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printed by me!!.....a obsolete

This blockhouse was built during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and used mainly during the Battle of Jarama (February 1937).


Esta casamata fue construida durante la Guerra Civil Española (1936-1939). Se utilizó sobre todo durante la Batalla del Jarama (febrero de 1937).

Testimony of the highs and lows of hiking : this one is from one of my worst yet most memorable experience, taken after two days of hail storms and shower rain, getting blisters the size of a continent, having only taken a couple of eggs and dry apricots, raising concern on locals's faces anytime I would have passed by one of them.

The centuries have left their traces on the residence of the Habsburgs in Graz, erected in 1438 and now seat of the governor of Styria. Some wings have been added, others destroyed. But there are still many impressive testimonies of the past. From the Biedermeier period back to the Renaissance and Gothic eras.


From the latter period the famous double-spiral staircase remains. And those enigmatic inscriptions: AEIOU.


Detroit, MI 2010


Four more photographs from the Theater Bizarre compound in Detroit. My thanks to the fine folks who gave us an impromptu tour. More info:


Only in Detroit indeed. A testimony to the creative and collaborative spirit.

Today I’m going to tell you a part of my testimony that I’ve hidden for a long time. I hid it because of pride, guilt, and shame. I hid it because that was exactly what Satan told me to do. That way I’d become a useless Christian immobilized by my own actions. I was ashamed that my life didn’t reflect the promises in Romans 6:6-7 “We know that our old life died with Christ on the cross so that our sinful selves would have no power over us and we would not be slaves to sin. Anyone who has died is made free from sin’s control.” Boy, that sure didn’t reflect my life…


You see for more than 10 years (I honestly can’t remember when it began) I had an addiction to pornography and masturbation. These are two of my least favorite words in the world, the very words themselves sound unclean. For years and years I struggled, I would even go as far as begging God to take these desires from me. It never happened. I would turn to these addictions for relief, to escape the stress of life and school. I would get so frustrated and I would wonder why. Why did I struggle with these things if I was a Christian? Why can’t I stop? Why are those words in the Bible if they aren’t true for my life?


And do you know why I couldn’t overcome them? It was because I was trying to resist temptation. I was trying to overcome. I never actually opened my heart, I never let God do His work in me. When I was at Bible school I really felt a strong conviction to tell someone, I knew that if I wanted to be free that this was the first step. It was one of the most difficult things I had ever done, Satan kept telling me that I could do it on my own. Eventually I told my best friend, Justin Thomae, and a few others at school. At school I experienced freedom like never before, largely in part to the controlled environment, but it was still glorious. Then I returned home, I told myself that after 3 months of freedom that I wouldn’t stumble and that I’d be able to remain pure.


That didn’t last long. Things were difficult after school, I came back to some not so nice circumstances. Satan was waiting to comfort me and I took the bait. This time I didn’t tell anyone and as long as nobody asked I didn’t even have to lie. Now we pick up with a story that many of you have already read about, my trip to California. After that trip I knew that I had to change, I didn’t like what was inside of me. This meant lots of prayer and some spiritual warfare, it was not a happy time. But after a week or so of just talking to God and asking Him to change me it happened. It was a clear change. I woke up on Sunday, March 5th and I felt a joy inside that was more powerful than anything I’d felt before. I knew I was free, that I was a new creation in Christ.


I know that many people will think I’m crazy, that I’m stupid for telling the world that I was addicted to pornography and that I should be embarrassed. Some of you may even be embarrassed for me. You know what? I don’t care. It doesn’t matter what other people think of me because I’ve got God. When you experience true freedom you only want to help others to get to the same place. Please, don’t think for one minute that my testimony is about me, if you do so it defeats the whole purpose. It’s all about God, all I had to do was truly surrender my heart and He brought all the change. He changed the desires of my heart and He gave me courage to tell this story. If you are struggling with these things and you need someone to talk to please talk to someone you trust. I’ve been there and I promise that this isn’t something that you can do on your own.


On this side of things I realize just how severe this sin is, here is a verse that we need to take very seriously,


“For you may be sure of this, that everyone who is sexually immoral or impure, or who is covetous (that is, an idolater), has no inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God.” Ephesians 5:5


Please don’t wait until it’s too late, you can’t spend an eternity in Hell for this.

“It all happened so fast. The ghetto. The deportation. The sealed cattle car. The fiery altar upon which the history of our people and the future of mankind were meant to be sacrificed.”

- Elie Wiesel




The Memorial to the Deportees was established at Yad Vashem as a monument to the millions of Jews herded onto cattle-cars and transported from all over Europe to the extermination camps. An original German cattle-car given to Yad Vashem by the Polish authorities stands at the center of the memorial site. On the adjacent wall, the testimony of survivor Avraham Krzepicki is inscribed.

