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Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia (ABCTV Weather)

I am back from my lovely week away in Northern Victoria.


This was taken on my first evening away. A quick dash out to try to find somewhere to photograph sunset when I noticed the sky change colour. Saw this lovely farm gate, open, so figured it was an invitation to photograph the fast disappearing sunset!


Hope everyone is doing fine and I will try to catch up with you all soon!


On a visit to the Pioneer Settlement in Swan Hill I saw this inside one of the shops. I liked the light.

The salt pan around Lake Tyrrell was beautiful in it's starkness and simplicity.

Flicker x 100 2017 challenge. 21/100 Theme- Bob Dylan songs Mr Tambourine Man


When I was younger, I used to skip over this song, annoyed by the whiney refrain. However, listening to it later on, I realised how absolutely exquisite the lyrics are. Pure poetry and probably one of the earliest examples of lyrical poetry played on the radio in song style.


It was released on Dylan's Bringing It All Back Home in 1965, although first recorded for the Another Side of Bob Dylan session but not released on that album as Dylan didn't think the band did it justice. As with many of Dylan's songs, it was made famous by someone else, in this case the Byrds later in 1965 and it was the only song Dylan wrote that went to No 1 in America. Even William Shattner has had a go at this song!


It is an exquisitely whimsical piece, apparently written on a road trip to New York where the enjoyment of marijuana was frequent and most likely heightened the senses so beautifully expressed in this song..


"And take me disappearing through the smoke rings of my mind

Down the foggy ruins of time

Far past the frozen leaves

The haunted, frightened trees

Out to the windy beach

Far from the twisted reach

Of crazy sorrow"


My favourite line from this song which I have tried to create with this image is


"Yes, to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free

Silhouetted by the sea

Circled by the circus sands

With all memory and fate

Driven deep beneath the waves

Let me forget about today

Until tomorrow"


I had this type of image in mind from the early stages of my Dylan project but hadn't been able to find the right place. It wasn't till my recent trip to Lake Tyrrell, that I thought I might have the opportunity. A salt lake where the reflections of the sky are mirrored in the water. The sunset was lovely. As it was a full moon, I could not get the starry sky I wanted so have added a diamond sky myself.


Hope I have done it justice!


It felt like summer yesterday. It smelled like summer in the forest. Sap is running, Wintergreen leaves are stretching and shining. Trickles of water are pushing the last of the snow from the ravine bottoms. The sun was baking last year's leaves on the forest floor releasing scent and sound underfoot like rythmic distress signals.


And precipitation just can't seem to climb the hill. It flows around us to the north and south like a river divided. The forest fires have begun.


I took this a couple of weeks ago tooking northeast from the summit of Highway 33 just above my town. 1210 metres or 4000 ft. The highest point between the Rockies and Appalachian ranges.



Thank you to Pareeerica for textures 1 and 2, and to Argentem for texture 3.

"I cannot see the light

At the end of the tunnel tonight

My eyes are weary

And before I let one more life get erased

From the ashes I will rise for you and the ghosts

Of the names the faces and frames

The love and the pain for you I remain

Though I’m not worthy of being

The keeper of the flame

I am the keeper yeah

I am the keeper"


The Keeper Chris Cornell


Chris Cornell wrote this song for the movie Machine Gun Preacher, which is based on the real life story of Sam Childers, a former criminal who travels to East Africa and tries to help the children of Sudan. In working to keep the children safe from a brutal regime. Probably my favourite but have barely listened to his music since he died.


It's been one year today.


Sorry if it's not a great image and I have rushed it as seems to be all I do at the moment. Apologies for falling behind.


Bridge over the Murray River at Swan Hill.

This image was taken at Towan Plains Conservation Reserve, north-west of Swan Hill. I had driven by in the dark and caught a glimpse of the dead tress and decided it was tomorrows sunset location.


A beautiful place but surrounded by a crusty salt pan where the water had receded. I tried to be as delicate as I could in my gumboots to get close to the waters edge. My dearly beloved was a long way off, scrambling around looking at the other delights of the site. At one point, I sunk down to almost the top of my gumboots and had some difficulty trying to pull my foot out. I called out but my voice was lost in the distance. I thought I could get swallowed up here and it would be some time before my beloved noticed I was gone. He is used to me disappearing in the moment for long periods of time.


My compositions at the site were constrained by where I could set up without sinking. As the night wore on, I started to get attacked by mosquitoes on mass. They love me. It is quite obvious mozzies would be out at swamp but I had not thought about it. I had to leave and ended up covered in enormous bites.

Still, I wouldn't have missed my couple of hours at this place for anything,


R707, H5 and H3 top the final grade before passing through Macedon, making it's way to Melbourne as #8096.


Macedon, Vic



This is the 5th image in my series 12 Months of the Same Image. It is just spring here - leaves just came out this past week, my tulips & daffodils are still blooming and the marsh grasses are emerald green. Such an amazing colour to see after the long months of winter.

One cannot help but feel humble in the presence of these ancient River Red Gums. They have lived through many changes, on a seasonal basis (actually required for life), the changes of time (evolutionary) and then the man-made changes we have imposed on them.


Recent studies by ANU found that the species is under serious threat by rising CO2 levels and their survival may depend on curbing carbon emissions. Increased CO2 levels caused the trees to reduce the amount of essential oils produced and stored in their leaves. These essential oils are vital to defend the trees from insect and mammal herbivores, including koalas, eating them.


