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Thank you for your visit and your comments, they are greatly appreciated.

Aberystwyth, Wales.


8 minute exposure (with 10 stop filter)


ISO 50


For Izzy ;o)

This is one of the towers of Aberystwyth Castle overlooking the bay and facing Ireland. this is the link to find out more about this Castle.

Taken this evening in Aber - nice change from taking pictures of Starlings in my Village in Shropshire

Long exposure shot of the jetty

A Victorian coastal town.

On Friday 3 January 2014 the town experienced one of the worst storms the area had ever seen. Enormous swells uprooting boulders from the sea walls, leaving roads and pavements along the promenade buried under a mass of paving stones, bricks and shale. Properties on the adjoining promenade were then evacuated for the next five days, including 250 students from the University. The entire promenade was washed away.

Oct14 it has been totally rebuilt and you would never have known what had occurred 9 months earlier.

Not sure if this would look better in B&W

Totally awestruck by the starling murmuration. Wish I could of captured it better but this best I could do.


Spent a lovely day at Nant yr Arian and Aberystwyth braving the cold elements (Snow, Hail & Rain) with friends John, Peter Eva & Jean

This unspectacular shot is one of my favourites from our first visit at Aberystwyth back in 2009. I like the calm mood and the lonely man, standing at the edge of the pier by the lighthouse watching the fisherman.

Blink & you would miss it, the rainbow only lasted a few seconds and it was gone.


Spent a lovely day at Nant yr Arian and Aberystwyth braving the cold elements (Snow, Hail & Rain) with friends John, Peter Eva & Jean

A view of Aberystwyth harbour on a cold December morning

Greetings. Wishing everyone a happy Sunday and a great week ahead. Take care and thank you for your visit and support.

Aberystwyth Castle is the cheif stronghold and home of the Welsh prince Madog ap Llywelyn. The large sections of Tudor styled walls in the castle make it a much more comfortable abode than a simpler stone castle.


This is my second entry to the Tudor Castle Category, and my final possible entry to the CCCX.


I've had a cold the last few days, and on top of that my family is in the process of moving, so I was only just able to complete all these builds! It's been a tremendous effort. And I hope you all enjoyed it! :D


Thanks for viewing! have a great day! :)

Summer 2013 and Aberystwyth shows off its shades of blue and yellow.

Colorful houses in this holiday resort and administrative centre of the west coast of Wales. It is also home to the University of Wales Aberystwyth and the National Library.


Juni 2017

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