Architect: Moshe Safdie


Christian Variety Show | Testimony of the Faith of a Christian "Escaping the Cage" (2018 Crosstalk)


The crosstalk Escaping the Cage tells the story of how Christian Xiaolan was persecuted and locked in her home for a month by her Communist Party official father, where she was unable to take part in church life, and her experience of escaping her home and running away. A once-happy family was split apart, a daughter left her mother, and her father held a deep grudge against her. Who was the chief architect? And who gave Xiaolan faith and strength, and led her to escape her cage and walk the correct path in life?

Terms of Use:

Todays testimony is brought to you by an anonymous friend, she has been a great encouragement to me and is an inspirational woman of faith.


My siblings and I were raised by a single mother and the occasional step-dad (around three years in total with that guy). We moved a lot and rarely stayed in one place too long; I think four years may have been the longest. We were always either in trailer courts or government subsidized housing in the urban, inner city or suburban ghettos.


We were rarely supervised so life was free and without rules, so trouble and/or bad choices seem to ensue where ever I lived. I can now laugh with my siblings and proclaim that we were truly feral animals.


Due to this environment I learned a lot about how to survive mentally and physically. I did a lot of fighting growing up to keep the boys at bay and survive the streets, along with fighting my siblings when a disagreement arose only because we were never taught how to resolve issues or even cultivate and/or appreciate what relationships we had together. You had to fight to get what you wanted because no one was going to give it to you otherwise. This has created a lot of problems between the three of us as we've grown and are still trying to overcome that childhood.


By the time I was a teenager I had experimented with cigarettes, pot, alcohol, sex and other hardcore drugs to dull the ache inside. I was abandoned by the time I was 16 to raise myself and survive the life that was created. I had to drop out of high school, continue to work (I stared working at the age of 12) and carve a life out of the chaos of that world.


Now that I've painted a brief picture of the beginning of my journey let me tell you that I was baptized at 8 and attended church with friends or when my mother felt like I should go. By the time I was a teen I no longer listened to what my mother thought and didn't step foot inside a church until I was around 23. I remember enjoying parts of church but dreading so much more. Not having a father growing up left me feeling like God was this distant entity that couldn't possibly care about me, and religion was nothing more than people grasping on to a set of laws in order to keep themselves in balance, give them the security they needed to live their lives. I thought it was such a bunch of crap.


I met my now husband when I was 23. He grew up in the church and had a wonderful relationship with his family. I was accepted by them all and shown how to love by their actions and not by their words. By the time we got married (in the church even though I wanted to elope to Las Vegas) I'd made the jump by joining his denomination of the church. I joined half heartedly but so desperately wanted to be a part of this amazing family that I would have probably done anything. Fast forward to the birth of our first child and something inside of me exploded. The experience of child birth is a miracle in itself, but the love I felt was so overwhelming. At that moment I started my search for Christ and His love. If I felt this way about my child then wouldn't that mean that Christ loves me just as much?


I am now in my forties, married to the same wonderful man (and his family) and we have this amazing family. Sometimes I hurt for the lost little girl that wanted to be loved so badly but most of the time I'm just thankful that somewhere in that journey He decided I was His and that I will know Him and I will feel His love.


I have come to realize that to know Him is to have a relationship with Him, and just going to church wasn't going to cut it. I now attend regularly in order to plant the seed of love in the hearts of my children because I believe that is exactly what kept me from falling as a youth, but I find Him in scripture, worshipping, prayer and photography. He is omnipresent, just look through your lens and you'll see.


"I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me."

-Galatians 2:20


Check out my first Wapiti Lake shot

God said, “The Chinese nation which has been corrupted for thousands of years has continued on until today. All sorts of viruses continue to expand and are spreading everywhere like the plague; just looking at people’s relationships is enough to see how many viruses are in people. It’s extremely difficult for God to develop His work in such a tightly closed and virus-infected area. People’s personalities, habits, the way they do things, everything they express in their lives and their interpersonal relationships are all broken beyond belief …” (“The Path … (6)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). The revelation in God’s words made me see how Satan’s corruption makes all relationships between people abnormal, because all are based on Satan’s philosophy of life, without containing even a shred of truth. Without God’ssalvation , my eyes would still be covered and my emotions entrapped, but experiencing the work of God made me understand the essence of what it means to “help one another” and showed methe truth of friendship, love, and familial affection. I saw that only God’s words are the truth, and that only by living by God’s words could we escape the influence of Satan, and that only by comporting oneself according to the truth could one live out a meaningful life.



Our National Parks are filled with natural wonders to keep us amazed and thankful for these treasures. This pine tree in Utah's Zion National Park is healthy and flourishing with its roots set in rock. It stands in testimony to how life survives in the hardest conditions. Also, it found a very unique place to grow in this beautiful landscape.





