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I upgraded a Racecar drive this time.


The editing sucks. Deal with it.

Although, I would be grateful if you guys could give me a few tips. ;)

As noted in the previous comparison pic, I got some of my old Lego today, and in particular two StuG's. I have decided to go about updating one of them to my current scale and quality standards.

Got some swanky new LEDs today and just couldn't resist a quick trip to the little pond to test them out! :D


Sickly Overdose Of Colours

Mia (Miami Vice Kyori) on a NU2 body


Fashion Credits:

Jeans: HSD

Shoes: ebay

Other pieces: FR

Union upgrade poster, 2017

This is from one one of my earliest visits to Sandaoling when the main spectacle was the banked trains of returning empties from the China Rail exchange sidings. During this particular trip, it always seemed to happen at daybreak and the digital cameras of the day just about managed to cope with the lack of light. Here the dawn sky is streaked with pink as the two JS class locos grind their way across the desert on the 10 mile climb to Sandaoling. January 2008. :copyright: David Hill.

McGirts Creek bridge is currently getting another of the many recent upgrades, this time it's an environmentally friendly toilet, placed right in front of the bridge house. That marks the end of shots facing south from multiple angles.


Q455 passes the bridge southbound in this direction, with construction equipment parked for the night.

finally got a mesh head, say hello to my new lewk

few days ago I went out bicycling in the rain: that's something i love to do.

but now I think that is time to upgrade my old bike for new challenges...


El Niagara en Bicicleta

[ explored ]

This footbridge is a Grade II* listed... er, building? Beautiful it is not. Structural concerns means the original bridge is masked by a girder and scaffold contraption - which has removed all the fun as you used to be able to shake the bridge by jumping on it (in hindsight, probably a bad move).,_Bath


This is three handheld shots merged in Photomatix and then tuned up in Lightroom. A the début of a new watermark. Bit more crisp, bit less prominent. Why do I do it? Because so many sites strip out EXIF data and copyright laws are beginning to favour orphaned works.

Half Dome from Stoneman Meadow.


Taken with my Nikon F6 and AF Nikkor 17-35 f/2.8 on Walmart/Fuji ASA 200 color print film. Aside from a little grain I love the colors.

Just have been upgraded from a First Officer postion to an A320 Captain! This is my very first flight on the left seat

Düsseldorf - Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

California and 599 GTB

the exit onto upper bank street from canary wharf station. HDR


please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © all rights reserved



Bought some new stuff for my ride.


New drop bars, brake lever, new saddle, new stem, new bar tape.


I think she looks pretty nice now :)


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This old and decayed building is located at Bjørn, Dønna. Ran the shots through the HDR-machine and it came out like this. It's a shame to see neglect of this kind but then again, it suits us photo-enthusiasts just as much (or even more) as it would in top condition.

Recently I met up with a friend Mike Ridley for a catch up and to take some shots at the angel and as there wasnt a cloud in the sky (a typical event for us) I took my Panasonic G5 which has been professionally converted so that I can take Infra Red shots.


We started off on the footy pitch further back from the angel then made our way around the tree line so that we were behind. Now anyone who has been before will tell you that you need a really wide lens to cram the whole sculpture in especially at close quarters! Mike opted for the Samyang 14mm on his 5D while I had the Olympus 9-18 on my Micro 4/3 camera which is equivalent to 18-36 on Full Frame. Not super wide but very wide and the most affordable wide lens for this camera.


As usual at the angel there are many tourists standing about so I went for an angled shot that firstly kept them out but also I wanted to try and get a different comp, one with a strong lead into the main subject so I kept the lens at its widest and kept stepping back till I was practically in the trees! I just managed to get it all in in one shot.


After taking many more shots from behind with this camera I put it away and started shooting with the 5D as we got into the business end of the golden hour.


The place was as busy as Ive ever seen it, photographers were everywhere, lying on the floor at the foot of the angel shooting skywards and all sorts! It transpired later they were from a photography club. One of them was intrigued by my Haida 10 stop filter I had on that appears to be metallic pink and after that I was mobbed by them as I showed him the Panasonic IR camera and he shouted the whole club over. No more shots were taken after that haha.


Tech Info...


Panasonic G5 converted professionally to Full Spectrum meaning it has had its Low Pass Filter/Hot Mirror removed by Protech Repairs.

Olympus M.Zuiko 9-18 f4-5.6

9mm (equivalent to 18mm on 35mm Full Frame)


-1.33 Exposure Compensation in Aperture Priority


ISO 160




Heliopan RG665 (650nm)


Processing Info...


I opened the RAW file in DxO Optics Pro 9 where I made some basic adjustments before importing the shot as a Tiff file to PS. One problem with Infra Red photography is that some lenses can suffer from what is called a hotspot. It appears as a light blob in the centre of the shot and looks terrible depending on how badly the lens is effected. My Olympus is intermittent which is frustrating as sometimes its fine and others its bad and the worst thing is it doesnt manifest until you look at the shot on PS and start editing. To counter this Ive found that you can remedy it by opening the shot in Niksofts Viveza 2 (or probably all Niksoft plugins for that matter and add a control point where you can make localised adjustments. I chose the point in the centre of the frame and dropped the brightness which seemed to work.

Next I used Khromagery's (an IR conversion company and website) PS action which swaps the red & blue channel to give the false colour look you see in all colour IR shots. It also does various other things such as adjusting levels and the like. Straight away the sky switches to blue, the foliage changes and the angels rusty appearance caused by the use of Corten Steel which has a very high copper content was instantly 'upgraded' to a nice aluminium/silver appearance.

From this point I used the Pro Contrast preset in Niksofts Colour Efex to bring out the detail a touch then also another preset named Darken/Lighten centre to try and further more put the attention on the subject. Nothing much was occurring in the sky as you can see at this point.

Lastly I saved the shot in various formats and sizes before uploading to the web.


Thanks very much for reading and stopping by :)


I reworked my M202 from the days of that thekingx kid, and added some nifty features, i.e. removable rocket tubes and a hollow sight.

I'm slowly feeling my way around Lightroom 4. The editing possibilities are brilliant with much better control over sections of the photo. On the original photo the wing of the bird was all white, the foreground reflection was dim, the background at the top fairly bland. And when I had finished editing I used the Export to flickr system successfully for the first time. The only drawback is that it is slow to render the changes.


I inadvertently posted this as a high-res version so you can see all the warts and imperfections, and also the noise control. The photo was taken at ISO1000 and there was noise in the original.


Renovations often entail additional outlets, switches, and upgrading of existing fixtures. When this occurs, additional amperage may be required. That means more circuit breakers must be installed. If the existing panel box has no more slots for breakers, an upgrade becomes necessary.

If you need BREAKER UPGRADES, call SNAPPER ELECTRIC (410) 808-4215 right away!


Olympus OM-2n + Zuiko 50mm f/1.2 + Kodak Pro Press Chrome PC100 reversal film expired in 2005

Grinding up the eastern slope of Beaumont Hill on UP's Yuma Subdivision, a westbound general freight is down to a crawl as it passes through Cabazon with a pair of brand new Tier 4 motors from GE pushing hard on the rear of the train.

Like I did with Rio De Janeiro Specter, I thought why not?

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