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I'm bowled over by the beauty of our planet on a constant basis. And I'm horrified just as frequently by the devastation we wreak on it in the pointless pursuit of money.


Anyhow, let's enjoy it while we can. This is Ashridge Estate forest, looking glorious at the weekend in the winter sun.

Playa Kalki - Curaçao - Caribbean



A nothing taxing, lazy, easy random shot for today!


Enjoy your evening folks :)

Finanzamt (Landshut)


Langgestreckter dreigeschossiger Satteldachbau, traufständig mit Dreiecksgiebel und Wappenkartusche, nach 1752, Umbau 1899; zweigeschossiger Gartenpavillon, um 1790



Woman filing --- Image by :copyright: Image Source/Corbis

A few decades ago people in Belgium were taxed for owning a bike. Every year you got a metal plate in a different shape and color to attach to your bike as proof that you paid the tax. On this bike you can still see one of those tax plates just below the dynamo. In those days there were people who attached one plate on the other year after year, and after a while the tax plates even became collector's items.

Anti-Donald Trump protesters march during a rally in downtown Denver on April 15, 2017. It was one of dozens in cities across the US.

There a lot of taxes you are paying. If you have a house, you are paying property taxes for that, for business, you are paying business taxes. Tax is not a funny thing, and everybody hates it. Since, you cannot ignore it, figure out where you need help. Well, an IRS Lawyer usually comes with various tendencies. Means, they can assist you with either the federal or state level tax issues.

Means, they can assist you with either the federal or state level tax issues. However, as a taxpayer you should consider what kind of issues you are facing. An IRS lawyer cannot work well for too specific matters related to a certain locality. So, keep this point in mind.

The building you see is the new tax office.

I believe that the upper floors are apartments.

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- - This morning the moon was eclipsed by the earth for over an hour. It snowed here most of the evening but the clouds cleared shortly before it started. From midnight to 5am I took a picture every 20 minutes and assembled them into this sequence. At first the moon entered the earth's penumbra, and a subtle diffuse shadow began to appear. When the moon entered the umbra, It became much darker and slowly started turning a reddish orange. Sunlight being refracted through the earth's atmosphere is being cast upon the moon. It is essentially the light from all of earth's sunrises and sunsets that is lighting up the lunar surface. After being fully eclipsed for 1 hour and 18 minutes, the steps repeated in reverse. By the time the moon came out of eclipse, it was a lot lower in the sky which is why it looks darker and more yellow on the bottom right. I used a cheap old Vivitar 200mm f3.5 lens and captured a wide range of exposures.

"Tax" is the name of the trade centre

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Note: this is an illustration I made for the magazine "Imagine Demain le Monde"


A carbon tax is an environmental tax on emissions of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a heat-trapping "greenhouse" gas. The purpose of a carbon tax is to protect the environment by reducing emissions of carbon dioxide, helping to mitigate climate change. Some environmental taxes include other greenhouse gases; the global warming potential is an internationally accepted scale of equivalence for other greenhouse gases in units of tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.



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Rykert was out of bed early this morning to go ski. When I went to work it was in the 30s (maybe pushing low 40s). The water is just past ice in terms of temperature. He's a nut. Skiing. In April. In Iowa.



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Tax Services Chicago

Berlusconi promised less taxes, the Market will do the job...

Fadedcupid and I were the only passengers on board!

Tax Free

walk-by store front space.

adams and state street- nov.10-jan. 5th

thank yous to CUAS and Pop-up art loop and Chicago Loop alliances

photo credit: Codo

Illo for story about the stresses of tax time.

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Mamiya C3, Sekor 80mm f2.8, Kodak Ektar 100, f8 1/250


I spent a while trying to frame this when I shot it, and then a while messing around with rotating the scan, but ultimately left things pretty much as they were. The geometry seems a little off-kilter -- when the lamppost is straight, the buildings seem totally crooked, and vice versa. I think I have a lot more to learn about perspective...

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