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If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope that come true.

Albert Einstein


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Forget me not


Have you ever seen a sunset

That sets the horizon ablaze?

Have you experienced a night so secure in sullenness

That it won’t let feeling out?

Have you listened to the secrets

That a rosebud has to tell?

Can you whisper words of worship

In homage to the miracle of rain?

Have you stopped to consult a butterfly

On which is the best way to go?

Can you boast of sharing stories

With a single flake of snow?

I know before you answer

What these questions make you feel.

I see doubt in your long dead eyes,

Because you cannot let yourself believe.

You are one caught up by rationality

So that what I suggest seems absurd,

But what I ask makes perfect sense

If you ignore what you first think you heard.

If you go further through these strange things

And allow yourself to dream,

You’ll find a profound sense of realism

One that exists only in the absurd.

It is unlikely, after all, that a butterfly

Would actually bother to stop and converse,

Rosebuds are too busy for idle gossip,

And a snowflake’s too unique to waste its time with you.

As for rain, a sunset, or a deep, soft satin night,

They last much better in the mind

Instead of pursued haphazardly

Through space and time.

The secret is that to best explore what I have asked,

Is to answer my questions with your soul,

Therein lies the wisdom of a snowflake,

Or the magic of the simultaneously new, and the old,

But most importantly of all

In the discovery of these things,

Is to find a kindred soul with which to share them,

Selfishness breeds hermits, while togetherness creates kings.

One day you will find a sunset becomes fire

Only if, at the very end,

You had the privilege of souls who felt the same,

Because that sunset’s fire lives within the thing called friend.

So forget me not,

I won’t forget you,

The secret of existence

Is simply what we say and do.

Much better then if we can hold each other,

If we’re there to see each other through,

Forget me not and I promise,

I will never forget you.


Mathew Lewis


Think about looking at the diaporama(high quality)-click on the screen thumbnail,right top of each page!

"Always follow the three "R": Respect for self, Respect for others, Responsibility for all your actions."

(Dalai Lama)


"Respect thy neighbor as yourself, and also something more."

(Leonardo Sciascia)


Why should we close our cities for the arrival of fans of a football team? It is absurd that we have to spend so much to "defend" the city, to clean them up, to repair damage caused to works of art.

Here's how it was the Fountain Of Bernini (Rome) "La Barcaccia"


And here to see the context in which it is located :

This beach is also known as the White Sand Beach Malikan. Named Papuma because white sandy beach with a stretch of rocks and waves hit each other when flipped.

Papuma beach is a beach which is very exotic compared to the coastal beaches in East Java, because it has beautiful beaches and charming sea with bluish green beach


Papuma Cape Coast is one of the unique beach in Indonesia. Papuma beach complete list of beaches in Indonesia which is famous for its beauty. Forms of coral rock that sometimes absurd clearly defined and can be found in the stunning Cape Coast Papuma.

Cluster of coral rocks in the middle of the sea and of course the main attraction typical Papuma Beach.


To one of the best photographers around flickr, to you Christine Lebrasseur for your excellent and inspiring work, cause you deserve a monument here not a NIPSA classification, this is absurd!!!


Renée Fleming, Strauss Four Last Songs ♪♫♫

The last time I tried to photograph Tower Bridge from this location the security guards who patrol the private waterfront outside the Tower Hotel made me put my tripod away. I was expecting more of the same this time round but at 1:45 a.m. in the morning there was nobody to be seen!


Built between 1886-1894 the bridge takes its name from the Tower of London which sits close by. Increased commercial development in the East End of London led to a requirement for a new river crossing downstream of London Bridge. A traditional fixed bridge could not be built because it would have cut off access for tall-masted ships to the port facilities in the Pool of London.


Today you couldn't really imagine London without this iconic structure but back in the early 20th century professional commentators were critical of its aesthetics. "It represents the vice of tawdriness and pretentiousness, and of falsification of the actual facts of the structure", wrote H. H. Statham, while Frank Brangwyn stated that "A more absurd structure than the Tower Bridge was never thrown across a strategic river". How wrong were they!


The statue in the foreground is called 'Girl with a Dolphin' and was created by artist David Wynne in 1973. Like many of his sculptures, this one is noted for its depiction of movement, giving the illusion of the figures flying unsupported. In the background sits one of the latest additions to the London skyline the 309m high Shard, now the tallest building in the European Union.


