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Happy Easter everyone. Hope you made the most of your day off and took some photos, here's my early morning attempt. Thank you all for your comments, it's weird how even with 40 comments in 12 hours it doesn't make explore, go figure.


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Part of my Winter Set


This is the same scenery as HERE

but shot in winter this time ...


Have a nice week!


....but my first of Happisburgh Lighthouse, the only lighthouse in England to be independently owned and operated!!


I can think of at least two of my contacts who've posted photos of this lighthouse! Do stick your links on here -it's fun to see the different ways we've presented it!


We had a blistering hot lunch on Mundesley beach, popped into the Church Hall to see a surprisingly good exhibition (I say surprisingly because its such a small village) by members of the East Anglian Royal Photographic Society - and then we 'gambled' in the tiny arcade. We won, 3 plastic aliens, 1 plastic lorry and 22p. We spent about £3 winning that - so we were quite pleased with ourselves.


Texture by SolStock


ps - Sorry guys - been out all day, and just about to go out to the last mid week Cricket team drink at the pub of the season (pause for breath) - so will catch up with comments later this evening!! xx

textured with 'Card'

by 'Playingwithbrushes'


listen to one of my favorite songs from Sodastream / Melbourne

This Yellow-headed Blackbird was in an interesting position when I captured this image of him. I find it interesting that I saw several of them doing the split, that is, perched on two separate stalks. And he gave me a nice head profile, probably wondering what I was doing back there!


Taken 8 June 2017 near Vanscoy, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Another extraordinary sunset from yesterday here in San Antonio, Texas. I zoomed in for a closer look at the color tones, structure and form of these unbelievable clouds from yesterday's sunset "Heavenly Dreams Above". Hope Y'all like this Awesome capture.


Thanks for all your friendship & support on my work in the art of Photography.

Wishing you also a great Sunday, Gaston (aka Gasssman).

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On one of our long weekend get aways...I just had to walk down to the always calls to me and I cannot resist it's call....Alan on the other hand, choose to stay by the car.


Re-working of an old photo

Lagoa do Fogo (English: Lagoon of Fire) is a crater lake within the Agua de Pau stratovolcano in the center of the island of São Miguel Island in the Azores. The governmental authorities do not allow any modern construction around this lake. This lake is the highest above sea level on São Miguel Island. (wikipedia)

Silly sign, why would I pass without stopping to photograph these glorious trees!

I think this is my last cherries shot....until I buy another pound or two. :D



Karwendel mountains

Upper Bavaria, Germany,




Sept. 2011

... that Flickr images are being reblogged on Tumblr blogs and when your images are then reblogged by someone else on Tumblr, the link back to Flickr disappears? My images are reblogged on so many Tumblr blogs...... the disadvantage of getting a few shots in Explore it seems!

auf dem Monte Pana, oberhalb von Santa Cristina. Im Hintergrund der Schlern mit der Santner-Spitze, ein südtiroler Wahrzeichen.



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Cats always seem to find the best seat in the house. Here, my girl Sasha is warm and comfy in a down vest left on the sofa.

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kalithea spa Rhodes

My Japanese Maple again ... well, this is right after rain


If you do invite me to certain groups, would you kindly do that as a separate post? I usually like to later cleanup my post to keep the comments and leave off those graphics so the image load faster for those who doesn't have high speed connection.

Thank you very much for understanding this. I do appreciate all your presence here :))


Join me, let's listen to this as we view this image :) .. Lothlorien ...

My lovely friends ...

In any moment I'll be away from Net;-(((

I must improve my computer hehe...

So forgive me for not visiting your photos in

the near future......

But I'll try to keep eye on all of you my dears!

Warm hugs and kisses!

Have a very good and pleasent time to the end of this week



see in large:

just do it do it do it cause you want it

just do it do it do it cause you like it

do it do it do it cause you feel it

not because you saw it


you can do a song

cook your food

clean your house

you can use a thong

be so rude

kiss my mouth.


~ Just to It - Copacabana Club

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Everything I take a picture of, I try to think of it as a new invention for someone to see. If it comes out perfect it is because I put my heart into it. And if the viewer likes it, it is because his or her heart and emotions accepted it.


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"If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got."

Albert Einstein


textures thanks to .jenny and spektoral addendum.

The view from the tower of the Santa Barbara County Courthouse looking towards the Santa Ynez Mountains.


Last night it was -20,7. i am not freezing becauce i have an oven and a lot of firewood to burn. So i stay inside

Ejoy your day, keep warm

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explore 9/1-10

In the middle of the night, when the angels scream,

I don't want to live a lie that I believe.

Time to do or die.

Hit EXPLORE on Monday, June 16, 2008 at position # 59.


This butterfly/moth was about 5 meters down the slope. I have no idea what s/he was doing!

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