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It felt like summer yesterday. It smelled like summer in the forest. Sap is running, Wintergreen leaves are stretching and shining. Trickles of water are pushing the last of the snow from the ravine bottoms. The sun was baking last year's leaves on the forest floor releasing scent and sound underfoot like rythmic distress signals.


And precipitation just can't seem to climb the hill. It flows around us to the north and south like a river divided. The forest fires have begun.


I took this a couple of weeks ago tooking northeast from the summit of Highway 33 just above my town. 1210 metres or 4000 ft. The highest point between the Rockies and Appalachian ranges.



Thank you to Pareeerica for textures 1 and 2, and to Argentem for texture 3.

Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia (ABCTV Weather)

The ravine that runs through town has been called "Middle Bush" by the local kids since who knows when. My kids played there and my hubby even helped flooded a frozen swamp in there for them to skate on. Unfortunately it's always strewn with garbage, discarded and broken toys, the remains of an attempted campfire, junk food packaging and bootlegged (or stolen from the folks) beer and booze bottles and cans. There are always broken branches strewn about and experimants with axes. However now and again you run across the evidence of real, 'constructive' this tree fort.


Thanks to Temari 09 for the frame.

My favourite shot of all time, taken in the old days with real film. It was taken on the Darling River near Wentworth on a Canon EOS500.

This is the 5th image in my series 12 Months of the Same Image. It is just spring here - leaves just came out this past week, my tulips & daffodils are still blooming and the marsh grasses are emerald green. Such an amazing colour to see after the long months of winter.

"Antisthenes says that in a certain faraway land the cold is so intense that words freeze as soon as they are uttered, and after some time then thaw and become audible, so that words spoken in winter go unheard until the next summer." ~Plutarch, Moralia


Thanks to JoesSistah for the texture


better view

An RCMP Chevrolet Caprice sits disabled as a forest fire quickly approaches the area. The 1983 Swan Hills Alberta forest fire began at the local dump and quickly spread south destroying several oilfield installations. Within 30 minutes, the trees in this area were engulfed by the high intensity crown fire, however, by that time, the vehicle had been restarted and moved to a safer area.

Vline passenger service Southern Cross Station to Swan Hill captured at Furlong Rd crossing at St Albans


A man playing with his toys while enjoying beautiful sunset in complete silence.


Built in 1896, this Allan timber truss bridge is important for its aesthetic form, setting, details and materials.


Note the lift span.

R707, H5 and H3 top the final grade before passing through Macedon, making it's way to Melbourne as #8096.


Macedon, Vic



... throw some light on it, perhaps you will find a way to make a change.

The town I live in has only been around since the '60s and was considered temporary when it was built. So there are not many 'old' things about. It's cool to come across something with experience especially when there's mystery around why it was built in the first place.



Sometimes there's a surprise there.


Please view large.


Thanks to the following for the textures: overthemoom, SkeletalMess, ghostbones via Telzey and Muffet.


With apologies to whoever polluted my brain with that painful song...opps apologies again - and to anyone who might actually really like it...

Thurwoods of Swan Hill Stunning Cabover KW heads Into Melbourne in 2011

This was taken at the Swan Hill Pioneer Museum, a wonderful tourist attraction in Swan Hill on the Murray River which is the border between Victoria and New South Wales. I cropped out the bottom half of the shot as it was full of modern sweets and lollies wrapped in plastic which didn't quite fit the theme. Plenty of familiar old names on those shelves (for Aussies anyway).

If only we could all go out in such a blaze of glory!

Any time I think to post a fence pic for Fence Friday I pull up the tag and see this one. I've been looking at it for 2 1/2 years and just couldn't seem to delete it. So this time I decided I had to make it into something I could post or get rid of it. I didn't feel I had time to do layers in Photoshop, which I'm still just learning, so I messed with it big-time in Lightroom to give it a painted/textured feel with grain, luminance smoothing, sharpening and everything else I could find to play with and here it is. Finally.


So happy Fence Friday everybody.

Motel at Swan Hill.

These Gates were originally situated at the entrance to the Swan Hill Hospital. They now form the entrance to the Rose Garden in the Pioneer Settlement.

Seen at the Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement...

Experiment of "Painting with light". I used a torch to illuminate this tree. The exposure was about 2 or so minutes. What you see is straight out of the camera - except for a slight crop.

Thanks to Dancingshiba for the texture Rock Solid


The snow is still up over my 4' fence in the backyard, but I can see a wee bit of my garden in the south facing front. Spring really is going to come!


Happy Slider Sunday!

The Victorian railway reached Swan Hill in 1889 and the need for a bridge, across the Murray River, was recognised. A lift-span bridge, allowing the passage of the river-boats, which were still numerous in this area, was planned in 1895 and opened in 1896. The bridge is still in use and is of State significance as the form and setting have high aesthetic and social significance. The bridge is the original of its type, and extremely rare.

The last moments of light over Morse River near Swan Hills Alberta, Canada. A vertical Pano made up of three images and then three seperate images put together to make an HDR for a total of 9 images.. This is very rare in my work. :)


No modification, cropping or further editing is permitted with out with the expressed permission of Drew May Photography.



I've been working on this image since February when someone asked to buy a print of it. I printed the first version on my Dell V720, which I realize is not a photo printer, and it looked awful. I don't know how many versions I've done, but this is the most recent.


I have 2 monitors, neither of which are calibrated so it looks different on each one - either the trees are too yellowy or the sky is muddy or the shadows in the snow are flat cyan. It looks different again on my work laptop. I know I need to get a monitor calibrator and take a chance on sending images out to a good printer to learn how they print.


Any advice?


24mm (36mm DX) | f/1.6 | 25 secs | ISO 1000 | Tripod.

Winter has just started. I was driving down a rural road. sun was setting fast. I stopped by the side of the road. It was beautiful.

Swan Hill, Victoria (ABC1 Weather)

West discovered East on its hill.

The battle raged.

West prevailed and asserted it's territorial right.




Thanks to SkeletalMess for his Golden Years texture.

I love the ravens. They are like the elders keeping a very amused eye on us and entertaining us with their own antics when they feel like it. Sometimes it feels as if they're making fun of us. This fellow seemed to be enjoying the lowering sun and glanced down at me occasionally as if to mock my grounded vantage.

N452 races down the "Great Dividing Range" into Macedon with 8026 UP Swan Hill V/line service


Saturday 26th October 2013

I have finally come up with a name for my blog. :)

Walk along the Murray river. Bit cold and foggy. -1º C.

Photos taken during 'The Long Ride 2014'. An annual ride to raise funds and awareness of prostate cancer. All funds raised go to The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

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