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Beach Huts at Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex, UK.


Working with more of the Nik Software products - here the Efex Color Analogue.

Santa Cruz Harbor Light illuminated by Super Moon.

An early morning autumn shot from Kings Sutton.

"The right embroidery, the right fit.

Every inch, and every bit.

This is a fine mask, I say-

fit for me and my wily ways.

Behind this, I will be known.

I will desert my face, and make this my own."




Just needed a new inworld profile picture. (And maybe a sneak to what is to come!)

60010 passes Walton with 6E32 08:55 Preston Docks-Lindsey Bitumen tanks on 5th December 2014. This working is set to transfer to Colas operation in 2015.

taken at Walton gardens

Processed by: mavenimagery Labs Inc. Los Angeles, California.

DLR (Dynamic Luminance Range) image PROCESSED with IRET (Iris Range Enhancement Technology)

IRET (Iris Range Enhancement Technology and MavenFilters are products of mavenimagery Labs Innovation)


Playing with speedlights at Walton Light House at Sunrise

Just a fence, seen while walking on this gloriously sunny spring afternoon...

taken at Walton gardens

another day of heavy showers on Thursday,this was taken at Walton gardens

went to Walton again today after a cloudy start the sun came out

How it really began...


It was 1874 and the owner of the Wainwright shoe company felt much too old and frail. With word on street and a couple unexplained tricks up his sleeve, Walton returns to his father stranger than ever. Walton had his own company - a rather small and useless one made only for his own ambitions in which had nothing to do with the trades. With some hesitation, Walton's father passed on the company to his son with it's benefits, riches and more. Of course, making a better shoe company was far from Walton's fact, he wanted to do something a little different: To expand his personal company into something much, much larger.


The games had finally begun and the world as Walton knew it is now his testing grounds. To become the best is to beat the rest, afterall.


Two years later, Contraption was finally established. [1876]



Present day sort of thing of Walton. I also love this outfit too much as well. Ahaaaa~

Will be doing other characters that are significant to the storyline. Stay tuned.


Note: Fashion is not accurate to the historical time period of irl. The Contraption storyline base is a mix of the victorian and edwardian period...but mostly fantasy in it's own general sense...if you know what I mean.


Models shown: Faust Steamer (myself)

Characters shown: Walton F. Wainwright

@ Walton Hall (posted via FlickSquare)

Walton Hall at Warrington recently featured in the BBC1 drama...... " My Zoo " !!!!!!

37610 passes Walton on the former midland mainline with 1Q05 Tees Yard-Derby RTC via Monk Bretton on 12th December 2014.

taken on a old tree stump at walton gardens

Yet another sunrise burn! Gold pot :)

#escaype #sunriseforecasting

taken at Walton gardens

The parish church of St Mary, view of the bell tower.


The village and parish of West Walton is located in the western part of the county of Norfolk. The western flank of the parish is also the county border between Norfolk and Cambridgeshire and is also the course of the River Nene.


Saint Mary's dates from the 13th century built about 1240 and is unusual in that the church's bell tower is detached some 60 feet from the main building of the church. The tower is supported at its base by four open arches.


Camera - Nikon D5000

Lens - Sigma 10-20mm 1:4-5.6 DC

Yesterdays sunrise cloud burns. Wish i reached here early to catch pre-sunrise which was pretty intense red .


Sunrise forecasted by #escaype



The old pre-accelerator at Fermilab, no longer in use. This thingamabob steps up a 75kV AC signal to 750kV DC to give the hydrogen ions their first kick into the accelerator. After hydron ions (protons) leave this gizmo, they are imparted with an energy of rest mass + 750keV (kilo-electron-volts). from here they were eventually boosted up to 0.98 TeV (tera-electron-volts) and smashed into antiprotons of equal energy.


This large 3 story room of sciency looking stuff has been replaced with a pair of doohickeys the size of a refrigerator.

Canadian Pacific 8534 west, charges into the Reeseville Marsh basin as another golden sun says goodby for the day.

went to Walton on Wednesday and the baby goats were in the main field it was there first day so there were really happy and were messing about on the logs

Sepia Postcard. RP-PPC by W.H.W.


Lobban's Shawe's Arms

taken at Walton gardens

taken at Walton gardens

I took a bit of a gamble with this shot as the forecast wasn’t definite but with a grey shed up front, I thought I’d risk it. GBRf’s 66748 wheels along the former Midland Mainline at Walton with 6E84 08.20 Middleton Towers - Monk Bretton Redfearns sand train on 2nd October 14. (pole)


taken at the pond in walton

peacock and clock bokeh at Walton gardens

Taken at Walton gardens on a sunny day

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