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One of Sydney's lesser known beaches, situated just round the cliffs from the famous Bondi Beach.


The cliffs on both sides make for a nice scenic photo, compared to similar views at Bondi.

Surfers coming back on shore on a colourful beach setting. The photo has been HDR'ed. DSC_7007And2more_tonemappedc

My super supportive fellow Bondi Flickr pal - Wyncliffe - created a Tamarama group about 4 months ago . Sadly I have not had much time to get down since the weather cooled and the sun changed direction in the morning - however this morning I got there for the first time in ages : check out the group :

and then go over and say Hi to Wyncliffe -


Bondi 2013 - Sculptures by the sea


Silver Lining . I woke up this morning to the beginnings of a beautiful sky - rushed out of bed in the dark and was super prepared this time - camera, lens, charged battery, 2 sd cards in my wallet. It was beautiful down the beach this morning - it was like a photographers convention - we were tripping over each other. I took some amazing shots, saw the Sundance Kid and introduced myself - perfect. Arrive home and SD cards had not left my wallet - you can laugh or you can cry - so right now I'm laughing thinking the stunning morning was defintely captured by all the other photographers down there this morning - just not by me ;). Re-processed a shot from a few months ago from sunrise at Tamarama . So one more shot for you Wyncliffe :)


Tamarama beach | Eastern Suburbs | NSW | Australia


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One of Sydney's lesser known beaches, situated just round the cliffs from the famous Bondi Beach.

Golden Hour Sunrise at Tamarama Beach, Sydney Australia.

Just another few days of Sculptures By The Sea. I had stayed away in previous years due to crowds and craziness in da hood. However this year I have got spun in to its web - not so much the sculptures that have been fascinating for me but how all the people who visit respond to them. The whole thing should be renamed 'People By The Sea with a few Sculptures Thrown In for Good Measure' and then sponsored by either iphone or samsung. This shot, for me, sums it all up - people snapping away and sitting under, near, next to a 'sculpture' - lots of space nearby however its more fun sitting under the sculpture - everywhere you go in Sydney you hear people saying ' I MUST go to Sculptures By the Sea' and then the clock starts ticking and now in the final few days everyone , who has not yet been, is becoming very highly strung that they have not made it yet ;)

Now this is the contraption that I photographed with the clouds the other day which may give it more perspective , here is a link to the other shot :

Tamarama - NSW Australia


Sunrise before storm cloud rolling in at Tamarama beach via 500px

In my upload yesterday, my fine flickr friends, I was going to write a longer commentary but I got distracted as my phone rang. Essentially what I was going to say was that was my one year anniversary on flickr (ish) and to say how wonderful the year has been and how many wonderful people and new friends I had met and also how much I had learned from you all and your wonderful shots also and to say thank you :).

I was also going to say how in the whole year I had never been 'explored' and would Mr. Flickr not even deign me with a 'sympathy ' explore for my one year birthday. So I burst out laughing , right out loud, when I saw that that the shot from yesterday was actually explored. How funny is that ? ;)

Explore Highest position # 94 on Sunday, May 10, 2009

The above photo is the scene of the Tamarama beach. There were some small yellow flowers at the spot I took the shot, wave texture, blue sea water color and cloud formation are very nice. This shot used high exposure speed to freeze the wave texture.:)


Tamarama is a beachside, eastern suburb of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Tamarama is located 7 kilometres east of the Sydney central business district. Tamarama has a small but perfectly formed ocean beach located about 1 kilometre south of the world famous Bondi Beach and a couple of hundred metres north of Bronte Beach.


หาด Tamarama เป็นชายหาดชานเมืองซิดนีย์ ในรัฐนิวเซาท์เวลส์ ออสเตรเลีย หาด Tamarama อยู่ 7 กิโลเมตรทางตะวันออกของย่านธุรกิจใจกลางนครซิดนีย์


Exposure: 1/1500 sec, Aperture: f/6.7, Focal Length:14 mm, ISO: 320

Nikon D700, Nikkor AF-S 14-24mm f/2.8G ED

Single shot. Light and color work in PS.


(No multi invitations please.:))

Tamarama Surf Club over looking Tamara beach with a wet and cloudy sunrise.

Sunrise before storm cloud rolling in at Tamarama beach via 500px

@Sculpture by the Sea,

Tamarama Beach,

iphone + 645 Pro

I am a morning person however as you fine flickr morning catchers may also find - when getting those sunrise shots you have to get up sort of half an hour before you really want to to get down on time about 30 minutes before the sun rises. I always have a few minutes where I think - ah maybe not, how many sunrise shots do I have and yet every time I go down there always seems to be something different going on . This morning, down at Tamarama Beach hence the title, a few people and a gal with a camera were arriving just before me. The people with her were two rockabilly dancers who were rockabilly dancing in the waves as the sun rose(only in Bondi right ? ;)) I was so excited thinking oh this is going to be marvellous - however, as is often the way, those shots did not rock (abilly) as much as the one I took off the cuff as they were walking down.

Taken at the annual Sculptures by the Sea.

Sculptures littered the coastal walk between Bondi beach and Tamarama Beach.

Classic film - have a great weekend everyone :)

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