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This was from one of those 'Wow Norfolk' afternoons. We found a new footpath behind Cley village that led to the sea. Birds singing, silver sea, perfect light. Straight from the camera.

I took this while we were wandering round North Derbyshire. In the hazy sunshine, you can just make out Jodrell Bank. My Mum, year’s ago on a similar trip, thought Jodrell Bank was a spaceship.

I saw this when walking the dog. The dog found photography very boring and fidgeted. That makes focussing more difficult than usual. I love the autumn colours here and the line of the fence.

One of my butterfly broaches captured very close up. Taken with the IPhone and Olloclip Macro Lens. Pure blur, but I love the colours and patterns. I can just see a butterfly shape, as did my partner when I pointed it out to him..

One from the archives. I took this one at Cromer beach from the beach hut.

One from a walk in Cromer, from the beach to the cliff top. There are some lovely gardens. I loved the colour of the fuchsia against red brick wall.

One of Cromer's beautiful sunsets. I took this with the new lens, so I'm quite pleased. One welcome extra factor is the camera is so much lighter.

This is the lock(s) for the coal house door at the farm. I like the strong colour and the arrangement of padlocks. I admire them every time I go to fill the coal buckets. I have plenty of time, whilst I find the right tiny key on the great big bunch.

These flowers were in a vase on the sideboard. The light was pouring through the window onto them. I chose a macro focus to show one flower with an especially nice colour glowing in the sunshine.

The national flower of South full bloom on the mountains right now

one glance of gentleness....

My second favourite beach, Porthmeor, has these houses / artists' studios backing onto it. The houses, and windows, are all different. There was a sea mist blowing in at this point in time. The weather was atrocious but on Porthmeor, everything feels right

as they swam towards the beach they used these little rocks as stepping stones, jumping and diving off into the sea, eventually waddling onto land..

perhaps also curious...a Pale Chanting Goshawk juvenile (my first sighting of one) in Etosha. I was almost at the same level as it, in a big overland truck and it was on the top of a small tree, as I started to photograph, it became more curious about the sound of my camera and instead of flying away stayed to entertain our group who were fascinated by the way it was interacting with us...


how to ambush, how to hunt..all very important skills for these Cheetah cubs to acquire before they leave the protection of their mother, we watched them for a good 40 minutes including some very high speed chasing


Here you can watch a clip of what we saw in the wild as well... (a YouTube clip)

and saying thank you to all of you who have offered kind words of support during the recent unrest in South Africa, the situation has started to calm down but we are still on alert with the army despatched to various provinces ...


This little baby elephant was learning about the use of its trunk in Kruger national park.

location: Mt.Rokko,Hyogo prefecture,Japan


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Green maple leaves of the Kitano tenmangu Odoi Mound and the Uguisu Bridge

early morning light on this flamingo as it wades through the lagoon...such elegant birds

from this adorable Egyptian goose gosling, even though the adults like to wake me up in the mornings as my alarm clock in nature, their babies are just the cutest to watch.


To everyone around the world who celebrates Easter, let it be a peaceful and safe time with your family...🐣🐥🐤

location :Genko-an temple,Kyoto city,Kyoto Prefecture,Japan


Genko-an temple ,formal title is Yohozan Hojyurin Genko-an,is located in the Takagamine district in northwestern Kyoto. It was founded by Tatsu'o Giko,the second abbot of Daitokuji Monastery ,of the Rinzai school of Zen,in1346,and used as his retirement hermitage.

The hondo( main hall)was built by Seika Koji, a carpenter from Kaga,in 1694.Shakamuni Buddha,along with two his disciples is enshrined here.

To the right of hondo,there are two famous windows,one round,one square. They are called satorino mado and mayoino mado respectavely.

Satorino mado( the window of Realization) is round,implying Zen maturity,completeness and enlightenment,while mayoi no mado(The window of Delusion ) is square,implying confusion,ignorance,and immaturity ,or the life of samsara.that is a life of human suffering.- Genko-an


ƒ/4.5 18.0 mm 1/125sec ISO200


location : Nanzenji Temple Tenjyuan ,Kyoto city ,Kyoto Prefecture,Japan

南禅寺 天授庵

Tenjyuan :


Tenjyuan is one of the most historically important temple of the Nanzenji. It was built as a dedication of the founder of the Nanzenji , Daiminkokushi Mukanfumon .

In 1267 the Emperpor Kameyama,enchanted with the natural beauty of the spot,elected a villa on the site where where the Nanzenji Temple now stands. Around 1288 the emperor was vexed by the appearance of a ghost and asked for help from Daiminkokushi ,the third Chief Priest of the Tofukuji Temple.

The priest rid Emperor Kameyama of the gost by merely performing Zazen meditations without reciting a single sutra.

The emperor was deeply moved by this demonstration of the priest's virtue and subsequently became became his disciple,giving himself the name Hoo("Great Priest").He later converted his villa into zen temple and dedicated it to Daiminkokushi.These events took place in Hoo's later years ; the priest died before the coversation of the villa was complete.It was left for a priest named Kiansoen,the successor of finish the work and inaugurate the zen temple. For this reason little credit for the task is given to Daiminkokushi himself.In 1336 Kokakushiren,the 15th chief priest of Nanzen Ji Temple,asked the retired Emperor Kogon for permission to construct a building commemorating the founding of the temple by Daiminkokushi.Construction on the building was completed in the following year(1337),hence the opening of the Tenjyuan.

Tenjyuan,however ,was destroyed in the Nanzenji conflagration of 1447 .Nor was the temple spared destraction by fire during the Onin War ( 1467-1477). More then 130 years passed before the temple was finally reconstructed.

