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Just chillin' out! Taken in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada


Thank you for looking at my photostream and for your kind comments.

Near contact with a bear from long distance.. with my 150-600mm lens..

Grizzly Bear (Ursus arctos horribilis) female roaming the shores of the K'tzim-a-deen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary in the Khutzeymateen Inlet along the west coast north of Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada.


The inlet is about a 30 minute flight by float plane, north of Prince Rupert. The tour of 6 wildlife photographers (including myself) was 5 days long and run by Ocean Light II Adventures. We stayed at the entrance of the reserve in a 72 ft sail boat (Ocean Light II) and accessed the reserve daily in a 19 ft Zodiac and spent most of the day looking for grizzly bear activity.


26 May, 2015.


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This is uncropped! Not the best shot because of bright sun but I love the bears expression.

I will be on and off Flickr today because I have places to go and things to do! Have a great day all!

Female coastal brown bear down at the salmon stream fishing for salmon. Due to the fact that we were not allowed to get too close to the bears we were photographing, we could not get close enough to actually see the bear in the stream, just the upper half of her body which could be seen above the stream embankment.

Also known as a spectacled bear.

Blijdorp, the Netherlands

Pentax K-3

Aperture ƒ/6.3

Focal length 370.0 mm

Shutter 1/400

ISO 1600

A bit of a scrap over feeding ground

Brown Bear aka Grizzly


Black Bear in Whistler BC, Canada

If you view this photo in original size. There is a impressive amount of detail around the face the eyes, facial hair even the white drool on its lip which I think is whats left of breakfast. I hope it was no one I knew.

Actually I don't think the Formosan bear was too happy about being under 35 degrees plus in a very humid, hot summer day...., and in the zoo!!

Although this picture seems to be quite similar to the one I uploaded some days ago, I think it differs in the face expression of the bear. He looks a bit more thoughtfully, maybe even sad.


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Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary

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Happy and Healthy New Year everyone !

Fijne jaarwisseling allemaal!


Polar bear @ everland.korea

Little early for the bears........

Polar bear @ everland.korea

A little polar bear family. That's definitely one big yawn!


Have you ever wanted to see polar bears in the wild? Now is your chance! I have spots open for my fall 2014 photo tour in Kaktovik, Alaska where we'll be photographing polar bears and watching for the Northern Lights. Visit for more info.

Bear @ everland.korea

The original photo of the polar bear was taken at our local zoo. I love to visit the polar bears but it always makes me sad to see them in captivity. You can tell by their behaviour that they don't feel happy in the zoo although they were born in captivity and have never known anything else.


Texture by JoesSistah (

A european brown bear captured on the russian/finnish borders

A young Polar Bear Boar rests on a small barrier island near Barter Island in ANWR during a warm early September afternoon. He's waiting for cooler temps and night fall to go hunting for dinner.

Full colour image of a Polar Bear swimming

This enormous male European Brown Bear was nervously making his way out of the cover of the forest. Nervous because the hunting season was about to open. We estimated that this individual weighed around 200kg, and just look at the size of his legs. The scientific name of Brown Bear is Ursus arctos; Ursus is Latin for Bear and Arctos is the Greek word. The name Arctic was named because it was in the north, where the Great Bear constellation lies (Ursa major). This individual was photographed wild in the forests of Finland.

Momma bear taking a quick nap

And it's pretty amazing to see

Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary

Ursus arctos

Parco Faunistico "Le Cornelle" BG

Send Out The News - True North Has Its Mojo Back.


Aurora and Nikita share secrets - probably having to do with Inukshuk. Or so he's hoping.


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A shot of a diorama depicting a pair of grizzly bears from the mountains of British Colombia. There's been a lack of nature in my neck of the woods, so I've resorted to photographing stuffed animals.

From the Museum of Nature, Ottawa, Canada.

Polar bear @ everland.korea

Grizzly Bear (Ursus arctos horribilis) wandering the shoreline of the K'tzim-a-deen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary north of Prince Rupert along the maritime coast of British Columbia, Canada.


It is breeding season and both the males and females are wandering the coast in search of a prospective mate.


26 May, 2015.


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photo from The Bear Park in Flå,


A curious polar bear comes to investigate our Zodiac while we explore around the island of Storoya.

Grizzly Bear Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The photo was taken in a zoo (Warsaw) - not in Bieszczady, but a bear is the symbol of this wild region. It is also the result of my learning Photoshop (I decided, that the background is not interesting and tried to do texture background).


Thx for all your comments:) I'm really suprised:)


Zdjęcie zostało zrobione w warszawskim zoo, nie w Bieszczach, ale otagowałem je jako bieszczadzkie, bo niedźwiedź brunatny to jeden z ważniejszych symboli Bieszczad:) Na tym zdjęciu uczyłem się Photoshopa przy okazji, a dokładniej teksturowania w Photoshopie:)

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