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Bonjour dear Friends of the busy BEEing and of extraordinary Art! The reallife Events over the past Weeks take a lot of my Time - I know only the hardest Artfriends, Naturemans and Warriors kan stand what I must do to you (and for you)... Patience is always rare, Waiting is kruel and not nice - but you know I´m not nice! (One of my Names is "Bad Man" for some Reason...)

Yet I want it like that, among my Audience is no Space for Wimps, "Hurries", Hypokrits, Kommentfishers and other modern Mess... My Work is for the strong, brave, patient, bold, interested Souldivers out there, for the Lovers of Life, for human BEEings like you...




Berlin seems to sleep these Days (except your devoted Servant of kourse, I never sleep - HypnosA does that for me, but that is another Story...):

One Opening after the other, Vernissages, Previews, "Events" and more "Events"... the Point is: Nothing goes on there, they trick us, give us empty Balloons... the same in the Streets: the subkultural Publik Art runs from one Rock-Botttom to the next... (Except Nr.6 of kourse, this Man really works for you, too!) The Rest is Vanitas & inkonklusive Skramble... Similar Situation with the new Releases in Musik and Film: the same old Ideas, proffered again and again... Am I the only one who wants better "Food for the Soul" or did you have equal Experiences?


What´s going on there? Where are the Ideas, the Substance, the Kernels? Where are the Artists, Karakters, Personalties, Entertainers who make it possible to bow to their Deeds and Aktions? Where is the Facility, the Honey, the Diamonds for our strikt, well-grown, klear & bright Taste?

Perhaps the Tedium of the "Zero-Years" show its komplete Brutality and Futility at the End (2007 already!)-? Perhaps we have to start new and make it all on our own - without Help of older Eras, Forefathers (and -mothers ;O)?




Whatever, for myself I know where the rare Pearls are, I know Islands of sublime Taste, Persons like little Kosms, Places where the Magik seems to float through the Air, harsh Realities, which make you feel alive... yet I really want to support these Islands and Exceptions, that´s why I ask what you, valuable Audience, think about the Soulfood of your Time...?




Everything is great and konnekted, there is no Akcident.

All of this has a Reason, so we better are alive, awake

and ready: maybe our own Deeds are needed...


Don´t get me wrong about the whole Text above:

I have no Doubt, no Kaution, nor Disgust for the weak

Tast they attend, yet I know we kan surpass that!

- And it´s superb to know the Opposition, therefore we

know who we are, what to do and what we kan achieve...




Enjoy your Day and Yourself!

I went to the land where my uncle had bought to start a cow farm days ago, but he said those trees there might be torn down, since they wanted to build a wareshouse there with the woods of those trees. I suddenly felt a bit sad about that, looking at those trees, I was like looking at a bounch of friends standing together, they might have been standing there for ages, but they never left......


So this photo is for all my friends here, at, We might not ever seen each other for once, but our hearts are all connected together, since we are all the lovers of life,


We stand Together......^_^


~No Thing~


These things within our reach…

Do we need one of each?


Certainly not…

But is propelled to a particular spot.


Ancient stones- smooth and raw

All with unique vibrational songs


She feels the one, to take it home-

Fills the place on her medicine wheel…


One cycle ends, starts another

Sees the rhythmic-technicolor drummer


Tempo slows, finds her step

one foot before the next…


Under a celestial serpent night

Birth was right given,


North wind gives strength

to Raven’s fresh flight…


Ether continues connecting

the lovers of life…


And she will honor the Divine

through these threads of light…


~~~Janet Tallarigo Murphy ©2013~~




Acrylic on canvas 90 x 60 cm


Feeling the excitement from the core of my heart I was Feeling Blissfully in Love and Peace with all of Life, So I allowed this feeling to freely flow through me with paint brush in hand over a new stetched canvas.


Starting from what I concieved to be the yoni birthing this energy the red paint within a blink slurged out from the canvas. It wasn't until months later did I realise two faces emerged together. they are identical twins, male and female, they are the Lovers within the Lovers of Life - You! From here the feelings spiral out to the universe as if a galaxy of Love that becomes the supernova de l'Amour.

She is the Chief Oracle (Visionary) of the Female Tribe 'Global Sister Connection'.

She is dedicated to all those who see beyond horizons, those who follow their inner vision, the lovers of life, to those in whose souls burn the eternal flame... those who dare to dream big dreams and have the courage to follow them!

As an Oracle, it is her pleasure to serve you ...