Many of the temples destroyed by wars were reconstructed in the last quarter of the 16th century,when Japan enjoyed a period of political stability. The priests of Nanzenji agreed that the Tenjyuan be reconstructed by one of the most famous Zen priests of Kyoto,Genporeisan.He appointed Ungakureikei chief priest of the Tenjyuan ,and asked the daimyo Hosokawa Yusei to finance the enterprise.Thanks to generous contribution of Hosokawa,the reconstruction of the Main Hall,the Main Gate,and the old study was completed in August ,1602.These are the Tenjyuan buildings that stand today.

The garden consists of the front ,or eastern,garden of the Main Hall, and the southern garden near the Study.


The eastern garden is a rock garden. A geometrically designed stone footpath embedded in white sand and moss connects the Main Hall with the Maingate. This footpath was made 1338 after the original construction of the Tenjyuan.

The other ,shorter stone footpath leading to Yusai's mausoleum was made after Yusai's death in1610.


The layout of the southern garden clearly illustrates the characteristics of late 14th century landscaping.The two central islands in particular epitomize this style. A long penninsula extending from the study and a smaller penninsula extending from the other side meet to form a curling clasp,creating an eastern and western pond.The shorelines of the two ponds so divided are thus varied.

The eastern pond is smaller than the other and has a slopping bank.In addition to this landscaping technique,the arrangement of rocks near the waterfall indicates that the garden was made around the time of the construction of the Tenjyuan in 1337.

- Tenjyuan

ƒ/7.1 70.0 mm 1/125sec ISO 100


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These were little saplings protected by rigid plastic sleeves in 2015. They were planted as part of a new hedge on a stretch of the North Norfolk coast road between Sheringham and Cley. I've cropped the photo to show off the saplings. I will go back and check on their progress.

Second image from the little lens that clips onto the iPhone, the Olloclip. Great fun indeed. I like the vivid colour on this one.

A view of Hozu- kyo ( the valley of Hozu) from Arashiyama-Takao Road


Fortunately I could see a trroco train going on a bridge :)


location : Arashiyama Takao Parkway ,Kyoto city ,Kyoto Prefecture,Japan

This is an old railway line converted into a trail for walkers and bicyclists. There are spectacular views across the Derbyshire countryside at this point. I took the photo at dusk just prior to a tremendous downpour. The light was good, though.

Gokayama (五箇山) is an area within the city of Nanto in Toyama Prefecture, Japan. It has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List due to its traditional gasshō-zukuri houses, alongside nearby Shirakawa-gō in Gifu Prefecture. The survival of this traditional architectural style is attributed to the region's secluded location in the upper reaches of the Shōgawa river. This is also the reason that Gokayama's lifestyle and culture remained very traditional for many years after the majority of the country had modernized. Many of the houses easily surpass 300 years in age.


The Gokayama region includes the former villages of Taira, Kamitaira, and Toga.The gasshō hamlet of Ainokura is located in Taira, while that of Suganuma is in Kamitaira;both are nationally designated Historic Sites.



ƒ/8.0 34.0 mm 1/100 ISO200

My Mum had a chocolate drawer in a sideboard. I follow in her footsteps with a chocolate bag, more transportable. It is small and pink.

We camped here years ago and returned a few weeks ago. The weather was bad but the colours were glorious.

As I'm taking these two pairs of lorikeets another one pops it's head into the frame far right as if to say "Hey what about me?"

This was a fallen-down building at Calke Abbey. It was built to attract deer so they could be seen from the house. The building was very atmospheric with the light pouring through at the end of the day.

I saw this fence and the birds when I was wandering round Wells in Norfolk. Composing the photograph was tricky as the birds would not sit still! HFF!

These male Kudu are the most beautiful antelope in Africa, their markings, their horns and the way they carry themselves, most times they are very shy and stick to dense bushes to hide in, very now and then I get lucky when they allow me to photograph them close up.


I cropped the face very tightly and removed all the background vegetation in PS replacing it with a black background...


Erindi private game reserve, Namibia

The Metasequoia (dawn redwood) avenue located in Makino highland ,Shiga Prefecture,Japan


ƒ/5.6 55.0 mm 1/15sec ISO800


Christmas tree in The Forum, Norwich, UK.

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I just love watching these guys ride the waves...and the photographic thrill of catching the right moment is even more exciting!

at sunset we came across a small group of young juvenile male Zebra...they were skittish and mischievous, I peered through the trees with my camera and caught these two in a special moment...


Erindi private game reserve, Namibia

"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water."

~ Loren Eiseley


... experiment with sparkling water in a green-blue coloured glass ...


My contribution to Smile on Saturday - theme of May 8, 2021: Blue for You - ME 2021


On May 12 it's ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia International Awareness Day:


My thoughts are with all who suffer this painful disease, and especially with Maria Godfrida ... may there be a cure very soon 💙


(I am on the road today - so I will catch up later in the evening)

Little flower looking outside at the world.

Macro view at the steam and petals.

Straight from the camera. The image to me looks incredible and unbelievable. But I was there, it was incredible and it was real. No post processing.

This is part of the flood defences - a new lake, bridge and fence on the flood plain. It's a really nice place to walk, bike, jog or sit. The chimney in the background is from the Victorian pumping station, now a museum of science and technology.

Des moments précieux au lever du soleil

I’m carrying on watching everything that’s happening in the garden. This is something I made myself practise during the lockdown days. We’ve got lots of tortoiseshell butterflies on the buddleia at the moment. I’ve edited this image in Snapseed. I’ve added blur and depth of colour.

If there's one place that consistently takes my breath away, it'd be Cley, of course. This was a difficult shot because I was shooting into the sun. The bench looks very grand. It has a fabulous view over the marshes.

I think this is a good example of how houses can decay quite beautifully.

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