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11/25/2005 @ 10:29:08

The Mallorca files

Mallorca 2012

from the 'Powershot' archives

One aspect that Microsoft got very wrong was Windows Updates. The situation has slowly improved with subsequent updates, but performing updates still isn’t as smooth or customizable as it should be. If you’re fed up with thinking about Active Hours and dealing with ...

TU München, Fakultät für Maschinenwesen

Campus Garching

Boltzmannstraße 15, 85748 Garching

HENN Architekten, München 1995-1998


BGF: 124.000 m²

"Das Fakultätsgebäude wurde im Auftrag des Freistaates Bayern, vertreten durch das Staatsministerium für Unterricht, Kultus, Wissenschaft und Kunst, begleitet durch die Oberste Baubehörde im Staatsministerium des Inneren, durch die BMW AG als Bauherr errichtet.


Kuehn Bauer Partner plante die Technische Ausrüstung.


Technische Besonderheit waren die vernetzte Infrastruktur, die Versuchseinrichtungen (von Turbinen über einen Verbrennungsmotoren-Prüfstand bis hin zu großen Windkanälen).



7 Institute, 28 Lehrstühle, 10 Hörsäle und Seminarräume, eine überdachte Straße (Länge 300 m), Atrien, Kantinenbereich, Sportanlagen, 1 Bibliothek, Labor- und Versuchseinrichtungen

für Turbinen, 1 Prüfstandsgebäude, 2 Windkanäle, Werkstätten, Energiezentrale und Versorgungsstrukturen für 350 Lehrpersonen, 800 Mitarbeiter und 3.800 Studenten.


Anlagengruppen Technische Ausrüstung:

Sanitär, Feuerlöschanlagen, Sprinkler, Wärme-/Kältetechnik,

Raumlufttechnik, Druckluft, Prozessgase und -medien, Labortechnik, Starkstromtechnik, Schwachstromtechnik, Gebäudeautomation, Lichtplanung, Photovoltaik, Fördertechnik, Lagertechnik.

Bibliothek (1.000 m²) (...)"

Text und Daten: Kuehn Bauer Partner

Here is a boarded one from the Tatoi, that was the summer palace and 10,000 acre estate of the former Greek Royal Family, and the birthplace of George II of the Hellenes. The area is a densely wooded southeast-facing slope of Mount Parnitha, and its ancient and current official name is Dekeleia. It is located 27 km from the city centre of Athens.

If you're running Skyrim on Windows 10 and aren't afraid of running beta software, the latest Fast Ring preview build of Win10 (build 16232) includes a fix for the long-standing Direct X 9 bug that prevents Skyrim from accessing more than 4GB VRAM.


This fix, along with disabling the Windows Touch keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service, stops the random CTDs and low-VRAM stutters on my machine entirely, so Windows 10 is now as good at running a 6-year-old game as an 8-year-old OS was.


To get that preview build of W10, just open the Settings app, find Windows Insider Program in the sidebar, and sign up for Fast Ring updates. And of course make restore points/backups etc. before doing this - it's not just pre-release software, it's pre-release Microsoft software, so exercise caution before upgrading a machine that you rely on.

(for my friend Isco 72)


See his photos here:

I returned to my uni building to have a play. My block I was in for 4 years has the most crazy stair case. But as I was at the top of it I saw this cool shot. And this is it. The world out side lined wonderfully. I love crazy blocks if colour and the hand rail. A very surreal cimpostion, but I love it. :-)


This image is two hdrs blended together. I spot metered the building out side and took a 7 bracketed exposure and then spot metered the corner of the wall and shot another 7. Processed for different dynamic range in photomatix and then edited in photoshop. Wanted to make the inside look smooth as I can as the world outside looks very janged.


Hope you enjoy?

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I really like all the little reflections of the cross of the window.



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Architecture. Buildig of the "Haagsche Courant", the most important local newspaper of the hague, Sythoff press concern

This building is located in Rijswijk (Plaspoelpoder)


Here you will find a picture of the building itself. Please scroll down, it is the last one


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