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This fellow spent hours shooting like that, hand held... Quite athletic !



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the drops are full of light, which is causing the grass to bow...

I love the Scuderia, makes a great noise too! I know the shot isn't very clean but I like it for that reason, there are a lot of reflections and it isn't tack sharp but it works with the busy surroundings, in my opinion anyway. Hopefully you will like it too! What are your thoughts of the editing? - Sydney CBD


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Realizing a burden, making it beautiful...

Diana F + 38mm superwide lens + KodakTri-x 400

We found a gazillion little white feathers just like this one along the beach. They all were covered in little tiny drops. A magical find.

BoOgErS~Soap box car, Wear a bear, Wooden compact car

Touch of Flair pose~Dancer in Black

DOLLCOCO~ Coco doll & Rabbit head

Azoury~Penny bag


ionic~Las casitas, my bird friend, excalibur,

Trompe Loeil~Mesh Topiaries

8f8~Vintage birds

ohmai~Mochi mouse

Luna Bliss Home and Garden~Grass

Vespertine~Fabric bird

Donna Flora~Cherie hat




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The more weight you lift, the more muscle definition and beauty you will have. Read More

Downtown Pittsburgh


Kaufmann's flagship "The Big Store" has a large landmark outdoor Clock on the corner of Fifth Avenue at Smithfield Street beside the building. The clock became a popular downtown meeting place, with the oft used phrase "Meet me under Kaufmann's clock." The clock is a Pittsburgh icon, and often featured in visual materials representing and marketing the city.


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There is nothing better arced trees, surrounding you in the weight of winter, refreshing your lungs, and clearing your mind.

So much fun to watch this Chip-Monk stuffing it's Bulging Cheek's.

Oggl, Snapseed, BlurFX, PhotoCopier, AltPhoto

15 x 15 inches, watercolor, gouache, colored pencil and crayon on Arches cp, Dec. 2008.

24. June 2008 +9 Celcius Mostly cloudy - last one from the midsummer celebration - These boys are trying to guess the weight of the stone in kilo grams - I do not now the answer.(100_0869)

school is boring as tits, but heres some fillmm

for Macro Mondays: sports theme

I am having a hard time expressing my feelings through writing; photography is an easier expressive source for me. I wanted to accompany this photo with a grand description, but my mind is a bit jumbled.


Is it possible to say that one feels too much to the point where feelings become unable? I honestly sit down with myself and try to analyze my thoughts. I feel as if I end up with nothing. I am cloudy minded. Wow, I can already tell that this is gonna be a 'splotchy' description. Well, here we go.


I am so fed up with people. I know this is a bold statement, and of course I'm not talking about people as a whole, but there is primarily one problem that has been on my mind- the fact that people use their looks, popularity, and wealth to separate themselves from others. As though their appearance automatically labels them differently from other humans. I see people hurting, struggling, and even fighting for their own life. The separation that popularity constructs builds a barricade; the barricade that separates the 'popular' from the 'nobody's'. We should live in an environment where equality actually means something. Sadly, my ideal environment is not realistic. When someone is in need of help, they should receive comfort and resolution.


There is nothing more painful than to see someone reach for help in a lost world.


Anyway, I finish school in a few weeks. I also prepare for many goodbyes. The next few months will be bittersweet for sure.


Life feels like a dream. I feel as if I repeat literally everything. I feel the same, I drive to the same locations, I eat a lot of the same foods, and I feel like a robot. I need to figure some things out, and it's more than just changing my routine.


Well Flickr people, I think this is ending of my venting sesh. For anyone who actually read all of this, thank you.


Overall, I wanted this to resemble the absence of so many needed people. The call of desperation to a world that doesn't seem to care.


Make a change; be the change.


Eliminating the junk food via 500px

Canon EOS 450D

Lente: EF24-105mm f/4L IS usm


Exposición: 5 seg en f/22

No Flash. Iso 200

Autor :JL Bravo


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Leica M Monochrom - 50mm Summilux


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A muscular man with a handlebar mustache and a body suit lifting a weight with a bending bar.

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