7 exp hdr with pp in acr, photomatix, photoshop and Topaz clarity/de-noise. Nikon D700 & 24-70 at 24mm, ISO 800, f10 & 1/15 - 4 sec

It's the first one of a new set, i will try to translate in a visible work my favourite songs. Unfortunatelly most of them are italian songs so i should translate them, but as you maybe know i am LAZY. We will see. Btw this is the first's a love talks about a man who walks back the road to look for the love he has lost and imagines to talk to her as he dedicates a concerto. Of course seeing it each one of us can think to someone to dedicate to.....and so i did.


background by Enchantedgal-Stock :

Texture by night-fate-stock

Chain by Deadity

Heart by Briarmoon stock

Jesper by Absurd world preferred:

Hands by Jonboy56:

Blue piano_

clouds by LunaNYXstock:



Il nostro concerto - lyrics by Umberto Bindi

Sull'eco del concerto

Che insieme ci trovò

Ripeterò ancor la strada

Che mi porta a te

Ovunque sei, se ascolterai

Accanto a te mi troverai

Vedrai lo sguardo

Che per me parlò

E la mia mano

Che la tua cercò

Ovunque sei, se ascolterai

Accanto a te mi rivedrai

E troverai un po' di me

In un concerto dedicato a te

Ovunque sei, ovunque sei

Dove sarai mi troverai

Vicino a te


On the eco of the concert

That found us together

I will repeat again the road

Which brings me to you

Wherever you are, if you will listen

you'll find me close

You'll see the look

that spoke instead to me

And my hand

That looked for yours

Wherever you are, if you will listen

you'll find me close

And there will be a part of me

In a concert dedicated to you

Wherever you are, wherever you are

Where will you find me

Close to you

Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible. I think it's in my basement... let me go upstairs and check.


So let us then try to climb the mountain, not by stepping on what is below us, but to pull us up at what is above us, for my part at the stars; amen.


_Maurits Cornelius Escher.


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Horton: There's a tiny person on that speck that needs my help!

Kangaroo: Absurd! There aren't people that small!

Horton: Well, maybe, they aren't small — maybe we're big.

Kangaroo: Horton.

Horton: No, Really. think about it — what if there were someone way out there, looking down on our world right now, and to them, we're the specks...


Seriously, I've always loved this concept.... ever since the first time I read "Horton Hears a Who." As an adult I'm STILL fascinated by microscopic worlds!

1 Corinthians 10: 31

"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."




I will be travelling again sometime, bought my ticket a week ago, yet my holiday off work hasn't been approved yet. This has been always the case. They had been hard with us these past couple of years , especially taking several weeks lump up into one long time off. If I'm not with the Lord, I should be worried, but I trust my God well enough to give it all to me. He will sort it out in due time.

This might be sounding shallow and absurd to anyone who lack faith or the unbelieving. Yet , that's when faith operates.

I trust the word of God and do understand , we don't fight against flesh and blood but of hidden powers of darkness in high places ( Ephesians 6 ). I already claim that resolve in the name of Jesus. Jesus assured us, if we are with him we should not worry of anything -- yeah anything ! But with prayer and supplication and thanks giving let our requests be made known unto God. We just need the armor of faith. If we lack faith, haven't been operating under faith, that means we can't please God. One can't see the wonders of God with unbelief in the heart.



What do I got to do to make you love me

What do I got to do to make you care

What do I do when lightening strikes me

And awake to find that you are not there


What do I got to do to make you want me

What do I got to do to be heard

what do I say when it's all over (baby)

Sorry seems to be the hardest word



It's sad (so sad) so sad

It's a sad sad situation

And it's getting more and more absurd

It's sad (so sad) so sad

Why can't we talk it over

Oh, it seems to me

that sorry seems to be the hardest word


What do I do to make you want me

What do I got to do to be heard

What do I do say when it's all over

Sorry seems to be the hardest word


~Oscar Wilde~


HBW guys ... wish you all a wonderful bokehlicious day! :)

I don't feel well, but I'm struggling here in the ofiice, cause I'm alone today!


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Explored ... #32! :)

A tiny kitchen inside a tiny kitchen? Absurd!

"Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible.

I think it's in my basement... let me go upstairs and check." –M.C. Escher


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“The absurd (the tragic) is born of this confrontation between the human need and the unreasonable silence of the world.”

―Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus

Sometimes it's really hard to try and keep being sensitive and creative among people who have no imagination and who think that anything exceeding their normal life s absurd and doomed to fail.


Like Terry Pratchett said "Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one".

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This time is was off to the Sunshine coast to photograph the local attraction that is the wreck of the SS Dicky. Together with co-conspiriters, Kane and Mel, I arrived on Dicky Beach at an absurd 1:30am, with the express intention of catching the wreck under light of a waning moon.


The one thing i love about visiting this wreck is how fantastic it looks with the extremely crisp and clean sand all around it.


Read more about this shot on my blog.

"Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word"


What I got to do to make you love me?

What I got to do to make you care?

What do I do when lightning strikes me?

And I wake to find that you're not there?


What I got to do to make you want me?

What I got to do to be heard?

What do I say when it's all over?

