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Kleine Nebengasse in York... erinnert mich irgendwie an die Winkelgasse aus Harry Potter :-)

Small side street in York ... somehow reminds me of Diagon Alley from Harry Potter :-)



England - Vereinigtes Königreich (United Kingdom)

Juni (June) 2012


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This is the River Clyde in Glasgow. The bridge is the one that can be seen in the background on the BBC Reporting Scotland News. The shot was taken from the BBC Centre.

From my hiking trip to Scotland in Summer 2013... It was such a great time and a great experience!

Izz and Dad (me) slipped away after the Christmas meal down to the beach. Conditions were perfect in the last of the winter light. For once I had my camera with a memory card and battery, a wide angle lense and Izzy was up for getting airborne !


Low tide meant wet mirror like sand and we almost had the beach to ourselves! An afternoon to remember!

The Grade I Listed Roman Newport Arch, viewed from Bailgate, Lincoln, Lincolnshire.


Newport Arch is the name given to the remains of a 3rd-century Roman gate, it is reputedly the oldest arch in the United Kingdom still used by traffic.


The arch was remodelled and enlarged when the city, then Lindum Colonia a Roman town, became capital of the province Flavia Caesariensis in the 4th century. It is one of many original Roman arches still open to traffic, other examples being two gates through the city walls of the Roman town of Diocletianopolis (now Hisarya, Bulgaria), as well as numerous examples in Turkey.


As the north gate of the city, it carried the major Roman road Ermine Street northward almost in a straight line to the Humber.


Regno Unito, Londra, Canary Wharf, Inverno 2016


West India Quay è un distretto nelle Docklands, Londra. Il magazzino a West India Quay era utilizzato usato per immagazzinare merci importate dalle Indie Occidentali, come il tè, lo zucchero e il rum. Adesso fa parte del distretto degli affari di Canary Wharf.


West India Quay is a district in the Docklands, London. The warehouse at West India Quay was used to store imported goods from the West Indies, such as tea, sugar and rum. Now it is part of the a major business district Canary Wharf.


As so ofter I just stopped on my way to work to take that shot in the morning.

This is the church above LLandecwyn, which affords a fantastic view of the estuary.

Copyright for this image are reserved to Abdulaziz Malallah


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Sony A65 and Sigma 10-20


We spent a few days over Christmas staying with Granny and Granddad in Pembrokeshire.


Photographically the weather was rather hit and miss, but the forecast was perfect for Christmas Day - sunny with clouds!


Izzy and I cunningly escaped the post meal clearing up by going to the beach. But the weak winter sun was sinking fast so we didn't have time to waste.


Izzy has a mercurial and capricious nature as far as posing for photos goes. However on this occaision with a near empty beach at low tide, great weather and Izzy in a good mood, Neptune and Saturn were in conjunction and I was really pleased with the way the shots came out!

I've been really busy at work and today is the first day off I've had for weeks, so I was up early and out taking photos. It was well worth it as the cloud you can see in the distance soon spread over.

These two gulls just sat there for ages.

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Regno Unito, Londra, Hammersmith, Primavera 2017


L’Hammersmith Bridge è un ponte sospeso a ovest di Londra. Permette il traffico stradale e ai pedoni di attraversare il fiume in direzione di Barnes, nel quartiere londinese di Richmond upon Thames.

La costruzione delle’attuale ponte terminò nel 1887 ed è lungo 210 m, largo 13 m e con un costo di £ 82.117 per la sua costruzione. Questo ponte è famoso perché è apparso in alcune scene del film Sliding Doors girato vicino al ponte nel pub “the Blue Anchor” nelle vicinanze.


Hammersmith Bridge is a suspension bridge in west London. It allows road traffic and pedestrians to cross to Barnes, in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, on the south side of the river.

The construction of the actual bridge ended in 1887 and it is 210 m long and 13 m wide and cost £82,117 to build. This bridge is famous because it appeared in some scenes from the movie Sliding Doors filmed next to the bridge and in the Blue Anchor pub nearby.


A light morning mist rising over the River Derwent just below the weir.

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Tower Bridge and the River Thames on a clear sunny evening, London, England.