Christian Music "The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything" | Power of God (Documentary Trailer)


Throughout the vast universe, all celestial bodies move precisely within their own orbits. Under the heavens, mountains, rivers, and lakes all have their boundaries, and all creatures live and reproduce throughout the four seasons in accordance with the laws of life…. This is all so exquisitely designed—is there a Mighty One ruling and arranging all this? Since coming into this world crying we have begun playing different roles in life. We move from birth to old age to illness to death, we go between joy and sorrow…. Where does mankind really come from, and where will we really go? Who is ruling our fates? From ancient times to modern days, great nations have risen up, dynasties have come and gone, and countries and peoples have flourished and perished in the tides of history…. Just like the laws of nature, the laws of humanity's development contain infinite mysteries. Would you like to know the answers to them? The Christian musical documentary The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything will guide you to get to the root of this, to unveil all of these mysteries!


Eastern Lightning, The Church of Almighty God was created because of the appearance and work of Almighty God, the second coming of the Lord Jesus, Christ of the last days. It is made up of all those who accept Almighty God's work in the last days and are conquered and saved by His words. It was entirely founded by Almighty God personally and is led by Him as the Shepherd. It was definitely not created by a person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. God's sheep hear God's voice. As long as you read the words of Almighty God, you will see God has appeared.

taken in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

The temples of Chettinad stand testimony to the spiritual beliefs of its denizens. Scattered over the whole place, each temple has its own tank called oorani where water lilies are grown, and used for holy rituals. Even today much of Chettinad's daily tidings are centered around the festivities around the temple.


Nagarathars are a Chettiar community, which originated during the medival era, in Kaverippompattinam during the reign of the Chola dynasty. Chettiars are worshippers of Lord Shiva and Lord Muruga, renowned for their hospitality, and legendary for their financial dealings.


The Chettiars are part of a prolific business community, which, even in olden days adventured out of India to distant lands like Burma, Sri Lanka, Java, Sumatra, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. They have influenced and contributed to the cultural diversity of these regions.


Considered as the Pioneers of Modern Banking; they are considered the first to have introduced "Pattru (debit), Varavu (credit), Selavu (expenditure), Laabam (profit), Nashtam (loss) " which are all, collectively, known as " Iynthogai (trial balance). "


Well known for their philanthropy, they have built and maintained temples and schools throughout Asia.


They are the only community in the world to be divided on the basis of Lord Shiva Temples. The entire community is classified (Pirivu in Tamil) on the basis of Nine Temples, popularly referred to as the Nagara Kovils.


The 9 main temples of Chettiars are as



God : Kailasanathar Goddess : Solnithya Kalyani Siru sethur udayar



God : Innutreswarar Goddess : Periya nayaki


3.Nemam Kovil

God : Jayang konda soleeswar Goddess : Soundara nayaki



God : Aatkonda nathar Goddess : Sivapuri Devi



God : Marudhueswar Goddess : Vadamalarmangai



God : Thanthodrieswarar Goddess : Soundaranayaki



God : Desika nathar Goddess : Aavudaiya nayaki


8.Vairavan Kovil

God : Valar oli nathar Goddess : Vadivudai Ambal



God : Kandeswar Goddess : Kamatchi Amman


This Nemam temple is consecrated by the then Chola King, Jeyangonda Cholan, the Nemam Kovil is an architectural marvel, with sculpted pillars, each of which portray and reflect the diverse aspects of Hinduism. More than 125 sculptures are found in the Temple, each of which are narrative of a mythological legend.


Nemam Temple is a magnificent shrine located in Sivagangai District and is 12 km from Karaikudi.


The Temple is administered by the the Nemam Kovil Nagarathar Charitable Trust.


Text sources : Wiki and other Nagarathar Pages.


I dedicate this shot to my friend # Light and Life -Murali முரளி a famous photographer, artist and vivid art lover,

while clicking this temple and visiting this temple I really missed him,

Todays testimony is brought to you courtesy of Dave Berryman, he is one of the many wonderful people that I have had the privilege of meeting on Flickr. I take much inspiration from him, from both his style of photos and the awesome messages he includes with them. The idea of sharing others testimonies was actually from Dave and I would like to thank him for allowing me to share his with all of you. If you have a testimony that you would like to share, please send it to me and I will be happy to post it :)


Isaiah 44:22, I have swept away your offenses like a cloud, your sins like the morning mist. Return to me, or I have redeemed you."


I grew up in a Christian home all my life, but I when I left home I became addicted to porn. I would go to church every Sunday but I could not stop my insatiable appetite for porn. I was on the church board, but I could not let go of porn…it had its hooks in me good! I led small groups but for some reason I didn’t have the ability to stop looking at porn on my computer.


I went to the seminars, I read the books, I counseled with pastors and other Christian mentors. My wife was supportive, but after a while even she lost faith in me.


