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This is the River Clyde in Glasgow. The bridge is the one that can be seen in the background on the BBC Reporting Scotland News. The shot was taken from the BBC Centre.

Izz and Dad (me) slipped away after the Christmas meal down to the beach. Conditions were perfect in the last of the winter light. For once I had my camera with a memory card and battery, a wide angle lense and Izzy was up for getting airborne !


Low tide meant wet mirror like sand and we almost had the beach to ourselves! An afternoon to remember!

Gotta love the southern part of the United Kingdom!


:copyright: Daan Steinhaus

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my first attempt in slow shutter seascape capturing

I've been really busy at work and today is the first day off I've had for weeks, so I was up early and out taking photos. It was well worth it as the cloud you can see in the distance soon spread over.

The Palace of Westminster is the meeting place of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the two houses of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Commonly known as the Houses of Parliament after its tenants, the Palace lies on the Middlesex bank of the River Thames in the City of Westminster, in central London. Its name, which derives from the neighbouring Westminster Abbey, may refer to either of two structures: the Old Palace, a medieval building complex that was destroyed by fire in 1834, and its replacement New Palace that stands today. For ceremonial purposes, the palace retains its original style and status as a royal residence.


The Palace is one of the centres of political life in the United Kingdom; "Westminster" has become a metonym for the UK Parliament, and the Westminster system of government has taken its name after it. The Elizabeth Tower, in particular, which is often referred to by the name of its main bell, "Big Ben", is an iconic landmark of London and the United Kingdom in general, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city and an emblem of parliamentary democracy.


The Palace of Westminster has been a Grade I listed building since 1970 and part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987.


@ London, England. UK

Wer schon einmal früh morgens, nach einer regnerischen Nacht im Kensington Garden war, weiss was für ein herrliches Gefühl es ist dort spazieren zu gehen. Die Luft ist erfüllt von frisch gemähtem Gras und den Blüten der Bäume.


Who morning, was after a rainy night in Kensington Garden ever early, knows what a great feeling it is to walk there. The air is filled with freshly cut grass and the flowers of the trees.



Vereinigtes Königreich (United Kingdom)


März (March) 2015


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These two gulls just sat there for ages.

The St Pauls visitor centre roof.

From my hiking trip to Scotland in Summer 2013... It was such a great time and a great experience!

A light morning mist rising over the River Derwent just below the weir.

This is the church above LLandecwyn, which affords a fantastic view of the estuary.

Copyright for this image are reserved to Abdulaziz Malallah


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I was hoping to get into the hills before sunrise, but was running late and the sun was starting to break the horizon. I came across this little lake with the two boats moored and two gulls standing on a loan rock. It was so serene and peaceful I sat there and watched the sun come up rather than rush into the hills.

This is my golden retriever, Copper. We named him this as he was a lovely copper colour as a puppy. Now that he is getting on a bit we should perhaps re-name him "Grey".


He is great dog though and stood patiently on this bridge while I got set up and started walking and wagging his tail on command

Canon 5DMkII | Canon 17-40mm F/4 lens | ISO50 | 20mm | F/16 | 55sec | Lee 0.6 ND hard grad & 0.6 ND soft grad

Sony A65 and Sigma 10-20


We spent a few days over Christmas staying with Granny and Granddad in Pembrokeshire.


Photographically the weather was rather hit and miss, but the forecast was perfect for Christmas Day - sunny with clouds!


Izzy and I cunningly escaped the post meal clearing up by going to the beach. But the weak winter sun was sinking fast so we didn't have time to waste.


Izzy has a mercurial and capricious nature as far as posing for photos goes. However on this occaision with a near empty beach at low tide, great weather and Izzy in a good mood, Neptune and Saturn were in conjunction and I was really pleased with the way the shots came out!

This photo was shot during a research trip to Scotland in October 2014.

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Burford, Oxfordshire OX18, UK

These are the seasons of emotion

And like the winds they rise and fall

This is the wonder of devotion

I see the torch we all must hold.

This is the mystery of the quotient

Upon us all a little rain must fall...


- Led Zeppelin

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