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Hallmark Keepsake ornament.

Well December got here quick. Enjoy.

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This year's fireplace mantle display. Ambient light.



Nikon D7000. Nikkor Wide Angle @ 26mm. 4 seconds @ f/22. ISO 1250. EV = auto. Tripod mount. Photographed December 16, 2011 in our home.

Perhaps one of the most often-viewed Christmas movie scenes in the history of the world.

The year is almost over!!!!!!


Make 2016 your best year ever!


HAPPY NEW YEAR Flickr Friends!!!


Here is another way cool gift from my daughter for Christmas! She knew how much I enjoyed "A Christmas Story" and especially the prize the dad won. I think it is way cool and even Mrs. I Love Badger Dogs loved it as well! The only down side is that this is only about a foot tall!

This happens to be my all time favorite ornament on our tree. LOL!

If you have not seen the movie, here is a YouTube clip involving the leg lamp.


"Only I didn't say "Fudge." I said THE word, the big one, the queen-mother of dirty words, the "F-dash-dash-dash" word!"

Every year we always would watch A Christmas Story Over and over and over again... Now we dont have Cable so I finally got the DVD (thanks to my Husband) and now I realized I can watch it ANY TIME I WANT!


so time is Sooner than it normally would be YAY <3333333


This and "Elf" are pretty much my all time Favorite Christmas Movies!


**this is a picture of my Miniature Ralphie, he is Perfectly Perfect in his Pink Nightmare***

Simple Christmas decoration on this house reminds us all of the iconic movie. Best when viewed on black.

A classic. How could you not love this movie?


15/25 Days of Christmas



It's the bane of my existence.

Every house should have a fra-gil-ee, major-award-winning lamp proudly displayed for all to see during the Holidays . . .




Background: and

Leg Lamp: mine


EXPLORED! November 30, 2011 422 ~~ thank you!

"I Love You More"




The festive season, we all have a story of gifts we always wanted and never got. I lost count of the many socks I had, instead of interesting toys as stocking fillers. I tell you turning a teen at Christmas was a major bummer.


Just a few days ago, I was asked by friend to vote for her display at a competition. As the ever dutiful friend I did so and met a few people she knew on the way there. After a few minutes a little gathering grew and we all started to talk about the displays .


As I was voting, my friend private messaged me and said " My friend here says you look adorable!" I pulled a face as I don't ever consider myself to be. "She said you look like Ralphie, with dark hair"

"Ralphie?" I said "Who is Ralphie?" I questioned not knowing who she was on about. "

" From that Christmas movie LOL... A Christmas Story" she laughed.


I had no idea who Ralphie was or the movie she had been on about, so I did some Googling and felt rather embarrassed for 3 reasons

1- I had never seen this movie and most people had

2 - It had escaped me for so many years

3- The timeline of the movie is based in the 50's timeline, which I would raved about had I had ever seen it.


So a day after I decided to test that theory. Did I have a resemblance to Ralphie or not?

With a change of hair and after searching high and low for a pair of replica spectacles, I looked at myself. Well by golly, that person was right, it's kinda close.


So this picture is a two in one picture I guess, one as a reminder to those who actually remember that magical Christmas and received what they dreamed they would get. The other (for better or for worse), that I look like Ralphie from a Christmas Story. Maybe I might keep the look, who knows !


The track for this photo is called I Love you More by The Beloved, from the album Happiness. Be sure to watch the video too, it's cute. I think the lyrics sum the picture up!




BALACLAVA!! Kal Glasses (Tortoiseshell)

BALACLAVA!! Ho Ho Holiday Band - Flute (Available from the Arcade Gacha Event - Winter 2014)

Bunny Suit - FATEwear - Bugsy - Retba

BB Gun - Buckaroo BB Gun from You know, For Kids !


available in my Etsy shop. (see my profile for the link)

"There! Now I can't shoot my eye out!"

Nikon Coolpix P510 Part of the Winter Wonderland in Seward, NE. Of course, from the movie "A Christmas Story."

Tom's Christmas present. :)

"fra-gi-le, it must be Italian"


Day 2 of my tribute to "A Christmas Story." I've been thinking about this shot for a while now and I fiinally worked up the guts to take it!


* made it to #50 on Explore!! thanks everyone!

You won the soft glow of electric sex. You should see it from out here!


For #17 at december 2011 in photos, Congratulations

Shot was taken inside the Christmas Story house, a classic Christmas movie which was filmed on Clevelands west side. The house is still furnished as it was in the movie and is open for tours. From 6 bracketed shots. My favorite line from the movie " FRA- GI-LE (frah- gi- leh).....must be Italian"


I want to say Merry Christmas to all of you, I might not be on for a few days so I wanted to say it now !!! Thanks for all the views and comments !



I couldn't let my mom know! Quickly, I whipped up some tears. I'll say that a giant icicle fell from the house and hit me in the eye!


From "A Christmas Story". How can you not love this movie?


Day 8 of the 12 Days of Christmas set.


#71 in Explore



My growing collection of props and ephemera that appeared in the 1983 movie "A Christmas Story". At the centre of it all is the same style of Canadian Westinghouse radio that was prominently featured in the Parker's living room in the movie.


Oops, there's more - in this shot there's also the 20th Anniversary DVD and a VHS version from the 1980s.

Here is a little look into an evening at the Marcy Manor watching "A Christmas Story", which has become a holiday tradition for us. The perfect way to calm down on a Sunday night leading into the last week of school. Notice Faith is keeping an eye on me with the camera.


"Heey! Mi tung ith sthtill sthtuck hew!"


Happy holidays everyone!


On a side note, I might begin working on that sausage project again very soon . . .

"you look like a deranged easter bunny!"


I <3 A Christmas Story!!!


she has the bunny slippers to go with this haha. both were a Christmas gift from friend Anne. She knows how crazy I am and buys gifts appropriately lol


It took forever to put lamp fringe on this skirt but it was so worth it! I love how it turned out!


A Christmas Story link on Youtube!


For "Dinner and a Movie" with Flickr Group Roulette


***ARE YOU KIDDING?! FRONT PAGE IN EXPLORE!!!!**** ( I'm so excited)


I would not allow myself to start any new Christmas projects without finishing last years one first. This has been kicking around in my craft drawer since last year, it kept staring at me everytime I opened it.


If I was starting it this year, I would probably do it a little differently, but anyhoo, I'm glad its finished. Its probably going to be another cushion once I get the right fabric.

Taken in the "A Christmas Story" house, Cleveland.

This is the original house the classic movie was filmed at in Cleveland. Ohio. The movie was filmed in 1983. The house was purchased on eBay in 2004 for $150,000. The house opened as a museum in 2006.

Why my mother and I drove 440 miles to shoot our Christmas card photo in Cleveland, Ohio...


because the house where they filmed A Christmas Story is there!!


We caused quite a scene in that little house... while tours were parading through.


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