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Had the opportunity to go for a few days and shoot at a photo workshop put together by my uncle Jon Fuller and renowned photographer Tom Till out at Arches National Park. The weather was kind of crummy but before I left I finally had some clear weather and was able to visit some of the famous arches here. It's been many years since I've been here and it really is quite a spectacular place to see in person. This is a view of Turret Arch from the north "window" at sunrise. 5 images blended to bring out the details and colors.

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Camera equipment: Canon 5D Mark III, 16-35mm f2.8L II USM lens



Here's a composite of the Northern Window and the Milky Way.


During my March 4-11, 2014 photo shoot in Moab, Utah (USA) and other nearby national and state parks, I wanted to expand my Milky Way night sky photography to include this part of the southwest. So on different nights, I photographed the Milky Way over numerous arches and monuments and because I did, the night sky went into the morning blue hour to sunrise with the result that I did not get a lot of sleep during the entire trip because even during the day I was constantly on the move.


A couple had arrived at "The Windows" in Arches National Park shortly after I did for night sky work, so we turned into a small team and went to different sites for Milky Way shots.


In this scene, I let them walk up to the northern window of "The Windows" and I signaled them to hold in place for my shot as they looked at the Milky Way rising in the eastern sky. This is one example of where you do not want to light paint an arch or monument ... it would have had a totally different and probably not as interesting effect if I had.


In 2015, I will be conducting multiple night sky / Milky Way workshops in Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. Should you be there at the end of March, please consider joining me for one or more nights as we photograph numerous sites throughout the park and other places.


Do you shoot the Milky Way but need a little help in getting the Milky Way to jump out of your photos ? If so, take a look at my ebook A Photographer's Milky Way Processing Guide - A Photoshop HowTo



Night sky / Milky Way photography in Jackson Hole, WY


This year I have three sunrise-to-sunset photo shoot adventures/tours in the Teton Mountains of Jackson Hole, WY, (two in June, one in July, I will conduct numerous night sky / Milky Way photo workshops during that time.


See my Flickr Profile if you are interested in joining one of my Jackson Hole/Teton Milky Way workshops there.



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Time to chill out to 2002's song ... Flight Of The Swan.


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Traipsing through my old Sd cards, I came across this gem. My chair, my window, and my old house, a wonderful memory, and a wonderful gift of art that inspired it


Thank you Aaron, for the beautifully inspiring image that reminds me to dance, and to be grateful for every moment I have lived, and what an incredible life I have


Here is the comp of the Turret Arch taken through the North Window ... a little closer to sunset that is warmer tones than the first image I have posted from this location. The cooler toned capture is shown below in the comments. Similarly, this is a 30 second exposure taken there. This image has a little cloning done to remove the "ghost" images of the people that were standing and walking around there in the arch. It was very exciting to be there and capture this with some fabulous colors there in the clouds.

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Tulip flowers outside a rain-soaked window.

There are no vehicles allowed in the village of Zermatt, so you take your car as far as this road ends and drive it onto a (car carrying) train, the train then takes you through to another station where you leave your car in an underground parking facility then board a passenger train for the remainder of the journey to Zermatt.

It's well worth the effort and the scenery is breathtakingly beautiful!


Taken through the car window!

Starting with the window image in the first comment, I repeated, blended, distorted, added some blossoms and a drain, colorized, cropped and masked until I was happy in a surreal kind of way!!


Happy Slider Sunday - HSS!


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Found in a store window on Commercial Drive in Vancouver.


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in omaggio a Meg che non ho potuto incontrare, ci rifaremo il mese prossimo !


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For Window Wednesday.


Not the best shot, the light was not great so I decided to do HDR on this. There was also a lot of sun flare, some of which I cloned out. The sky in the top right is not good but I don't have enough editing experience to know how to change it. Something I need to learn. I am such a technophobe and computer dummy so these things don't come naturally to me. I wanted to use this image though, as I love the building and thought it would be perfect for WW. HWW


The hall was originally to be called The central Hall of Arts and Sciences but was changed by Queen Victoria to The Royal Albert Hall of Arts and Sciences as a dedication to her husband Prince Albert.

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This is a repost from earlier in the year.


I know I take a lot of photos of barns and old buildings. But that goes with the territory of where I live in rural southern Alberta. The hard part is giving each of the barn photos a unique name. I have thought about calling them the McDonald's barn, or the Smith's barn, but often I don't know the name. So we'll just call this one, ...the barn with eight windows.


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Weathered By Time

"The Old Homestead"

Still Standing Proud!

The Old Weathered Barn


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For Window Wednesdays Group


This handsome couple was found in a window on Commercial Drive in Vancouver BC.


If you enjoy images of windows share them here with the Window Wednesdays group. Here is the link to join:

The results can sometimes be interesting, I think, when shooting from outside a building through a window toward another window on the inside. This shot, taken through a cabin window at a local 1850s historical site, reflects the shady side in the window glass on the outside where the image was taken, but also shows the sun streaming through a window on the sunny side of the cabin, revealing some of the items inside. There's also a small flame visible at lower left that was burning in a stove inside. This is a single image with no masks or layers. I did some processing to enhance the effect.


For Our Daily Challenge: Seen From A Window


Also for Sliders Sunday.


