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“Love has reasons which reason cannot understand.”

Blaise Pascal


While my daughter was sitting reading in the garden of our hotel in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia; a stray cat jumped on the table and slept on my daughter’s hand!



Crete has a lot of stray cats. This is one of them. via 500px

It's impossible to determine how many stray cats and dogs live in the United States but estimates for cats alone are as high as 70 million. We humans like to think of ourselves as shepherds of this world but when you see how irresponsibly we perform this duty, it seems that we're failing at the job. We call cats and dogs our best friends and open our homes to them, yet so many of us fail to treat them as friends or family. When these "best friends" become inconvenient, many are neglected, mistreated or dumped off and left to fend for themselves. This is a sad state of affairs. We really should take up the roll as shepherds and protect and care for the other animals with whom we share this planet! We get so wrapped up in our busy lives in the little bubble that we have created for ourselves that we tend to ignore the needs of the natural world from which we came. Starvation is a horrible way to die, yet it happens to thousands of dogs and cats every day. What can one person possibly do to make a change? First and foremost, have your dog or cat neutered! Live trap strays and have them neutered. Find where the strays congregate and feed them! Volunteer at your local shelter and make a deposit of love that will be returned to you a thousand fold! Report suspected cases of animal abuse and/or neglect to the proper authorities. Support local rescue organizations with whatever time or money you can afford. A little love goes a long way toward improving the life of an animal waiting with hope for a forever home. Spread a little love to the precious creatures with whom we share this planet. Then you can look in the mirror and see someone who is making a difference!


I took this photograph of Mia way back in December as part of a project that I still can't say anything about. I finally got permission to upload this, though, as it is an unused outtake. There will be one other outtake following.


This day was really awesome. I got permission from the local animal park, Wild Animal Safari, to go take photographs there, and we got slobbered and jumped on by all of the animals.


Crete has a lot of stray cats. This is one of them. via 500px

Sète le 04 Août 2014. Nous sommes un lundi. Le soleil tombe enfin ...

Une journée chaude.

A l'abri.

A cette heure, les ombres prennent leur proportions de titans.

Nous allons en moto, avec la Chris toute serrée contre moi, errer sur le quai Brassens, Pointe Courte.


Nous retrouvons nos chats moins errants que nous. Certains dorment encore avant l'arrivée de leurs nuits de maraudes.

Puis ces barques dans un désordre savants. Ces filets et bouées en tous sens. Ces passerelles fragiles. Ces ciels se mettant en braise.

Et... ces linges colorés qui, secoués comme des chiffons, sèchent aux vents sur un fil ...

Tout en un "entre soi" .



Sète 4 August 2014. We are a Monday. The sun finally falls ...

A hot day.

A shelter.

At this time, the shadows take their proportions of titans.

We will bike with Chris all tight against me, wandering on the dock Brassens, Pointe Courte.


We find our least we stray cats. Some are still sleeping before the arrival of their nights of marauding.

Then the boats in a learned disorder. These nets and buoys in all directions. These fragile gateways. These skies are putting coals.

... And these colorful cloths which, shaken like rags, dry winds on a wire ...

All in one "between oneself"

Post and photos by my daughter for some reason the Small Animal portion of the Shelter is full to bursting!


Some of the cuties who are currently available at Toronto Animal Services, South Shelter.


Up top is Bolt, I've posted her before because she is SO CUTE. Bolt came in on Sept 22 as a stray. I can't believe no one claimed her because she is the single friendliest bunny in the world.

Christmas came early for this stray! He's a non-complainer and is comfortable in our home despite getting the evil eye and growls from Jasmine.

This cutie was resting in a park.

Today ,i went to temple to pary.Store next to the temple gate i saw the stray cat,it seems very hungry,so i bought some foods give it to was very careful took foods back to its "home".

Used by local farmers to protect their fields against stray animals.

The Green Heron is a small heron of North and Central America. It was long considered conspecific with its sister species the Striated Heron, and together they were called "Green-backed Heron". They are extremely rare vagrants to western Europe; individuals from the Pacific coast of North America may similarly stray as far as Hawaii. Green herons are one of the few species of animal known to use tools. In particular, they commonly use bread crusts, insects, or other items as bait. The bait is dropped onto the surface of a body of water in order to lure fish. When a fish takes the bait, the green heron will then grab and eat the fish. No processing or touch-ups



Keiko had a tough beginning! Twelve years ago when she was a kitten, my dad discovered her & her litter mates homeless near a dumpster. My dad cared for her until I adopted her at six months old.


