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Just having a bit of fun ! :)

SL + tablet doodling.

Stress relief, et cetera.



aaand the original, here.

After months of stress and worry, the real estate mess is finally over. We are not moving; the woman whose house we were in the process of buying decided four days before the closing that she didn't want it to happen.


Although we can't say we're happy with the result, we're feeling a tremendous sense of relief that the whole ungodly train wreck has finally come to a close, and that we can get some closure on this situation. The twists and turns this thing has taken have turned our lives upside down, and it's good to feel right again, and that the carpet we're standing on isn't going to get yanked out from under our feet for the n-teenth time.


Yeah. Now we can concentrate on the fact that we're having a baby in a month!

A beautiful evening by the lake. Stress relief.

Turns out there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Being without an SLR has been really hard this week. I've been so tense at work and photography on my lunch hour is usually my stress relief.


Got my 60d today spent 15mins walking around the city centre, firing off a few shots with my fast fifty (awesome) and I was completely destressed. Its like getting my left arm back. I feel truly liberated


Whilst the camera on iphone is ok, under good light, I have missed so much: manual focus, manual flash, manual exposure, 1:1 macro, servo AF and above all else depth of field!


Can't wait to get my 7d back as well so I can be double armed :)


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I was having a pretty shitty day..then i remembered my chum who offered a stress relief.

Needless to say..I would have punched him...but I was more stressed than that...the Rambo knife seemed more appropriate

Thanks day has improved


Are you stressed? Get a cat, one that likes your attention. Seriously, she takes my mind of things. I love to cuddle with my cat.

And I promis I won't upload as many cat pictures, just kinda love this one!


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Just another view that we have at our cottage. After a long week at work a weekend here just re-charges the mind, reduces the stress leaves you with a sense of calmness.

And it is better for you that Valium.....LOL...

Whenever you feel some stress .. go to the beach and listen to the heavenly music of the waves and birds ...

on a stress relief walk this morning after shock and awe at Farmers Market prices... cater to Yuppies anymore.

: ( now I need to write. Have a wonderful weekend flickr friends.

As one of my first full days off to myself I wanted to go shoot for some stress relief. The day was going okay up until just before I left when I received a voice mail to call my Dad back asap. Upon returning the call I got my Mom crying and learned my Grandfather had suddenly passed away.


This is a photo for him, as kids we'd always stay at his house when we visited the Disney Parks. I'll never forget riding down I-4 in the rear facing bench of his station wagon looking for the mickey shaped power pole to know we were close. RIP Grandpa Jack, humorous till the end.

my stress relief chilling out watching the colours pass by while the LE does its thing...

Are you stressed? Get a cat, one that likes your attention. Seriously, she takes my mind of things. I love to cuddle with my cat.

And I promise I won't upload as many cat pictures, just kinda love this one!


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In the past few days I have been riding my bike to empty my mind from all the stress caused by exams at my university college. I decided to take my camera today and made a couple of shots.

She's so cute it's killing me >o< She's a great stress relief for 3 of my grails popping up for sale at the same time <3

Delicate flowers of a hyacinth, more stress relief in the form of flowers for me!

After a busy day at the office, I was happy to be able to get to the beach and enjoy the warm hot breeze before nightfall. And the best part was that the clouds didn't disappear as they usually do

The Java Jaunt, part #2: Kawah Ijen.


Bali is the ideal island for stress relief. Seriously. Its beautiful beaches, jaw dropping reefs, spectacular surf breaks, Lychee Martinis, temples & shrines, banana pancakes, black rice pudding, … So much beauty, in stark contrast with freezing & cold Kazachstan. Vishnu had joined our path, no doubt about it.


After one week it was time to hit the road. Heading West, to Java. The bumpy ride that’s called Adventure immediately started at the port. There are less tourists in Java, so drivers and scammers eagerly jump on any occasion they can take. Taxi, sir? How can we get your money, sir? It’s advisable to have a strict plan if you’re travelling Java. Any confusion/doubt will lead into an opportunity to take you elsewhere. Bargaining is a much intense process than in Bali, and most of the drivers have little knowledge of English. Anyway. Back to the plan.


