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I designed a small walking tour map for a class which includes this, as well as a slew of my other architectural shots which can be see on my design account:


p o r t f o l i o | Tumblr

And the heavens flamed under the scarf of Iris.

The Windmill at Chesteron Warwickshire.


The windmill is one of Warwickshire's most famous landmarks, standing on a hilltop overlooking the village of Chesterton for nearly 350 years, near by the Roman Fosse Way and about five miles (8 km) south-east of Warwick. It was built in 1632-1633, probably by Sir Edward Peyto, who was Lord of the Chesterton Manor House. At this time John Stone, a pupil of Inigo Jones, was in Chesterton, designing the new Manor House, and he probably helped with the Windmill as well. Sir Edward was a mathematician and astrologer and probably his own architect to the windmill, but although claims have been made that the tower was originally built as an observatory, the estate accounts now at Warwick Record Office show that it has always been a windmill, making it the earliest tower mill in England to retain any of its working parts.

Hey guys! I´ve got a second flickr account with my best friend Franklin. We´ve got at the moment just one photo but we´re gonna change that as fast as we can. Maybe some of you want to look at it, it would be a privilege for me. I hope you´re doing well.

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this is my backup account


btw:Do not STEAL the photo,thank you !

Fixed Price East London Accountants. other financial services page

Dieser Account muss leider jetzt umziehen, da ich seit einiger Zeit nur noch Zugriff auf diesen über das Handy (sprich die Flickr.-App) habe.

Da Yahoo auch leider nicht sehr hilfreich ist und es nur noch eine Frage der Zeit ist bis ich auch über die App keinen Zugriff mehr habe, ziehe

ich um. Wer mir weiterhin gerne folgenden möchte, erreicht mich ab sofort unter dem Namen new_bri_gitte (

Würde mich sehr freuen!


This account will move now due to technical-problems… Seems Yahoo can not help :-( If you will follow me in future too you can find me under

the new name new_bri_gitte (

hi guys! i made a new flickr account(:i made a new one because i was too busy to maintain my old account and i couldnt upload any very frequently.. now that its summer i thought i would make a new account and start over! my account one was leebee please spread the word that i made a new account to all your contacts(: that would be great. now i know you are all thinking... "her first photo is GRASS?? how boring" sorry about that, the lighting was perfect and i loved the colors heree(:


i appreciate all comments, notes, views, testimonials, and i love flickrmail(:




Flower petals on the blue stone streets of Old San Juan.

my pro account expires in six days :[


breakfast for the past two days. blueberries with multi grain waffles from trader joes with honey.


explore . 127

Processed with VSCO with d2 preset Processed with VSCO with kk2 preset

I only have 5 spots till I have to buy a pro account, dammit... and I'm broke -_________-



its a last season Work which i uplaod in my account last year

but Someone delete my Pro account !!!


This place was the most bizarre I think we have ever been to. A forest full of abandoned transportation of all kinds, the scale of the place was staggering.


On a mission with steiner2009 and manof2worlds.

(Best viewed on black)


I'm sorry once again that I've been awol for the past few days. With working overtime and exploring yesterday, my flickr time has been pretty much nonexistant! Will try and catch up with you all later today! :-)

Quick shot of the ground floor windows of the accounting firm opposite my mate's house, the hazy colours through the netting made it look quite enchanting, for an accountants.

Sorry i have not posted in a while :/ I have been busy with my new iphone!! I got instagram:) Pretty cool app:D If you have an instagram account please leave a comment and i would LOVE to follow you :D

Yes, this is ~Nitrous~ and I decided to make a backup account!

Feel free to add me.

All images for reviews on the BAF and such will go here. ;)

Fish heads drying in the half light


Got a pro account as of tonight!

thanks to grandmom!



this is an old photooooooooo.


September 13, 2009!

I moved to a new Flickr account, you may follow me there . Search for "jeffsphotoart" or click one of the links below.

I've been out of Flickr for a long time maybe because my dog has destroyed my Teresa Style and I have been demotivated about it, but today I feel I need to keep this account so I'll just let you know that I have an Instagram and feel free to follow ❤️

Waking up the account with some nice espresso. - The Taxperts Group can guide you through tax audits and appeals and help minimize your tax bills for years to come. Our accountants have legal and accounting expertise to help people with their taxes in Toronto, Ontario. - The Taxperts Group can guide you through tax audits and appeals and help minimize your tax bills for years to come. Our accountants have legal and accounting expertise to help people with their taxes in Toronto, Ontario.

i will start uploading all my next new pictures onto my new account:


Please add me as a friend!

You'll find me there :)


I have a new account because I’m over 200 photo limit!




A bit of fragrance clings to the hand that gives flowers.

Chinese Proverb

A Chicago Accountant associated with the GLG Accounting is going to be a perfect solution in case if you are seeking someone for having an internal audit done


Little Froggie ~ My Garden Pond ~ Catford ~ South London ~ England ~ Saturday July 9th 2016. Click here to see My most interesting images


Purchase some of my images here ~ ~ Should you so desire...go on, make me if you see any of the images in my stream that you would like and are not there, then let me know and I'll add them to the site for you..:))


You can also buy my WWT card here (The Otter image) or in the shop at the Wetland Centre in Barnes ~ London ~


Well, exactly 16 MONTHS!! after building my pond specifically to attract frogs, Finally yesterday the day arrived when one turned up...I'd begun to give up hope of there ever being any frogs in there! mostly coz I live in a concrete jungle so I've got nooooooooooooooooo idea how the lil ol froggie got there in the 1st place, it must have been some journey across busy roads and various other dangers en-route, but it made it..It certainly couldn't have found a better home mind you, having been there for soooooooooooo long, it's now fully established and full of food and places to shelter, with rocks and cool hiding places.:) Here's hoping for the patter of tiny frogletts very soon.:)


Anyhoo...It's a massive day of sport today, what with Lewis Hamilton going from Pole in the #BritishGrandPrix , #AndyMurray going for the Wimbledon Crown for the second time this afternoon, along with #HeatherWatson who's going for her 1st Wimbledon crown in the mixed doubles and then finally the God that is #DimitriPayet going for European Championship glory this evening with his French buddies..:) Here's hoping my new Froggie visitor is a good sign hey...I just don't think you understand..Vive La France..:)


Have a fabulous Sunday Ya'll

Hey everyone, I just got a pro account. It's time for me to get back into the flick game. Expect to see a lot of shots from me in the near future. I'll also be posting mostly film shots from now on..

It's meeaaahhh (x


I commented below with the new account! Clicky! ADDY!!!

dear followers from now on you can find me and my photographes in this account




with love,


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