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Somewhere along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia ;-)

Flugshow - WP Lüneburger Heide

Flugshow WP Lüneburger Heide

Virginia - A Rose of Sharon; light and colors at sunrise....

I liked this shot from the start but it just wasn't quite right. It was overexposed and the colors were too light. So by going into light room and photoshop I like it enough to share with you. I did share this image earlier but I like the 2.0 version better.

It's been hot a few days here (okay, not really hot, but for Portland area, hot), then it cooled. During the hot times, I hung around the yard shooting, but went back to Greenway, and found this Virginia Rail hanging out there. Only the third sighting of one of these birds for me, and the first this year!

A beautiful old house in the Northern Neck of Virginia. This house sits on a corner lot and backs up to the Rappahannock River.

They aren’t all abandoned houses here. HWW

Virginia - Sunrise with ground fog rising at a farm.....

Der Virginia-Uhu ist eine Vogelart aus der Gattung der Uhus, die zur Familie der Eigentlichen Eulen und zur Ordnung der Eulen gehört. Er ist eng mit dem Magellan-Uhu verwandt, der lange Zeit als eine Unterart des Virginia-Uhus angesehen wurde.

My first time photographing this elusive bird. :)

Virginia - Autumn colors; a country lane at sunrise.....

Virginia - Sunrise over a walking path...

Lifer # 47 2020

It was very cool to see this very elusive bird feeding in the open like this for as long as it did. There was both adults and seven chicks feeding.

Rallus Limicola

Virginia - beauty in nature....

A pretty view when looking up while hiking in the Apple Orchard Falls trail there in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Great to see everything greening up and fun to be out on a glorious day with Mrs. Krach ... trying to get lost as she put it ;)

Virginia - beauty in nature; at dawn...

Virginia - The beginning of a new day on the Potomac River....

Virginia - beauty in nature...

Several people have noticed that I don’t take wildlife photos. I even got challenged to take one (you know who you are Keith). I did get a fairly good picture of a chicken. Recently, I took a picture of a Vulture.

I am now moving on to bigger wildlife. I questioned whether cows could be considered as wildlife, but Western Thunderer said since it had four legs he would give me a pass on that.

Then there is Knut who is interested in what our cows look like here in Virginia.

So, I went out on a limb and took a picture of cows. They are very curious and calm animals and stood still for quite awhile so I could take their picture. The cow on the right was getting decidedly bored with me when I didn’t proffer any food.

Happy Fence Friday, friends.

Virginia - Early morning walk in the woods, with constant rain.....

A Virginia Rail at Silver Creek Preserve near Picabo, Idaho


"A secretive bird of freshwater marshes, the Virginia Rail often remains hidden in dense vegetation, but its loud grunting may give away its presence. As it slowly pokes its way through the marsh, you might get a glimpse of its reddish bill, black-and-white barred sides, and its twitching tail, showing off white tail feathers beneath."

Virginia Central’s Porter 50 tonner crosses the Hazel Run with two cars in Fredericksburg, Virginia.


Where the first settlers left for North America from England.

Petersburg, Virginia was a very interesting city; Old town looked like a ghost town. It was quite strange and it felt like we were in the Twilight zone. But I really liked the looks of this antique store.

Virginia; Sunrise on the Potomac River. I was struck by how quiet it was where I took this photo.....

seen at Victoria Park, in Truro, Nova Scotia Canada.

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Virginia - Ground fog in a farmer's field.....

These Virginia Bluebells add beautiful colour to the garden in the Spring.





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Two days ago I was out shooting pictures and I found a pond covered in brown scum. I snapped about 20 photos thinking it would look really artistic. There were trees framing the pond. Beautiful yet disgusting.

They came out “rubbish”, so I am posting two photos of sailboats in a local marina.

This one comes to Virginia all the way from the State of Washington on the West Coast.

Virginia - Sunrise in a nature preserve, where "nature" is green!

Virginia Shop - Christmas set Natalia red


Virginia Shop - Chritsmas set Paola pink


Full Credits at ♥My Blog♥

A real eye catcher in the Wild Garden (West Wales, Ceredigion)


[ Dedicated to CRA (ILYWAMHASAM) ]


Panasonic Lumix DMC- FZ200


108.0 mm

1/640 Sec

ISO 200

Virginia - Footbridge to the rising sun in a nature preserve .....

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