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And the heavens flamed under the scarf of Iris.

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I found the account I was hacked again.


I've been tired for a long time, but I'm glad I can start over.


I'll be careful from now on. I'm sorry to worry. And thanks for worrying!


This picture is a cherry blossom in our front yard! It's really spring now!

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this is my backup account


btw:Do not STEAL the photo,thank you !

hi guys! i made a new flickr account(:i made a new one because i was too busy to maintain my old account and i couldnt upload any very frequently.. now that its summer i thought i would make a new account and start over! my account one was leebee please spread the word that i made a new account to all your contacts(: that would be great. now i know you are all thinking... "her first photo is GRASS?? how boring" sorry about that, the lighting was perfect and i loved the colors heree(:


i appreciate all comments, notes, views, testimonials, and i love flickrmail(:




Flower petals on the blue stone streets of Old San Juan.

Quick shot of the ground floor windows of the accounting firm opposite my mate's house, the hazy colours through the netting made it look quite enchanting, for an accountants.

I only have 5 spots till I have to buy a pro account, dammit... and I'm broke -_________-




This place was the most bizarre I think we have ever been to. A forest full of abandoned transportation of all kinds, the scale of the place was staggering.


On a mission with steiner2009 and manof2worlds.

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I'm sorry once again that I've been awol for the past few days. With working overtime and exploring yesterday, my flickr time has been pretty much nonexistant! Will try and catch up with you all later today! :-) - The Taxperts Group can guide you through tax audits and appeals and help minimize your tax bills for years to come. Our accountants have legal and accounting expertise to help people with their taxes in Toronto, Ontario. - The Taxperts Group can guide you through tax audits and appeals and help minimize your tax bills for years to come. Our accountants have legal and accounting expertise to help people with their taxes in Toronto, Ontario.

Yes, this is ~Nitrous~ and I decided to make a backup account!

Feel free to add me.

All images for reviews on the BAF and such will go here. ;)

Fish heads drying in the half light


Got a pro account as of tonight!

thanks to grandmom!



this is an old photooooooooo.


September 13, 2009!

I moved to a new Flickr account, you may follow me there . Search for "jeffsphotoart" or click one of the links below.

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I've been out of Flickr for a long time maybe because my dog has destroyed my Teresa Style and I have been demotivated about it, but today I feel I need to keep this account so I'll just let you know that I have an Instagram and feel free to follow ❤️

Waking up the account with some nice espresso.

i will start uploading all my next new pictures onto my new account:


Please add me as a friend!

You'll find me there :)


I have a new account because I’m over 200 photo limit!


Hey everyone, I just got a pro account. It's time for me to get back into the flick game. Expect to see a lot of shots from me in the near future. I'll also be posting mostly film shots from now on..

It's meeaaahhh (x


I commented below with the new account! Clicky! ADDY!!!

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dear followers from now on you can find me and my photographes in this account




with love,


Got a new Account banner! Thank you to My Bud Tower for making it for me. It's absolutely amazing!

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Here is a link to my new account: Please add me!! And btw all my BNTM's will be continued in my new account and I will alternate between the two to comment ;P

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