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Prima della nascita non è vita, e spesso neanche dopo.

Model: by Adam Duckworth on deviantART

Textures: CG Texture

Postproduction: Me

We've all seen this lady and her van on Southfield, just south of 12 mile


Had camera. Had film.


I had to stop and ask for a picture. I think she was even happier to have someone to talk to. Having two kids of my own, she was happy to hear about them. I thanked her for allowing me to photograph her praying and wished her well on her quest.


A very friendly and beautiful woman.


Taken with a Mamiya 645, 35mm lens, Kodak E100VS slide film

Press conference for the yes in abortion referendum.


©Enric Vives-Rubio

Believe it or not but under the dubious lower frontal arangement there lies a Duple bodied Leyland Tiger!

The former Crosville CTL48, original registration A48SMA, was by the time of this photo in mid 94 North Western 823 and carrying the registration from an earlier Crosville vehicle, this being Bristol Lodekka FS6G DFG125 which gained ACA553A after surrendering its original mark.

The coach is seen working the 658 service in competition with GM Buses at a damp Leigh bus station showing off its 'new' front end which was fitted following accident damage.

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You might be wondering why I gave this its title.

While I was taking this picture, someone else was also cutting the flowers. Not just this one but all that were in the garden. I guess they will now be serving another purpose which is, to make the soil more fertile.


- So that's how it is, before this flower really got to blossom, it was cut, hence, the title.

Kates Bad-Taste Birthday party, 4 fire engines called that night and she got evicted the next day.

We're really starting to see evidence of men trying to take complete control over womens' bodies...In Arkansas and Oklahoma right now, even a rapist has rights over a conceived child through that act of sadistic violence.


A new Texas law takes this one step farther and encourages Drs to lie to pregnant females regarding when/if their babies will be born with disabilities...the republicans are trying to hide behind the idea that this is for the rights of people with disabilities but it's easy to see when they fund prisons over public schools that they really don't care about kids with disabilities or kids in poverty or minorities at all. They aren't pro life...they are pro death only the long con way.


After all, the GOP's own Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos didn't even know about the federal law protecting individuals with disabilities in education. Their plan is to force women to deliver these children and then offer no support for these women and children. Seems like great family values to me!


The fact of the matter is that making abortion illegal and/or nearly impossible will just mean that mothers and fetuses or newly born babies die dramatic painful deaths. And keeping birth control accessible to everyone is in the public's best interest.


This new Trumpcare abomination calls for defunding Planned Parenthood. I wonder how long before there's a bill out there trying to prevent women from voting.


More about the Texas bill that passed 8-0:


Went abit overboard with the grotesque here....but yeah

Many women of every race, age, education, status, rich or poor who choose to buy abortion pills or services, give reason having to do with the inability to bear the responsibility of being a parent and/or because of other dependents, as well as due to concerns they have about their future children.Visit here

Cytolog abortion pills used after Mifepristone leads to successful termination of pregnancy.

Early morning 11/24/11. Got an eerie surprise when a fetus about 6 or 7 mos. old was found in our neighbors backyard.

A n older man takes part in an evening protest under the street lights of Carrer de Pelai in the centre of Barcelona, Spain. The protest is in support of the rights of women to have abortions in Cataluna, and the attempts of the Spanish government to remove the right of the regional government to make that decision contrary to national law.

This picture is greatly inspired by MTV reality series, '16 and pregnant' ! i was really shock that they will keep the baby because THEY ARE ONLY 16 and most of their parents(pregnant lady parents) were thinking of putting the baby into adoption (WTH?)! i was seriously encouraged by the teenage mum first step of love. the series was really inspiring and encouraging.


Imagine if you want to go for an abortion, the baby will be ripped off by the vacum machine thingy and it will break their legs, their arms and their heads. and at this stage, The baby in your womb can feel the pain but he is too weak to defend himself. it will be a silent cry for them. imagine youeself being ripped off, is painful, way too painful. so guys, stop abortion.



the reason why i put a plastic my face, is beacuse i want to how sign of difficult in breathing (Just like how the baby would feel) and the hands is to like tell you "STOP ABORTION"





p.s/ hope i do not offend anyone because clara knows that this is a sensitive topic. a sensitive topic that must be stop.