Sorry seems to be the hardest word.


It's sad, so sad

It's a sad, sad situation.

And it's getting more and more absurd.

It's sad, so sad

Why can't we talk it over?

Oh it seems to me

That sorry seems to be the hardest word.


What do I do to make you want me?

What I got to do to be heard?

What do I say when it's all over?

Sorry seems to be the hardest word.


It's sad, so sad

It's a sad, sad situation.

And it's getting more and more absurd.

It's sad, so sad

Why can't we talk it over?

Oh it seems to me

That sorry seems to be the hardest word.


Yeh. Sorry


What I got to do to make you love me?

What I got to do to be heard?

What do I do when lightning strikes me?

What have I got to do?

What have I got to do?

When sorry seems to be the hardest word.

July's ABC Soup = "Q"


quitch : a wild grass

quoz : an absurd person

quaalude : a drug I have never done until now...heh


hope you all have a fab weekend! ♥

my absurd dreams

in between heaven and earth

persist despite fate


The third in my IOL series.


I will be imitating the photographic styles of some of my contacts, thereby exploring processing techniques and creative expression that I would ordinarily not have tried myself.


I have found this self imposed challenge far harder than I ever dreamt of. So far it has taught me some interesting new skills in Photoshop, angles, light and subject matter. I have been forced to get out of my comfort zone and I think that has been important for me as an artist and photographer.


The image above has been inspired by Jill, mostly known as borealnz. I am sure most people who have been on flickr for a reasonable time have come across her stream.

Jill does textures like no other! Jill, together with a fellow flickr member create the most awesome textures and not so long ago launched the flypaper textures, which are available on their blog to order.

JIll describes her own work as 'gentle' and I would agree. The macro's, flowers, fruit and landscape images are almost always gently clothed with the most 'divine' textures. Her images acquire a soft, romantic, mystical and even elusive quality.

It looks easy, but it's not.

Just when you think you have got Jill's style worked out - she produces the most incredible surreal / manipulated images, many of which are probably inspired by the Man Ray Group here on flickr. There is a wicked sense of humor and eye for the absurd that will keep you coming back to look at the image and produce a smile for your effort.

Jill is a very talented and productive artist - and certainly a boon to the flickr community!


All textures used for the above are from the flypaper textures pack 1 & 2


Link to Jill's stream:

Jill and Paul's website/ blogspot:


Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit written permission. © All rights reserved

My Images are for sale and can be purchased securely via KAGI. Please contact me about pricing and terms.

My images are not available for free to promote websites, banners, blogs, t-shirts etc

Zeke shows Hank and Lonesome how to get into a pair of levi's too shrunk to fit.

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It was a walk through picture that i took and got left behind from the group i came here with..... was gonna post it the way it got out of the camera, as it had the same impact but with no strength in colours.... so i decided to turn it into art and make it look like some invasion... as due to the reason, the sky is turning red and the atmosphere is changing kinda look :) it may sound absurd but my art is for myself to judge and for others to be liked/disliked.... art has no boundaries and goes the same for imagination....


My work is not just simple photography, but a compound of my imagination and art included as well.... my photographic work ends the moment shutter is clicked.... then begins the aesthetic sense to transubstantiate and convert it into something as near to my imagination as possible.....


Critiques have always been welcomed as they would be the reason i wud most probably not repeat the same mistakes again !!!

“Uncertainty is an uncomfortable position. But certainty is an absurd one.”-- Voltaire

Vendrá la muerte y tendrá tus ojos

esta muerte que nos acompaña

desde el alba a la noche,insomne,

sorda, como un viejo remordimiento

o un absurdo defecto. tus ojos,

serán una palabra inútil,

un grito callado, un silencio.

Así los ves cada mañana

cuando sola te inclinas ante el espejo.

Oh, amada esperanza,

aquel día sabremos, también,

que eres la vida y eres la nada.


Para todos la muerte tiene una mirada.

Vendrá la muerte y tendrá tus ojos.

Será como dejar un vicio,

como en el fondo del espejo

ver resurgir un rostro muerto,

como escuchar un labio mudo.

Callados bajaremos al vacío.




Death will stare at me out of your eyes;

this death who accompanies us

from morning to night, sleepless,

dull, like an old remorse

or an absurd vice. Your eyes

will be a vain word

an unspoken scream, a silence.

So you see them each morning

when you gaze alone

on the mirror. O dear hope,

that day we'll know too,

that you are the life and the void.


To everyone death has a look

Death will stare at me out of your eyes.

It will be like giving up a vice,

like seeing in the mirror

a dead face re-emerge,

like listening to a silent lip.

We'll go down into the whirlpool without words.