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...two windows and a tree...


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For Window Wednesdays Group


Found in a window at Steveston Village in Richmond BC.


If you enjoy images of windows share them here with the Window Wednesdays group. Here is the link to join:

For the first time i had a go adding a Texture to a image in Adobe i must say i got there in the end but it done my Head in. :-)

Happy Slider Sunday - HSS


So a bit of a story here on the evolution of the project from "111101000010010000000" to "Color Moving On."


The project started with the side of a glass window building that I distorted and tiled together to form the square "bullseye" I layered in the rose image and the diagonal lines came from a piece of the Nashville Convention Center along with the pigeons (which I like and have used quite a bit). I tried to blend in the mannequin image from Bergdorf & Goodman and the colors shifted to some nice pastels that I liked. I "hid" the bullseye shot and all of a sudden I was off in a different and interesting direction. I copied and saved those layers and went back and finished "111101000010010000000." When I was done I went back to the folder, hid the bullseye layer and rearranged the roses breaking up the colors a bit as I went. The mannequin bust didn't look right so she was replaced with some yellow color but I kept the window. I've been working on blending the intersecting color shapes and I was pretty happy the way this came out. While the color of the rose has moved on, the textures and lines are still beautiful.

This abstract image is the exterior of the new Birmingham Library.


I wanted to try and capture something a bit different, so decided to shoot directly up the windows whilst tucked behind the ornate patterned facade. Luckily the sun decided to come out for a brief few minutes for an added splash of colour.

Created for


Home of the Mini Challenge: SHOPFRONTS!

Credit for one of my layers from Public Domain

Other layer from Michel Mintaka



Not a big slide, but lots of little things, including compositing in the windows from a version whose color temperature was rendered completely differently. Same image copied and rendered differently, then windows cut out and moved into this copy of the image. Layers blurred and blended to get some glow, then parts masked out. I had been googling to discover how glow can be created in photoshop. And texture layer added. And many little dodgings and burnings.


Original in the first comment box below. If not visible, click on your refresh button.


This is the image from which my really dark image, fenêtre noire was created. When I had created the lights and darks luminosity masks for the window blues image, I loved the dark alpha channel for itself. And now I'm getting around to posting this one.


Happy Sliders Sunday!


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For Window Wednesdays:


This image - the one from last week (Hippy Dippy Window) were both shot at Finn Slough. A quirky off the grid community here in Greater Vancouver BC. It was founded in the later 19th century and still has approx. 30 families living there now.


This made Explore Aug 2, 2009 #129



Windows to her soul

I had a shoot for my other ID yesterday and straight away fell in love with this young lady's eyes!


Sony A350 Sigma 105mm macro


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A variation on the image "City Windows"


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Art - TSC

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I was captivated by how this textured green glassed, arched window, in a building in Gouveia, framed the view of the lush green, mountainous landscape. The light it cast on the textured tiled floor was magical. See image below.


Location of Gouveia in the state of Minas Gerais, BrazilGouveia is a Brazilian municipality located in the center of the state of Minas Gerais. Its population as of 2007 was 11,569 living in a total area of 874 km². The city belongs to the statistical mesoregion of Jequitinhonha and to the statistical microregion of Diamantina. It became a municipality in 1953. [1]


Gouveia is located at an elevation of 1113 meters in the upper Jequitinhonha River valley. It is southwest of Diamantina to which it is connected by federal highway BR-367. The nearest major population center is Diamantina. The distance to Diamantina is 34 km.


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Going through some of my sunset images in my archives from 2008, and came across this spectacular image of a dark rain clouds approaching as the end of the day is near it's end. Hope Y'all like it and thanks for all your support. Lol: Gaston.


View in large size for closer look at "Window into my Sunset".

For Window Wednesdays - I single leaf hitching a ride on my windshield!


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Azure window. A natural bridge in Dwejra Point of Gozo - Malta.


Submitted: 13/09/2015

Accepted: 29/09/2015


Dozens of images in my inventory to chose from and I can't find anything I like you get the window...of a chicken coop


Thank you for your comments and faves – they are greatly appreciated!


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Straight shot of a colourful part of Folkestone Town Centre. It was pointed out that the original image was a picture of two halves. So, this is part one with part two to follow. These are the original colours.

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...window in the window in the Purple floating house


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You may be wondering about an image of windows and Bleeding Hearts created around Valentine's Day, me too. But the way I wind up with these more creative images is I choose a starter image and see where it leads. I try not to pre-judge as I add the different layers and mix things about. I was working with the bleeding heart image so I kept at it. When I was "done" I had mixed feeling and was wondering if I should best put this aside and try something new. (Like some shots of our latest snowstorm here on the east coast of the US) I've come back a couple of times and I think what I like about this (besides the visual complexity) is the contradiction and contrasts that seem to be layered in. This was not my initial intent but seems to have come out in the final image or maybe not. :)


All the best and Thank You to all the folks that have passed on a kind word. I'm starting to get some time back but still plenty of distractors to manage.


Happy Slider Sunday - HSS

on the view from our window - the view is not really so dark and gloomy of course, that's artistc license ..!

Texture by Lenabem

Flickr Explored 11/06/2011 - thanks heaps folks!

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