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Amazing grace. Alpine sunset above the sea of clouds. Taken from the swiss Jura , Canton of Neuchatel. No. 1578.

From my archives..... wish I was back there...... good memories of Switzerland last autumn ;-))


Have a nice start of your weekend!!!

Resident frog (Pelophylax esculentus) in the natural pond in the garden.




PB_M5744-2017 - 100-400mm

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen Valley

Nürnberg Train Museum.. these are models of the Swiss Railroad Company..

Swiss guard, Vatican, Rome. #921

... on a golden summer day


It was a summer full of joy and harmony. A blessed and beautiful summertime that I could spend with my whole family and friends. I was allowed to travel so often to my beloved mountains, where I felt closer to my Heavenly Father and where the air was so pure and the water so clear. My heart was full of joy and my soul so calm. I need so much this silence and peaceful places, specially in the early morning you can find this wonderful nature there. Yes, it was exhausting to climb the mountains, but my heart was filled with joy during this time. I wish you a lot of joy with this summer picture of the Swiss mountain world.


And yes.... From a distance....


Bette Midler - From A Distance

End of October at one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland.


Panorama of 7 vertical shots a' 18 mm.


Danke für deinen Besuch! Thanks for visiting!

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Shot from the train, with window open. Seen is schloss Ortenstein (Castle Ortenstein) and the white church to the right is Kirche St Maria e Maurezzi in the town of Tomils.

Near E43, 7417 Domleschg, Switzerland from a moving train.

Miralago Switzerland RAW Nx2 Tiff M stch Nk df psdCA sk bt Tc ref BiClr skf dn JPEG 16.1 MB.

Bernina Express Train on far Left.

I often stop and take pictures along the way when I'm in Switzerland for work.

Shot from the train, with window open.

Picture taken at the river Aare in Bern, Switzerland


Das Rätische Grauvieh war einst weit verbreitet in den Bündner Alpen. Mit der Etablierung des Braunviehs verschwand es, konnte aber aus tiroler Restbeständen wieder angesiedelt werden. Damit blieb ein Stück lebendiges – und heute wieder gefragtes – Kulturgut erhalten. Die Wurzeln des Rätischen Grauviehs liegen weit zurück. Das Torfrind (Bos brachyceros) der Pfahlbauer, die silbergrauen Rinder der Rätier und das Vieh der Kelten, Alemannen und Walser formten diese alte Rasse mit, die somit als eigentliches Kreuzungsprodukt der Völkerwanderung bezeichnet werden kann (ProSpecieRara)


The Rhaetian Grey Cattle was once widespread in the Grisons Alps. With the establishment of the brown cattle it disappeared, but could be resettled from Tyrolean remaining stocks. Thus a piece of living cultural heritage - which is in demand again today - was preserved. The roots of Rhaetian Grey Cattle go back a long way. The short horned cattle (Bos brachyceros) of the pile dwellers, the silver-grey cattle of the Rhaetians and the cattle of the Celts, Alemanni and Walser helped to shape this ancient breed, which can thus be described as the actual cross-breeding product of the migration of peoples (ProSpecieRara; Translated with (free version)

Lai da Palpuogna (Romansh; German: Palpuognasee) is a mountain lake at Albula Pass in the municipality of Bergün, in the Grisons, Switzerland. In a 2007 television program of the Swiss channel SF 1, the lake was voted the most beautiful place in Switzerland.

Lauterbrunnen ; the Staubbach Fall at Aurunne time.Canton of Bern, Switzerland. No. 915.

Swiss cabin up the mountain near Zermatt

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