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Abandoned House


Abandoned house standing in the overgrown path

with faded (dull) gray sideboards,

that were once bright white with life.


Shutters hanging at awkward angles,

flapping in the wind,

banging against the house with creaking determination.


Darkened dusty windows,

looking sad and lonely,

yet forbidding entry

to passersby.


Door hanging ajar on it hinges,

as if the last exit was in haste.


Sagging roof with missing tiles,

hanging gutters,

proof of neglect

for many years.


Rotted porch,

sagging downward

with scattered broken furniture,

covered with cobwebs and debris.


Life has come and life has gone.

Time has gone by

with no one to tend it,

happiness in its past,

for it will never feel love again.

anne crawford

This is an abandoned village called Jazirat Al Hamra also known as Ghost Village located south of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.

Jössefors bay in Arvika Sweden.

Long exposure at 250 seconds using the firecrest 16 stop ND filter, slowly getting used to this filter and getting in camera settings right. Leaving in the ghostly seagulls which I thought would add to the abandoned pier theme, I know some would take them out but I quite like them in this image...


Spirits of the past manifest themselves colorfully and playfully to keep this little, abandoned building company, reminding it of days gone by; days before all went quiet, and the oft-inhabited building became an abandoned building.


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abandoned factory germany

These lovely stone cottages were abandoned near the cliff of the Slea Head Drive, Dingle, Kerry, Ireland


I like the contrast between the stones & the cloud.

A place with a tired soul

Everett-Snohomish River shoot

A large oak tree radiates golden tones as it watches over an abandoned church in New Madrid County Missouri.

The abandoned circular saw tables at Dinorwic quarry

Abandoned house, somewhere east of Yates Center.

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This past weekend RiddimRyder and I took our longest and furthest road trip yet. We set out with a long list and we covered a lot of ground.


This may have been one of my favourite spots we explored. You would never know it by this photo but the other end of this building was coated in black mold and some of the thickest air I have ever breathed.


Then we enter a door into this wing and we are greeted by this amazing sight!!


Freaktography: Abandoned Places, Urban Exploration, Photography of the normally unseen and off-limits.


Freaktography: Abandoned Places, Urban Exploration, Photography of the normally unseen and off-limits.

One of the many abandoned buildings to be found dotted around Dinorwig quarry. Wales

Taller abandonado


Taller abandonado en un lugar de cuyo nombre no quiero acordarme, en Portugal.

This guy was abandoned near the burnt out flour mill in Longmont.


The burnt building is in the background.


Happy bokeh Wednesday everyone


I really like trains but have never been in one and when I see one train abandoned everything changes for an urban explorer.

Abandoned motel somewhere in the boondocks of Utah.

and now for something completely different...



this was the abandoned train Pete took Kelly and I to. it was one of the highlights of my trip. oh how I love rusty crusty abandoned tresspassing shoots!

Washington State


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#HDR Photograph of an abandoned officers quarters in Landguard Fort, Suffolk.


An abandoned ship.I edited this to get more of a feel for the eerie atmosphere.

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