I had seen pictures of an amazing active volcano in East Java. Research informed me the volcano was kinda hard to reach, and you need to be in good shape to go all the way. The death of a French photographer who slipped during the hike a couple of years ago made it even more harder. Nevertheless, I was determined to see it.


A young boy in his early twenties agreed on taking us to the mount Ijen in his 4x4. What followed was a 3 hour back-breaking ride into the mountains. Halfway the ride we got stuck in a landslide. Locals pulled us out. When we reached the last control post we eagerly stashed some Coca Cola, banana’s and food, and started the steep 2 hour hike to the crater rim. On foot, because there’s no other way to reach the summit.


Meet the Kawah Ijen. An active stratovolcano of the Ijen Plateau. The crater houses the world’s most largest acidic lake, with a shocking pH acidity of 0,5 at its center point. Fall in and you dissolve. Instantly. Active vents at the edge of the lake contain elemental sulfur. The escaping volcanic gasses are channeled through a network of ceramic pipes, resulting in condensation of molten sulfur. It’s this sulfur that gets broken into large pieces and carried out in baskets by miners. Some of these miners carry loads up to 100 kilograms on their back, working amidst the pungent and irritating sulfur smell. Unreal scenery.


Next up: The Java Jaunt, part #3: Gunung Bromo. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Getting tips from the expert

Amazing thunder storm surrounded us on a nightly walk around the town.

It could be followed for hours from the town - on the surrounding mountains and across the sea. Cool to just watch, without getting wet oneself!

Wee bit spooky it was too :)


äRRä of the day: February 12th, 2009

Minolta XD-7 - Fujicolor 200 - Minolta MD 135mm f3.5

What a relief!! This morning I decided to abort Project 365:) I admit it, I’m a total failure, I didn’t even last a month, but I feel so much better! I realized I was getting really stressed out by the whole thing, had little time for it and it was becoming a huge hassle. Life is stressful enough as it is, I wasn’t about to get even more stressed because of a photography project (which is suposed to be fun!) , so I quit!


So here I am now, gleefully digging through my archives, no pressure at all:-)


About this capture :

This is the sun setting on the Iberian Peninsula, viewed from the West coats of Ibiza. Ibiza is about 90km away from the peninsula but on clear days you can see the mountain ranges perfectly.


This is SOOC except for some cropping.


Please press L to view in the Lightbox {much better}


♥ Thank you all for your visits, comments and friendship! ♥



A last minute picture from today, and a picture I actually like from the last time I went New Years Eve camping.


With all the college work a stress relief is needed

©2010 Susan Ogden-All Rights Reserved

Images Thruthelookingglass


Hilton Head, South Carolina


tranquility and beauty, in scene and sound. This has the ability to melt away my stress like nothing else on earth. Sit back, relax and take in the scene...just breathe!

Pattern source: 8-square socks from Käspaikka

Yarn: Sock yarn leftovers, held doubled

Needles: 3,5 mm


I've been feeling pretty down lately. To keep me from worrying about things that I actually have no control over, I've knit some tiny garter stitch squares. These may not be the prettiest socks in the world, but knitting them made me feel happier. :-)

ODC - stress. i think smile and chocolate are the best ingredient for stress relief...somehow

Lough Ash, Donemana, Strabane, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, UK


Whilst awaiting for an overly bright sunset to dim and soften down a little, I walked around the lake facing away from the bright sun and captured this tranquil and calm lake scene instead, Now I just hope my gamble has worked lol


Hope you enjoy! Please favourite and add me as a contact to view my upcoming works, Thank you


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Just something I slammed together in roughly 10 minutes. Integrated a few KRE-O and Mega Bloks parts I hadn't found a use for yet. A build born of stress relief, really.


Additional Shots:



The New York NY area is a beautiful and great place to live and be, but there are a lot of things that do stress people out these days. There are probably a lot of people in this area that need some kind of stress relief. If you do need stress relief, then you need to look into acupuncture. If you are even remotely interested in at least learning about acupuncture, then you need to check us out at New York Traditional Acupuncture, and especially out site. A long with stress there are a lot of people out there who are suffering from pain as well, acupuncture really does help all of that. I think as long as you read the site, we will be hearing from you very soon.