Eleven years ago, a cat hating neighbor unbeknownst to me captured her and took her to the local animal shelter.She was wearing a collar and id tags, so this person could have called and complained to me personally instead. The shelter called and said she was there and the person who brought her in treated her roughly. Since then, we have moved and i don't let her out of my sight.


She has been the most loving and mellow cat there is. She is a tad overweight [we're working on that] and had acupuncture for a mystery skin rolling condition-which is now pretty much gone.


Her two favorite things are canned tuna and being brushed. Here she is peeking thru our deck railing....enjoying a rare dry day !!

March 1st is the day we celebrate her birthday.

* I encountered this stray kitten some weeks ago when we went to have a drink at a hotel/restaurant in a nearby village. It was living with other cats in the gardens of the hotel. I fed it some of my creamcheese sandwiches but she was very wary. I could see her health was not up to par. When I got home I couldn’t get her out of my thoughts. So I mailed some of the local animal welfare foundations telling them about my concern for the cats. Apparently they were aware of this particular cat and they told me they would go for another look. I hope they can catch her, neuter her and cure her. And I hope the hotel staff will feed her a bit.



I got the information that this cat is already neutered and is taken care of by people from the staff. They can now approach her and pet her a bit and she looks much healthier. There are apparently lots of stray cats there and they all get fed. If the cats need medical help, they know who to contact. *


Update 2: I hesitated to add this because it really hurts and it may hurt others, but it's reality. This kitten didn't make it. She probably had some sort of disease in the end and she died. I decided to write this, to let people know (if they don't know already) that there are so many sweet stray cats (and dogs) out there that need a home and medical attention. So please don't forget about them and donate to your local animal shelter or adopt a former stray cat. Please neuter your cats and/or when you find a stray cat, make sure it gets neutered. Please take resposibility for the animals in your neighbourhood, they can't make it on their own.


As we say goodbye to the past and look forward to the new year - I find myself asking "what now?"...

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year with the hope that you find your own "what now's" in the year ahead.

Much love :heart:


♬ Hear What I See


Stray Dog Victor Skin @ Kinky

[ kunst ] - Don Perdigón bucket @ K9

[ kunst ] - Celebration Pack @ Shiny Shabby





Thank you all for your visit

Crete has a lot of stray cats. This is one of them. via 500px

I had mentioned some time ago that one day I had gone out to take some photos of stray cats and dogs for an NGO. I found this cat and two others hanging around. And while the others bolted away as I approached, this one stayed and kept looking at me as if saying: "if you are going to kill me, do it already."

When I approached it enough to be at hand's reach, it started to walk away, in a visibly painful limp. So I backed off and it stopped moving as well. I left it behind with a sore spot in my heart.


A neighbor of mine has adopted a cat she found laying down by the sidewalk, crying a faint meow. It was all wet and she soon found out to be blood. She got it and took it right away to the vet. There she found out it had been severely beaten up, and one of its hind leg was so smashed, it would have to be amputated.

The cat is doing good now, and has found a loving home, but sometimes I'm on my room, or by the front gate and I can hear an awful sound of something falling on the floor, like a potato sack falling hard from high above. It's the cat slumping from the roof to the floor. It actually jumps off, but the sound it makes can only mean that it's got to be painful.


I want to win the lottery, so I can build an animal shelter and stop just watching these sad things passively :(

Another photo in the series of the neighbourhood stray cats.

This cat was relaxing after I had fed it some much needed food.

Please view & enjoy (L)

This cutie was sitting on that old seat. Then gave me a pose.

Care for the homeless, humans or animals.

Louise out & about doing what she does best, protecting the world against stray mice, birds, squirrels & chipmunks.

It won't kill you to talk to a girl in public. ;)


(They are the stray cats.)

I took this photo three years ago, and I just came up with an idea, but I am missing the connection that will make it happen.


If we could get McDonalds/Burger King/Jack in the Box to buy this photo and use it for their advertising (maybe by replacing this generic burger with their burger), then we could save so many more dogs this year!!!


I printed it on an 8 foot tall banner, and it's just an amazing piece.


Here is a short video showing a bunch of homeless dogs that agreed to surrender to me in exchange for a cheeseburger:


If you know ANYONE who might be able to help... maybe someone who works in the corporate office or maybe even in their advertising company - please run this idea by them.


My email address:


Thank you so much!




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