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Dancing with the Queen-- OMG AND MUI-LACY-nESSA- Kurvy-Cerra-Risa-Strawberry- Zoe-Madison-KK-Xochi- Sabien- and soo many others-- we had a hoot-- something about chocolate covered strippers o.O????

Model: Jesika Conteponi

Location: Bryn Oh - Immersiva


Many thanks to Rusch, Jesika, Sappy, Xochi and Abs, also a special thanks to Bryn Oh for the use of location to do the shoot. It was such great fun working on this project.


~Element Photography by

Christieanna Daviau~

Xochimilco, México DF

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Burbles :D

Destiny of the soul


Thank you so much Xochi for your support and inspiration!... wouldnt of been able to do these without you help.


Model: Xochi Tolsen


Kimono by Sequanna Kidd of Milky House


detalle = espalda del chaleco

pieza única pintada y bordada a mano.

Xochi Tolsen production


More pics of this series


Model: Boe Cortes


Thank you so much for this pic Xochi always so inspiring!


Trece Ocho Studios

Sneaked off into the underground during the Damiani Event and sneaked a pic in ... loving the new drow skin .. \o/

Tomadas con mi blackberryto

Another awsome event, the launch of the new Damiani sim and skins brought to you by the Studio Red Ladies.. Madison Canetti, Xochi Tolsen, and Absinthe Primrose (all in Drow skins)

Every San Franciscan needs one of these =).


Thanks for the call out Xochi:

The restaurant at Rocky Point was closed for dinner, but lucky for us the next night was open. Best place ever, Xochi's Cafe.

has a lazy eye. O.o

After the party, myself, Madison and Migs went back to the Studio Red studio to snap a pic of our new Drow skins... thank you so much Pompeja, Kaoz, Madi and Migs \o/


Migs version


OK, Khyda really IS waiting in line for the water. NO kidding. -- No es broma. La gatita deveras esta esperando su turno... (See Part II.) = ]

Models: Olyvia Zenovka (L) and Vixie Rayna (R)


Special thanks to Xochi for letting me work on this project, also Oly and Vixie for your patience and time... its been a pleasure to work with you both.

Yup .. this is me ... throwin down a hump day set @ a local bar here.

mixing in thist rack:


Thank you Xochi for the b/w treatment and touch up.

He loves being in the sunlight

LeeZu Models: Vixie Rayna(L), Haruka Kish (C) and Olyvia Zenovka (R)

Styles: Vixie Rayna, Absinthe Primrose

Location: Custom build (inspired by Leezu Baxters window dressing in her store)


Many thanks to Barbara Nicholls, Xochi Tolsen, Absinthe Primrose also special thanks to Vixie for all the time spent and patience on the outfits;D.. great fun and challenge \o/

Thanks to the stunning models for there time and patiences ;D

Un día fuimos a Xochi. Dante cumplía años

<3 me....


No matter what, I Love You So Much...Don't forget that


Good Luck with the gallery opening tomm baby, I'm gonna miss you...I'll be thinking about you....


*****Original Pic by Xochi Tolsen (I just fixed it up hehehe)****

Courage to honour


Thank you so much Xochi such a pleasure to work with.


Model: Xochi Tolsen


Kimono by Sequanna Kidd of Milky House


Happy Halloween, Blessed Samhain, & Feliz Dia de Los Muertos from me and my family to all my flickr friends. (^.^)

My little poser. She LOVES having her photo taken.

Un día fuimos a Xochi. Dante cumplía años

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