I worried that God had turned His back on me, that He decided to let me go. I read somewhere in the Bible how He has done this before.


Then one day I picked up a great Christian book that turned my life around. I learned that I would never beet my addiction and it made me feel pretty helpless, which is exactly what God wanted all along.


You see, the battle is not ours to fight! God, through the Holy Spirit, wants to fight the battle for us. We can’t win against Satin, but Jesus already defeated him when he rose from the grave!


What I learned was that you and I can never break the bondage that sin has on us, no matter how hard we try, or how many books, seminars, and friends we talk to. This is a fight that the Holy Spirit has to fight!


When temptation would come my way I imagined that the Holy Spirit was standing next to me and I envisioned running behind him for protection from Satan’s flaming darts of temptation. I could see Him protecting me at that moment….guess what? IT WORKED!!!!!!!!


I’m free from the power porn had on my life, and now God is free to work on other things. Amen?


Isaiah 44:22, I have swept away your offenses like a cloud, your sins like the morning mist. Return to me, or I have redeemed you."


Dave Berryman


Dave's Awesome Photostream



DOJ watchdog says report on Clinton investigation due June 14 Ex-Senate aide James Wolfe, accused of lying, goes before judge...

Zhiwen, a Christian, Narrates Real Experiences of Cruel Persecution by the Chinese Communist Party


He had followed his mother in believing in the Lord since childhood, and in 2000 accepted the gospel of the kingdom of Almighty God. In 2005, when he was spreading the gospel, he was surrounded by the Chinese Communist police, and although he escaped successfully, he suffered an injury to his foot which left him with after-effects. In 2012, he was beaten into a coma by thugs working with the police, and was taken to the police station where he was released because his injuries were too severe to continue. After that, he has lived the life of a fugitive …


:copyright: Reuters. Dollar hits day’s highs on Powell testimony – The dollar rose to the day’s highs against a currency basket on Tuesday after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said strong growth and stable inflation should keep the central bank on...

The Testimony of Emma Nation reflects the pain and depravity that we face outside of Christ and the ultimate plan that the devil has for all humans which is death! But thank God that He has a better plan for us, a plan for life everlasting! Emma wraps up her testimony, with a revelation on how God is continuing to heal the scars in her life.




For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.


We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed; Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body. 2 Corinthians 4:6-10


:copyright: Reuters. Canadian dollar at 1-week highs before Yellen testimony – The Canadian dollar rose to one-week highs against its U.S. counterpart on Tuesday ahead of congressional testimony by later in the session.

touched lows of 1.3025, the lowest level...



The city of Hampi bears exceptional testimony to the vanished civilization of the kingdom of Vijayanagar, which reached its apogee under the reign of Krishna Deva Raya (1509-30). It offers an outstanding example of a type of structure that illustrates a significant historical situation: that of the kingdoms of South India which, menaced by the Muslims, were occasionally allied with the Portuguese of Goa.

The austere, grandiose site of Hampi was the last capital of the last great Hindu Kingdom of Vijayanagar. Its fabulously rich princes built Dravidian temples and palaces which won the admiration of travellers between the 14th and 16th centuries. Conquered by the Deccan Muslim confederacy in 1565, the city was pillaged over a period of six months before being abandoned.

As the final capital of the last of the great kingdom of South India, that of the Vijayanagar, Hampi, enriched by the cotton and the spice trade was one of the most beautiful cities of the medieval world. Its palaces and Dravidian temples were much admired by travellers, be they Arab (Abdul Razaak), Portuguese (Domingo Paes) or Italian (Nicolò dei Conti).

Conquered by the Muslims after the battle of Talikota in 1565, it was plundered over six months and then abandoned. Imposing monumental vestiges, partially disengaged and reclaimed, make of Hampi today one of the most striking ruins of the world.

The temples of Ramachandra (1513) and Hazara Rama (1520), with their sophisticated structure, where each supporting element is scanned by bundles of pilasters or colonnettes which project from the richly sculpted walls, may be counted among the most extraordinary constructions of India. In one of the interior courtyards of the temple of Vitthala, a small monument of a chariot which two elephants, sculpted in the round, struggle to drag along is one of the unusual creations, the favourite of tourists today as well as travellers of the past.

Besides the temples, the impressive complex of civil, princely or public buildings (elephant stables, Queen's Bath, Lotus Mahal, bazaars, markets) are enclosed in the massive fortifications which, however, were unable to repulse the assault of the five sultans of Deccan in 1565.

© Copyrights 2011 |


Today I have a testimony to share with you from Emma Nation. Emma describes her life and the miraculous journey that the Lord brought her through. Her life’s journey got so rough that suicide looked like a perfect way out, but God had greater plans for her! The image, depicts the gravity of her depravity without Christ....



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