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fresh from this morning - mist & rain drizzle - I couldn't resist...




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في كل الأشياء قصص أحكيها عنك،

في كل أشيائي بعضٌ من دفء و كثيرٌ من فقد .


*أفنان عبدالعزيز




Ngồi vẽ chym twitter, thành ra con chim chích lai vẹt với hải cẩu :))

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An image from Buttermere, Cumbria.


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It was a disappointing dawn in Rosedale Abbey as I was expecting some mist/frost but I quite liked this view...

the old school version of twitter. ♥

*****NOTE: i cancelled my twitter

This is an extra from day 137/365. :)


I can't wait to go back to another field like this one, I think my head is going to explode from all the ideas swimming around in it! I love this time of year... everything is so beautiful. :) I also really love Olivia's jumper, it matches all the fields. :D



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Taken with Meyer-Optik Görlitz Orestor 100/2,8


Model: Lucy

Assistant: Sonia Vico Blanes

Photo shoot: Regents Park, London

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Leica M4 Summicron 35mm f2

400TX@320 Self Development

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05 de diciembre de 2011-IMG_3907-Editar

Children's Grand Park, Seoul, Korea.

February 2013.

Canon 6D.


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Rocky is delighted with his new Twitter account and has made some new friends already !

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