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This is my golden retriever, Copper. We named him this as he was a lovely copper colour as a puppy. Now that he is getting on a bit we should perhaps re-name him "Grey".


He is great dog though and stood patiently on this bridge while I got set up and started walking and wagging his tail on command

The St Pauls visitor centre roof.

The Grade I Listed John Rylands Library, Deansgate, Manchester, Greater Manchester.


The John Rylands Library is a late-Victorian neo-Gothic building which opened to the public in 1900, was founded by Enriqueta Augustina Rylands in memory of her husband, John Rylands. The John Rylands Library and the library of the University of Manchester merged in July 1972 into the John Rylands University Library of Manchester; today it is part of The University of Manchester Library.


Special collections built up by both libraries were progressively concentrated in the Deansgate building. The special collections, believed to be among the largest in the United Kingdom, include medieval illuminated manuscripts and examples of early European printing, including a Gutenberg Bible, the second largest collection of printing by William Caxton, and the most extensive collection of the editions of the Aldine Press of Venice. The Rylands Library Papyrus P52 has a claim to be the earliest extant New Testament text. The library holds personal papers and letters of notable figures, among them Elizabeth Gaskell and John Dalton. The architectural style is primarily neo-Gothic with elements of Arts and Crafts Movement in the ornate and imposing gatehouse facing Deansgate which dominates the surrounding streetscape.


Enriqueta Rylands purchased a site on Deansgate for her memorial library in 1889 and commissioned a design from architect Basil Champneys. Rylands commissioned the Manchester academic Alice Cooke to index the vast library of the 2nd Earl Spencer which she had purchased and another collection of autographs. Mrs Rylands intended the library to be principally theological, and the building, which is a fine example of Victorian Gothic, has the appearance of a church, although the concept was of an Oxford college library on a larger scale. Champneys presented plans to Mrs Rylands within a week of gaining the commission. Thereafter frequent disagreements arose and Mrs Rylands selected decorative elements, window glass and statues against his wishes.


The core of the library's collection was formed around 40,000 books, including many rarities, assembled by George Spencer, 2nd Earl Spencer, which Mrs Rylands purchased from Lord Spencer in 1892. She had begun acquiring books in 1889 and continued to do so throughout her lifetime. After its inauguration on 6 October 1899 (the wedding anniversary of John Rylands and Enriqueta Tennant) the library opened to readers and visitors on 1 January 1900.


The building has been extended four times, the first time to designs by Champneys in 1920 after the project was delayed by World War I. The Lady Wolfson Building opened in 1962 on the west side and a third extension, south of the first was built in 1969. In January 2003, an appeal to renovate the building was launched. Funds were generated from grants from the University of Manchester and Heritage Lottery Fund and donations from members of the public and companies in Manchester. The project, Unlocking the Rylands, demolished the third extension, refurbished parts of the old building and erected a pitched roof over its reinforced concrete roof. Champneys designed a pitched roof but Mrs Rylands was advised that an internal stone vault would reduce the fire risk and it was not built. The £17 million project was completed by summer 2007 and the library reopened on 20 September 2007.


from the archives ...


"Don't think sorry's easily said

Don't try turnin' tables instead

You've taken lots of chances before

But I ain't gonna give anymore

Don't ask me

That's how it goes

Cause part of me knows what you're thinkin'


Don't say words you're gonna regret

Don't let fire rush to your head

I've heard the accusation before

And I ain't gonna take any more

Believe me

The sun in your eyes

Made some of the lies worth believing



I am the eye in the sky

Looking at you

I can read your mind

I am the maker of rules

Dealing with fools

I can cheat you blind

And I don't need to see any more

To know that

I can read your mind,

[looking at you] I can read your mind,

[looking at you] I can read your mind

[looking at you] I can read your mind


Don't leave false illusion behind

Don't cry, I ain't changin' my mind

So find another fool like before

Cause I ain't gotta live anymore


Some of the lies

While all of the signs are deceiving




The Alan Parsons Project

Eye in the Sky

there are 1000's of padlocks on the railings at Albert Docks, Liverpool. Many have messages engraved, to be re read hopefully in future years, or by new generations.

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