13-0032 (In training with AZ-ANG 162nd Wing) @ Tucson IA (KTUS), AZ USA (Note: The green lettering written across the white stripe of the Iraqi national flag on the tail reads Allah Ackbar)

(Insert image of Admiral Ackbar here.)

This is my entry for the "sum of the parts" challenge at You can read more at

Happy Star Wars Day everyone!


As a self-confessed Star Wars fan (but don't tell everyone :P) I like this day of the year, and went along with it (well, a tad) for today's photograph - you've got to love a bit of Admiral Ackbar, plus dressing up like Princess Leia seemed too mainstream :P


Today was my last day in Devizes, tomorrow I'm back to Bournemouth. I'm feeling very sad tonight, but not because I'm going to miss it particular, just because of pets and things, but there you go. I spent the day with my dad again, we went to a local scarecrow festival, which I always say I'm not going to go to again. But it was quite good really.

This is definitely the last Admiral pciture I'm posting up. I want to go back to some non-Lego stuff now.


The curse of being a Mon Calamari with a catch phrase part twenty one


Sorry, I'm starting to run out of ideas! Chap's probably another word that will confuse the non-UK viewers


The curse of being a Mon Calamari with a catch phrase part thirteen

"It's a trap!"

~Admiral Ackbar~

(You need to be a pretty big Star Wars fan/nerd/geek to get this title and quote. What can I say, the amazing shapes found within the geology of The Valley of Fire made me see the oddest things...)

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