La mort viendra et elle aura tes yeux -

cette mort qui est notre compagne

du matin jusqu'au soir, sans sommeil,

sourde, comme un vieux remords

ou un vice absurde. Tes yeux

seront une vaine parole,

un cri réprimé, un silence.

Ainsi les vois-tu le matin

quand sur toi seule tu te penches

au miroir. O chère espérance,

ce jour-là nous saurons nous aussi

que tu es la vie et que tu es le néant.


La mort a pour tous un regard.

La mort viendra et elle aura tes yeux.

Ce sera comme cesser un vice,

comme voir resurgir

au miroir un visage défunt,

comme écouter des lèvres closes.

Nous descendrons dans le gouffre muets.


Verrà la morte (Cesare Pavese)

Julie de Lespinasse


Coreopsis from the Garden of Wonder. Toffee and purple overlays used again.


Overlays are available for FREE off the blog, check profile for link.


absurder even

Garganta del Diablo or Devils Throat. Its the main part of the falls. It creates an absurd amount of spray and falls a few hundred metres below.


The Argentinian side of the falls is said that you 'feel' it more. I would probably agree with that. The amount of spray and thunderous roar you get is astounding.


This was perhaps one of the hardest things to shoot this day. The amount of spray (you can see it on the left) was being blown over to the viewing platform. Thus making it a game of 'cat and mouse' protecting the camera and filters.


I was however lucky to snap this little beauty. Right before the park shut. A successful day.

It has been there for a time. i wonder why. But it makes quite a scenery for a photo.

So when you get tired of winter, you can come to Florida. View On Black


My own photos and texture.

My Portfolio and Photography Services


Please view large on black for good karma


"Whirlwind" doesn't even come close to describing my recent outing with fellow photographers and all-around excellent guys Jave, D Breezy, Matney, James, and Jared.


"Ridiculous" gets us a little closer, but "absurd" might be the most accurate of all. How else to describe a trip in which we hit 10 different spots all over Yosemite and Tahoe within a 48 hour period, while subsisting on gummy worms, cheetohs, AM/PM burritos, chili dawgs, and essentially zero hours of sleep?


Here's my favorite shot from the trip, taken at Tioga Lake in the Yosemite high county at 7:08 am in 20°F weather after a 4.5 hour drive from San Jose (is that gung-ho, or what?). As irony would have it, this was my first composition from the first location we visited on the first day of our shoot, and it still ended up being my favorite.


So could I have gone home happy after this shot? Yeah, probably so. Would I have gone home though? No chance in hell!


Thanks to all the crazy dudes in attendance who made this such a fun weekend. It is a testament to the character of all these photographers that everyone was laughing and joking the entire weekend. Despite the cold, the complete lack of sleep, the boot camp-style photography, the drizzle, and the long hours spent in the car, I didn't hear a single negative peep come out of anyone's mouth. The whole crew was upbeat and positive and just so stoked to be out shooting that it really made for an excellent weekend.





Tech Notes



Nikon D300s



13 sec

12 mm

Lee 3-stop soft GND Filter, handheld at a slight angle to match the line of the mountains




In Raw Converter (Nikon Capture NX2), converted 1 Raw file twice, once for mountains, snow, and trees, and the second time for everything else.

- Global contrast for added pop

- Slightly darkened and added contrast to the sky to add oomph

- Local contrast adjustments to the water to punch the color

- Darkened and added contrast to foreground rock to bring out the texture and reflected light there

- Brightened snow and trees in the background since ND grad made them very dark

- Lightened top right corner of sky


In Photoshop:

- Noise reduction via Neat Image

- Hand blend of 2 TIF files to get a master composite

- Luminosity mask to further bring out details in the trees

- Curves layer to darken sky slightly


Thanks for looking!

THANK YOU everyone for your visits, comments and favs!

I appreciate your invites and awards very much!


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~ Mitch Hedberg ~ Mitchell Lee "Mitch" Hedberg (February 24, 1968 – March 29, 2005) was an American stand-up comedian known for his surreal humor and unconventional comedic delivery. His comedy typically featured short, sometimes one-line joke mixed with absurd elements and non sequiturs.


Hedberg's comedy and onstage persona gained him a cult following, with audience members sometimes shouting out the punchlines to his jokes before he could finish them.


Wood Stork about to perform a tap dance at Gatorland with Egrets looking on and gators swimming around to keep it interesting ~


Wood Stork ~




The Wood Stork (Mycteria americana) is a large American wading bird in the stork family Ciconiidae. It was formerly called the "Wood Ibis", though it is not really an ibis. As of August 28, 2013 it is classified as an endangered species by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, although there have been proposals to downlist it to threatened.



1.a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth.

2.a self-contradictory and false proposition.

3.any person, thing, or situation exhibiting an apparently contradictory nature. opinion or statement contrary to commonly accepted opinion.

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