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Showing the reflection of the Lloyd's building in London

Macro Mondays: Musical instruments


This antique accordion has belonged to my father


Looking Close on Friday

56 isn't too late to take up the accordion, is it?

Montanhof in Hamburg, popularly known as "brick accordion"

architects Distel and Grubitz 1924-26

The title is a pun. There is a theory that space does not expand continuously or constantly but that it fluctuates. "UBC researchers Qingdi Wang and Bill Unruh tackle the question in a new study that tries to resolve a major incompatibility between quantum mechanics and Einstein’s theory of general relativity.

Wang’s calculations provide a completely new physical picture of the universe, one in which the space we live in is fluctuating wildly. At each point, it oscillates between expansion and contraction. As it swings back and forth, the two almost cancel each other but a very small net effect drives the universe to expand slowly at an accelerating rate. This is a new idea in a field where there hasn’t been a lot of new ideas.

“Space-time is not as static as it appears," This has been labelled Accordion theory.


For this photo I found a picture of space in the New Scientist June 2020 and quartered it and then made a concertina of the paper. 2.5" square.

Galleria Umberto 1


Italia EU

Street Photography in San Diego, CA. This accordion player was in front of one of the local restaurants in the gaslamp district of San Diego.

He gave a big smile... I hope I did him justice with the photo.

At Simon Masschelein's garden exhibition CIRCOLO DI BACCANALI . Judendorf . Styria . Austria . Europe


Had a great Day with Sarah Fraser63 and charhedman - away until middle of October and Christer who's on vocation from Canada spent part of the day in Hastings this was taken in one of the Antiques shop we visited and photo bomb

A melancholic street scene from Venice / Italy. A lonely accordion player stands in a small alley and plays his musical instrument. Impressionist street photography in black and white.


"A gentleman is someone who can play the accordion, but doesn't"--- Tom Waits

Flying carpets are all well and good, but according to this gentleman, a good ol' flying accordion will do the trick :)

I have big respect for such people, for artists with passion. Gdańsk, Poland

Stairs to the basement at St.Andrew’s Uniting Church, Ann Street, Brisbane. Seen at 2019 Open House.

Somewhere in Croatia

Great Patriotic War veteran with his "battle girlfriend" - the old accordion. if you enlarge the image you can see the photo, where this man still quite young with the same accordion in his hands.

photo taken May 9, 2013 in Victory Park in Moscow.

HPMD* Wooden Accordion - flower

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