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Already 2 Days working late hours. Almost 3-4 Hours Sleep A Day making me Stressed. So i wake up around 3 am in the morning reliefing stress taking photo around my neighbourhood ( if someone see me they will think i'm up to no good ) This is my only Escape to relief stress taking photos..

What better way to deal with the stresses and hassle of everyday life than to stand ankle deep in the North Sea just around sunset?


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Sometimes, when stress compiles and the amount of joyous moments seem to decline, the only thing that keeping you from fading away is keeping your head high, taking a deep breath, and grabbing the nearest get away - even if it be a balloon. Take a break. Take that step back, see the bigger picture, look at the situation from a different angle, a different point of view, a brighter attitude.



It is far from required to allow stress to rule over you. The negative effects of stress include elevated blood pressure, ulcers and cardiac event. This article that follows will allow you to discover ways that one could decrease your daily stress level.


Stress causes many people to begin with using drugs or alcohol for relief. Essentially, this is how they work to provide relief for that issue. Unfortunately, however, it's only temporary relief -- if even that. However, drugs and alcohol are never the right solution. They will in all probability create your life a lot more complicated and really should not be used as being an response to your stress problems.


Should you be doing unhealthy things to manage your stress, find other methods to make it happen. Should you drink or eat a lot of when stressed, by way of example, consume exercise. Not merely will healthy choices have you feeling better inside the moment, they may also help you more in the long term.


One very enjoyable strategy to feel more relaxed and minimize stress is as simple as going for a leisurely bath. Light a candle through the bath or fill your tub with scented bubbles. You might want to read a popular novel or hear music that you just find soothing. A warm, relaxing bath is incredibly good at melting away stress and helping your mind and body receive their rest.


Daydreaming is not only for the kids! Spare the time to seal the eyes and relax. Let your imagination go off naturally and visualize a stress-free oasis your location simply liberated to be. It is possible to go through stressful events less difficult using this type of technique.


Living a less stressful life is not quite as impossible as you may believe it is. Think of times that you may have felt stress and decide what caused it. Once you start to distinguish your stress triggers, it will be easy to figure out ways in order to avoid them.


These pointers enables you to bring your stress level in order. Managing your stress can assist you remain happy and healthy throughout your lifestyle. You may feel great every day should you apply these suggestions.

"I may have my head in the clouds, but I have my feet well set on the ground."

- Unknown Autor

It is perfectly normal for all being stressed periodically, but chronic stress might cause serious health conditions. Having an excessive amount of stress can bring about anxiety, cardiac arrest and a variety of other medical problems that may be serious naturally. There are plenty of techniques to reduce stress in your life. Please read on for several tips.


Always look for strategies to prepare yourself for whatever tomorrow may bring. Preparation can translate to instant relief in stressful situations. Everything during a day can add to a number of stress, so preparing lunch or clothes tonight can put you ahead tomorrow so that you can have a little less stress tomorrow.


Create your own affirmation this is an upbeat, brief statement that you can use when you are feeling stressed. When you tell yourself your affirmation, you may switch off that voice in your mind that is negative. Repeat to yourself that you are in charge, that you are calm, or some other positive statement that can help you feel good.


By staying on the top of repairs, you may effectively manage your stress levels. Now look at the way the standards multiply: With only three broken items, you have six potential causes of stress. This type of pressure is entirely avoidable if you simply stay up with maintenance and repair requirements.


To diminish your stress levels, you need to first understand your stress levels. You should search for the places in your daily life that are getting an effect on your stress levels. Stress can be any adverse reaction to someone, situation, or event. Once you receive a handle on why you have your stress levels, it becomes quicker to lessen it or get rid of it entirely.


Living a less stressful every day life is less impossible while you believe it is. Think about times which you have felt stress and determine what caused it. Once you start to determine your stress levels triggers, it is possible to figure out ways to protect yourself from them.


While you have experienced here, occasional stress can be a normal physical response while an excessive amount of stress could be a trigger for serious medical problems. Fortunately, there are lots of simple, yet effective techniques to help you reduce excess stress. Place the tips on this page and you will be happier than in the past.

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