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At a nature break, I noticed that I'd been carrying a yellow jacket stowaway up into the mountains--good thing the vent was closed! The poor bee was still alive, but only barely.

This is the bee hive outside my front door. It might be difficult to get perspective, but it's bigger than a football (but smaller than a breadbox).


I don't know if it's yellow jackets or honey bees ... and the one call I placed to a beekeeper has so far gone unreturned. Given the problems with honeybees, I want do to what's right ... but if I don't get a solution soon I might have to call pest control. I'm kinda afraid to walk out my front door these days ...


Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated!


Oh yeah, I'm calling this the third invasion on my home this summer. First came the birds (into the dryer vent where they got trapped), then came the annual attack of the ants, and now this. Lucky me.

Putting up a new light fixture on the end of a small barn. Saw a bat in the gable end vent, right above was two good sized yellow jackets and a hornets nest. Very unfriendly neighbors, felt like i was in the middle of a bar fight at one point.