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A bit of a long shot showing a Wolf with the foetal head of an elk ripped from the carcass of it's mother being eaten by Wolf pack.

Found this bit of controversial graffiti very amusingly 'graffitied' over in Bath.

Washington, D.C., January 22, 2015

Women seeking termination of pregnancy can order abortion pills (mifepristone and misoprostol) at home to complete their abortive procedure.


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Anti-abortion changes win Hartzler's vote on GOP health care plan – Columbia Daily Tribune


U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler, who at one point criticized tax credits in the Republican health care proposal as too generous, will vote for the bill because it bars women from using those tax credits to buy a plan that covers abortion.


According to reports from The Hill and Politico, Hartzler was one of eight strongly anti-abortion lawmakers who met Monday with Vice President Mike Pence.


“I did share that as of this weekend I have decided to support it after I got some assurances from some pro-life provisions and other aspects being addressed,” Hartzler, R-Harrisonville, told Politico. “We were there to appreciate his efforts to ensure the bill remains pro-life, so we had a good discussion about that.”


Representatives of Hartzler’s office did not return calls Wednesday from the Tribune seeking more information about her decision to support the bill, officially known as the American Health Care Act and named “Trumpcare” and “Ryancare” by critics. Hartzler has been a long-time opponent of the 2010 Affordable Care Act, which Republicans named “Obamacare” before it passed.


During a telephone town hall March 15, Hartzler told about 5,200 participating constituents that she had not made a decision about the bill, which is expected to come up for a vote Thursday in Washington. While many of the questioners on the call wanted her to oppose the bill because it does away with many of the Affordable Care Act supports for health insurance, Hartzler said her concerns with the bill was that it did too much.


Under the original bill, fixed tax credits of $2,000 to $4,000, based on age, would replace tax subsidies for the purchase of insurance tied to income and the price of premiums. The maximum tax credits would be available to single people earning less than $75,000 and couples earning $150,000 or less.


“It does allow the tax credits, which I think are too generous,” Hartzler said during the town hall. “It would be for someone making up to $75,000 a year, which I think is a very high salary.”


Local supporters of the Affordable Care Act have picketed outside Hartzler’s Columbia office and plan to do so beginning at 8:30 a.m. Thursday as the vote approaches. Missouri Health Care For All, which is organizing the protest, does not take a stand on abortion, organizer Jen Bersdale said.


The Republican bill would make health insurance unaffordable for about 24 million people, Bersdale said, including almost 40,000 in Hartzler’s Fourth Congressional District.


“Any issue on abortion access on this bill is dwarfed by the fact that 24 million Americans are losing their health insurance, where people can’t get covered for their breast cancer or diabetes,” Bersdale said. “It is very disappointing that any of our elected officials would move forward with a vote that has that many of their constituents lose their health insurance.”


The action at Hartzler’s office Thursday is part of a coordinated effort to picket all of Missouri’s congressional offices. Hartzler’s statement that she will vote for the bill does not change plans for the picketing, Bersdale said.


“It is one thing to say you have made a decision it is another to take a vote,” she said. “All of our elected officials need to hear from their constituents.”


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So i bought a new computer. I decided to start doing some design work..the first 3 pictures that are here were all done in one day..this particular picture is a baby connected to dna molecules..trapped in a hour glass resting in a jar on a shelf..

Name: How to Survive an Abortion Pop-Up Book

Dimensions: 12x 9 inches

Materials: Pop –up book, laser prints, printed acetate sheet, rusty wire, vintage medical books, and paint.


This artwork was created when I realised the pain and suffering I had been experiencing in my life from being an abortion survivor. To not be wanted by my mother and be told that shaped who I am. I have always battled to protect myself from the outside world and constant danger. I was born a creature from monster parents. The book charts my conception, my prayers for life and my eventual birth as part of the universe. Along the way my mutant genes fight for the right to live. To survive these horrific beginnings I barricaded myself against the world and against love. My lashing out in anger was a protectionist measure- kill or be killed. Death haunted my every dream with constant images of blood and faceless beings that would hunt me every night. This book helped me release and process the lifelong pain, sadness and anger I felt. I am a child unwanted by the very people who should have loved, protected and accepted me. But in the book, as in life, I am (re)born into the cosmos and I am a survivor and can never, ever die.


do you think this or the coloured version ( ) is better?

Thanks for your comments!

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