The red brick water tower was built in 1883 to replace a horse drawn water cart.

Hooded Robin


If my calculations are right, this young one is from at least the thrid clutch that this enterprising pair of Hooded Robins have added to the Goschen population.

This was the view behind me at Towan Plains Conservation Reserve (See previous post).


The grapefruit moon illuminated the dusky sky, so close yet so far.


I took two images, one of the landscape and the other of the moon with my Tamron to combine them in the single image.


It is how it was.

Majestic River Red Gums at Hattah Lake, Hattah-Kulkyne National Park i


The reduced frequency and duration of floods in the River Murray has degraded the water-dependent vegetation communities across the Hattah Lakes, which has in turn reduced the diversity and abundance of animals that rely on healthy vegetation for habitat. A program of environmental watering is in place to ensure the integrity of the ecosystem is sustained. One of the aims of this is to improve the health of the majestic River Red Gums that require frequent flooding to survive.


The flooding of the Lake meant we couldn't access alot of the park but allowed us to view the Gums in their prime and enjoy the abundance of birds and animals including a giant Murray Cod that leapt out of the water!


... throw some light on it, perhaps you will find a way to make a change.

This is the old Kaiser Stereoscopic theatre on display at the Swan Hill Pioneer Museum in Victoria Australia. It was originally built in Germany in 1895 and features 3D or stereoscopic views from all round the world including many historical events. As an old 3D photographer myself, I really enjoyed this wonderful old piece of history. It is one of very few left in the world and is the only one still working full time and in daily use.

Happy Bench Monday!

This was taken at the Swan Hill Pioneer Museum, a wonderful tourist attraction in Swan Hill on the Murray River which is the border between Victoria and New South Wales. I cropped out the bottom half of the shot as it was full of modern sweets and lollies wrapped in plastic which didn't quite fit the theme. Plenty of familiar old names on those shelves (for Aussies anyway).

A man playing with his toys while enjoying beautiful sunset in complete silence.


Beautiful morning in Swan Hill. Followed this giant wedge tailed eagle. He didn't like my intrusion in to his territory. Circled very close to me perhaps expressing his displeasure. If you look at closely at his eyes you can see it (yes with a little bit of imagination! )

This pair of birds were very curious about the intruder(me) and allowed me get very close to them.

Winter has just started. I was driving down a rural road. sun was setting fast. I stopped by the side of the road. It was beautiful.

Perhaps this image is alittle better than my previous post of the Towan Plains Swamp, east of Swan Hill.


The edges of this swamp had a thin crust and once the crust was broken, it was like quick sand.

With apologies to whoever polluted my brain with that painful song...opps apologies again - and to anyone who might actually really like it...

"On the edge of reality where she overpowers me

With fears that I can't explain"

Mr Elvis Presley

From a February hike, looking down a water pipeline into my town.


Texture courtesy of Skeletal Mess.

T'was a few days before Christmas, when all through the land

not a breath of wind was stirring, not even Gods command

The stars were about to be hung in the sky,

in the hope that nightfall would not pass them by


The birds were all nestled, all snug for the night

Before the dawn of tomorrow would see them take flight

And I sat on the shore with my camera and crew

awaiting to see what the sunset would do


When out over the water I saw something fly,

not a bird, not a plane crossed the coloured sky

I peered through my camera to take in the view

So excited was I, that I forgot what to do


I recovered my senses and pressed down the shutter

as the lens gave a click, how did my heart flutter

While the grapefruit moon hung large in the sky

and reflected below in the water's glass eye


I still believe that Santa did appear

Crossing the sky with eight tiny reindeer

He passed a shooting star with no time for goodbye's

But I knew it was St Nic as a camera never lies.


A bit of silliness for the silly season!

Built in 1896, this Allan timber truss bridge is important for its aesthetic form, setting, details and materials.


Note the lift span.

Thurwoods of Swan Hill Stunning Cabover KW heads Into Melbourne in 2011

Tyntynder, Victoria (ABCTV Weather)

Any time I think to post a fence pic for Fence Friday I pull up the tag and see this one. I've been looking at it for 2 1/2 years and just couldn't seem to delete it. So this time I decided I had to make it into something I could post or get rid of it. I didn't feel I had time to do layers in Photoshop, which I'm still just learning, so I messed with it big-time in Lightroom to give it a painted/textured feel with grain, luminance smoothing, sharpening and everything else I could find to play with and here it is. Finally.


So happy Fence Friday everybody.

If only we could all go out in such a blaze of glory!

Walk along the Murray river. Bit cold and foggy. -1º C.

The town I live in has only been around since the '60s and was considered temporary when it was built. So there are not many 'old' things about. It's cool to come across something with experience especially when there's mystery around why it was built in the first place.



The ravine that runs through town has been called "Middle Bush" by the local kids since who knows when. My kids played there and my hubby even helped flooded a frozen swamp in there for them to skate on. Unfortunately it's always strewn with garbage, discarded and broken toys, the remains of an attempted campfire, junk food packaging and bootlegged (or stolen from the folks) beer and booze bottles and cans. There are always broken branches strewn about and experimants with axes. However now and again you run across the evidence of real, 'constructive' this tree fort.


Thanks to Temari 09 for the frame.

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